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Fénix Directo sponsors the 2012 Internet Day


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Fénix Directo, pioneer company selling car insurance by telephone and internet, is one of the sponsors of the 2012 Internet Day, which will be held on May 17th. This initiative is driven by the Internet Users Association.

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Fénix Directo sponsors the 2012 Internet Day

  1. 1. Fénix DirectoCorporate CommunicationPress Release Fénix Directo sponsors the 2012 Internet Day • Internet is an important tool to improve access to knowledge and to interact with customers • Fénix Directo is a pioneer company selling insurance by Internet • The Internet Day aims to show the possibilities offered by new technologies for societyFénix Directo, pioneer company selling car insurance by telephone and internet, is oneof the sponsors of the 2012 Internet Day, which will be held on May 17th. This initiativeis driven by the Internet Users Association (énix Directo believes that Internet is essential to improve citizens’ access toknowledge and that it is a very important tool in the relationship between the companyand its customers. Internet is part of the company and that is why Fénix Directo isproud to be part of the Internet Day to raise awareness of the possibilities offered bynew technologies.Fénix Directo has a strong development in Internet. From its corporate website( anyone can calculate the price of a car, motorcycle or mopedinsurance and clients can have access to their private online area. Moreover, from thecorporate website users can have access to the social networks in which the companyis present: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.Accessibility and communication channels are important elements for the company.Therefore, Fénix Directo has developed an application for devices with iOS operatingsystem (iPhone, iPad) and for smartphones with Android operating system (HTC, LG,Samsung, etc.). This free app offers various advantages to users, such as thepossibility to calculate the price of an insurance product in less than 3 minutes or thepossibility to locate a repair shop using a geolocator.The Internet DayThe Internet Day ( is an initiative of the Internet UsersAssociation. It is held on May 17th, the same day that the World Day of InformationSociety and the World Telecommunications Day are celebrated. This is an event thatseeks to highlight the possibilities offered by new technologies to improve the livingstandards of citizens.
  2. 2. In this 2012 edition, the focus of the event will be innovation. Activities started onMarch 1st, although the bulk of the celebration will be on May 17th, when hundreds ofactivities will take place throughout Spain. That day the 14th edition of the InternetAwards ( will take place. These awards recognize the bestcompanies and people among the Iberoamerican Community of Nations.About Fénix DirectoSince it was founded in 1991, Fénix Directo is one of the leading companies in thedirect insurance sector in Spain. It is the only company with Quality ManagementSystem consistent with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, whose scope extendsto all activities and processes.This certification supports the daily work that Fénix Directo does and shows theconfidence set on the company by its more than 230,000 customers.Madrid, March 5th 2012Other sites of interest:- Web: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: more information:Laura Gallach Tel. assessments are, as always, subject to the disclaimer provided below.Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking StatementsThe statements contained herein may include statements of future expectations and other forward-lookingstatements that are based on management’s current views and assumptions and involve known and unknownrisks and uncertainties that could cause actual results, performance or events to differ materially from thoseexpressed or implied in such statements. In addition to statements which are forward-looking by reason ofcontext, the words "may", "will", "should", "expects", "plans", "intends", "anticipates", "believes","estimates", "predicts", "potential", or "continue" and similar expressions identify forward-lookingstatements. Actual results, performance or events may differ materially from those in such statements due to,without limitation, (i) general economic conditions, including in particular economic conditions in the AllianzSeguros’ core business and core markets, (ii) performance of financial markets, including emerging markets,and including market volatility, liquidity and credit events (iii) the frequency and severity of insured lossevents, including from natural catastrophes and including the development of loss expenses, (iv) mortality andmorbidity levels and trends, (v) persistency levels, (vi) the extent of credit defaults, (vii) interest rate levels,(viii) currency exchange rates including the Euro/U.S. Dollar exchange rate, (ix) changing levels ofcompetition, (x) changes in laws and regulations, including monetary convergence and the EuropeanMonetary Union, (xi) changes in the policies of central banks and/or foreign governments, (xii) the impact ofacquisitions, including related integration issues, (xiii) reorganization measures, and (xiv) general competitivefactors, in each case on a local, regional, national and/or global basis. Many of these factors may be more likelyto occur, or more pronounced, as a result of terrorist activities and their consequences. The company assumesno obligation to update any forward-looking statement.No duty to updateThe company assumes no obligation to update any information contained herein.
  3. 3. Fénix DirectoCorporate CommunicationPress Release