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Innohome sgk brochure 20120429 web uk

  1. 1. Protect Your Home and Family with an Innohome Stove Guard KitCooker fires are the No.1 cause of house fires and fire-related injuries(NFPA®)The Innohome Stove Guard Kit prevents cooker fires effectively, by cuttingoff the gas or electricity supply to the cooker before a hazardous situationcan produce noxious gases or a fire. *The Innohome Stove Guard Kit is composed of a Stove Alarm and a StoveGuard. An optional Wireless Alarm Receiver can be linked to the cookersafety system. The Stove Alarm emits a warning signal if the cooker becomestoo hot, sends a gas/electricity supply cut off command to the Stove Guard,and simultaneously communicates with Wireless Alarm Receivers.The Stove Guard executes the cut off command sent by the Stove Alarm,monitors cooker use through the Intelligent Timer, and identifies the warn-ing signals emitted by fire/CO/gas alarms. The automatic Cooker knob SafetyLock can be used with children or people with memory disorders.The system intelligently learns from, and adjusts to, the individual cooking styles of each user. Innohome Stove Guard Kit - safety featuresIntelligent Hotplate Monitoring. The Stove Alarm detects temperature and the rate of temperature increase of thecooker surface. An empty hotplate or an overheating pot will trigger the alarm.Intelligent Timer identifies when the cooker has been left on accidentally by monitoring the hotplate power adjust-ments.Alarm Signal Detection. Responds to gas, fire or carbon monoxide alarms.Cooker knob Safety Lock ensures that the hotplates are not turned on accidentally. This greatly reduces the likelihood ofhazardous situations caused by children, pets, or people with memory/cognitive disorders.Alternative signalling devices. Can be used with Innohome Wireless Alarm Receivers that enable the alarm to be trans-mitted to alternative signalling devices, such as flashing lights or vibrating alarms. These can be used in several rooms.Carephone service. The alarm can be transmitted automatically to a Carephone service or another homecare provider.Compatible. The Stove Guard Kit is available in versions for all kinds of cookers and installations, including gas/electricitydual fuel cookers.*) Tested by SINTEF (NBL F12102), the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia.“The stove guard SFC300RF in combination with stove alarm SA102RF cut off the electric power supply with satisfactory margin without unneces-sary alarm before spontaneous ignition temperature in the scenarios tested was reached.”“The tests performed did not lead to fire.” inno home
  2. 2. Stove Alarm SA102RFIdentifies overheating very early in the development of hazardous Attaches to the range hood with magnets or to the wall with screwssituationsIntelligently learns from and adjusts to the individual cooking styles Battery life 5 yearsof each userWarning signal one minute before the actual alarm Low-battery alarm, can be postponed for 12 hoursAudible alarm signal 85dB/10 cm Connection for external power supply 5VDoes not react to fat smoke, steam or dirt on the alarm Automatic radio connection with the Stove GuardManual and automatic resetting of the alarm Wireless remote alarm using light or sound (when used with the Wire- less Alarm Receiver and additional signalling devices)Silent alarm (optional feature) Wireless control of the Stove Guard Safety Lock functionWorks on all kind of cookers (gas, electrical, dual-fuel) Tech. information: 30x60x45 mm, RF 433 Mhz, X10 Stove Guard SFC300RFExecutes the cut off command sent by the Stove AlarmIntelligent Timer 30min-3h, starts if the hotplate power is not adjustedIdentification of the presence of the user by monitoring cooker use - does not cut off gas/electricity when cookingIdentification of fire, carbon monoxide and gas alarm signalsAutomatic cooker knob Safety LockAutomatic alarm reset (electrical cookers)Reset the alarm by pressing the Stove Alarm buttonReset the alarm by turning all hotplates to 0 (cookers with mechanical knobs)Can be installed by the user or an electrician, depending on the type of cookerCan be used on all kinds of cookers (gas, electrical, dual-fuel)Non sparking (zero-point switching and shielded relay)Alarm output for Care phone service or another homecare providerTech. information: 130x130x30 mm, RF 433 Mhz, 1-3 phase, 16-32A resistive load 230V AC Wireless Alarm Receiver TM13Used with Stove Alarm SA102RFActivates an alternative signalling device, such as a flashing light or a vibrating alarmOne Stove Alarm can communicate with several Wireless Alarm ReceiversAvailable in a variety of plug typesTech. information: 125x60x60 mm, RF 433 Mhz, X10, 5A resistive load 230V AC 50Hz inno home