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Giannino Bassetti Foundation


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Introduction to Giannino Bassetti Foundation. The Foundation aims to help actors in complex innovation scenarios to become aware of their roles and responsibilities.

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Giannino Bassetti Foundation

  1. 1. The Bassetti Foundation’s mission is to promote responsible innovation. The Foundation addresses the actors involved in complex innovation scenarios to increase awareness and foster new roles in the issue of responsibility.
  2. 2. • it promotes the concept and culture of responsible innovation, making its meaning, function and impact clearer through political and cultural activity; • it fosters awareness of the issue of responsibility in innovation, and of the multiple (and often unforeseeable) consequences of the decisions of entrepreneurs, politicians and policy makers, journalists and communication professionals. Bassetti Foundation acts along these lines:
  3. 3. 1. means "something previously improbable, now made real“ and not simply "novelty". “ Innovation” for the Bassetti Foundation:
  4. 4. 2. forges new links between knowledge and power that bring into existence previously unknown objects, relations or situations “ Innovation” for the Bassetti Foundation:
  5. 5. “ Innovation” for the Bassetti Foundation: 3. is not “invention” (science and capital intensive), but the ability to transform lifestyles
  6. 6. “ Innovation” for the Bassetti Foundation: 4. “ Poiesis -intensive” innovation refers to cultural aspects, such as beauty and taste, a s well as to “techno-scientific” applications.
  7. 7. “ Innovation” for the Bassetti Foundation: 5. is not an individual "creative" act, but a social process that permeates politics and institutions and, in turn, depends on them.
  8. 8. Some of our main current Activities : Teaching and Training Dissemination and Debate Research and Scientific Publications
  9. 9. Some of our most recent achievements : Research Politics Dissemination Cooperation with business associations
  10. 10. Some current Interests: New rules of political engagement Anthropology of innovation Current cutting-edge innovations and questions of responsibility
  11. 11. Our web site : Article Bibliography Blogs Call for comments Forum News Photo Press Reports Video Wiki
  12. 12. [email_address] Some questions? Ask me or… contact us: