Firmex Case Study - Omers


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Firmex Case Study - Omers

  1. 1. CUSTOMER SUCCESS OMERS Business Challenge OMERS is one of Canadas largest pension plans, managing over $53 billion in net assets on behalf of over 400,000 municipal employee members. They have a clear overriding commitment: paying the "Good Corporate pensions of their current and future retirees. Corporate Governance is an important fiduciary responsibility Governance starts with in the fulfillment of this commitment, now and in the future. OMERS needed to provide its employees and ensuring everyone is associated entities with access to the most accurate version of their 900+ governance documents to aware of the most ensure they were able to follow the most up-to-date policies and procedures. Their manual paper-based current policies." process did not ensure the accuracy, security, timeliness or cost-effectiveness they wanted. Kevin Kozak,VP of Corporate Projects Corporate Governance - An Online Document Sharing Solution at OMERS OMERS evaluated a number of online solutions and even considered managing an online document exchange solution in-house. Going with an outsourced document sharing provider was more cost- effective and allowed them to begin using the system right away. "Building your own system is one approach," says Kevin Kozak, VP of Corporate Projects at OMERS, "but it takes time to implement and requires a lot of support. Corporate Governance is a serious fiduciary responsibility so we needed a solution that we could use immediately and that provided 24/7 support for our extended network of users." OMERS partnered with Firmex to deliver the cost-effective, secure, timely access they were looking for. Firmex helped OMERS set up the first document repository and it was available within hours. Policy documents are now managed online and shared across the associated entities according to access controls. When documents are updated, users are automatically notified of the change to the policy document. Administrators can also track when users have viewed new policy documents, giving OMERS the confidence that changes to governance policies are being reviewed in a secure and timely manner. "This solution has saved us countless hours in governance administration," says Kozak, "and given us added transparency into the governance process." Firmex: Delivering Cost-Effective Document Exchange and Collaboration"Firmex provides us with OMERS has since expanded its use of Firmex to include more projects supporting their expansive a cost-effective, secure network as well as their virtual data rooms. The product flexibility meets their many document sharing solution to give our and collaboration needs. Their investment groups share strategic investment information and the extended network the Pension Admin group tracks internal projects. This has allowed employees easy and immediate access access and support to records as needed. "By going with a subscription pricing model, we are able to increase our value of they need." the Firmex solution within the organization without any extra cost surprises," Kozak remarked. "This is Kevin Kozak, particularly importantVP of Corporate Projects in meeting our budget requirements." at OMERS OMERS went with the Firmex solution because they liked how easy it was to get started and that Firmex so effectively supported all of their users on a 24/7 basis. With a growing extended network, removing the need for costly training and support was a key success factor. "We evaluated a number of solution providers, and when we considered price, functionality and vendor relationship, Firmex was the clear leader. They are very easy to do business with and their on-going customer support is second-to-none," commented Kozak. Firmex was recommended to OMERS by one of its largest investments. Kozak noted, "They had such a positive experience with the Firmex solution they encouraged us to take a serious look. As a customer now, I would recommend Firmex to my colleagues, without hesitation." NORTH AMERICA 1 888 688 4042 EUROPE 44(0) 20 3371 8476 INTERNATIONAL 1 416 840 4241 Contact sales or learn more at: