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News in the Newspaper

  1. 1. News Incorporated In The Newspaper By Fatima Iftikhar
  2. 2. Lady Health Workers Protest In Lahore LAHORE: Hundreds of Lady Health Workers from across Punjab Monday staged a sit-in on the main thorough fare of the provincial metropolis, The Mall, against the lacklustre attitude of the Punjab government to implement their agreed upon demand of regularization. The sit-in added insult to the injury of majority of commuters who witnessed such scenes on daily basis because of on-going construction works on different roads in the City. Lady Health workers from all parts of the province started reaching the City early morning and gathered at Jinnah Park before staging their protest demo and sit-in at The Mall at around 11: 20 am. A police official deployed at The Mall stated that lady health workers reached the road rallying from Jinnah Park. “As they reached Faisal Chock the Road was shut down for all kinds of traffic at 11:30 am,” he added. Carrying placards and banners the protesting ladies chanted slogans against the Punjab government and criticized it for not regularizing their services despite the orders of the Supreme Court. “The chief justice ordered to grant us permanent status last year but the Punjab government has still not done anything in this regard,”
  3. 3. TMA „reluctant‟ to clear Bilal Ganj of encroachment LAHORE: The City District Government of Lahore is carrying out an anti-encroachment operation across the Punjab capital, however, the Data Ganj Bakhsh Town Municipal Administration seems reluctant to enter the Bilal Ganj, reportedly the country‟s biggest market of condemned vehicles, used and refurbished automobile parts. Sources say that though the teams of respective town municipal administrations, headed by the assistant commissioners or town administrators, have succeeded in retrieving the state land worth billions in the ongoing anti-encroachment operation, they have not cleaned roads and streets encroached by vendors at Bilal Ganj. “The situation at the market is very bad as the vendors have left no space for pedestrians and motorists by putting pieces of the condemned vehicles there,” an official told Dawn on Sunday
  4. 4. Visit China! But on your own Expense All members of Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif‟s delegation, including officers of his staff, paid expenses of their visit to China from their own pocket. Industrialists included in the delegation as well as Provincial Minister for Law Rana Sanaullah and LTC Chairman Khawaja Ahmad Hasaan bought their plane ticket as well as paid their hotel charges and all other expenses. When a journalist pointed out this fact, the chief minister said that his ministers and political companions always pay the expenses on their visit abroad and it is better to do soinstead of putting the burden on the national expences. Mr Shahbaz further added that Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz government has set thetradition to send talented students on foreign tours by cutting down their own expenditure.
  5. 5. 8 Murdered In Johar Town Eight persons of the same family including women and children were killed in Johar Town E-Block area Lahore. According to initial reports, families of two brothers were slayed when unidentified criminals broke in and killed all residents of the house. The police found dead bodies of two men, two women and three children in the ground and first floors of the house. The attackers seemed to have used sharp-edged instrument. However, we found the body of the eighth victim on the top floor of the house but there were no signs of torture on him,” said a police official present on the scene. The deceased were identified as Shahid Iqbal, his wife Farzana Shahid and daughter Amna; Shahid‟s real brother Zahid Iqbal, his wife Naseem Zahid and daughters Afaq and Areeba; and Shahid and Zahid‟s stepbrother Nazir Iqbal, a cancer patient. As the news of the incident circulated, panic gripped the area. Police sealed the area and starting collecting evidences. Police sources said that the incident is a result of family animosity and it took place several hours ago. Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has taken notice of the incident and asked for robust investigations to bring the culprits to book. Lahore CCPO Shafiq Gujjar said three brothers were living in a five marla house. One of deceased brother was a professor, other contractor and one was a cancer patient. He further said that two committees headed by DIG Zulfiqar have been constituted to investigate the matter.
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  7. 7. Warm Welcome Accorded to Saudi Prince The Punjab chief minister on extended a warm welcome to Chairman Commission on Tourism, Saudi Arabia, Prince Sultan Bin Salman Bin Abdul Aziz at the Lahore Airport. Saudi Ambassador in Pakistan, provincial ministers, chief secretary and senior officers were also present at the airport. Speaking on the occasion, Shahbaz Sharif said Saudi Arabia was a great riend of Pakistan and the recent visit of Saudi Prince and his delegation to Pakistan would further strengthen the relations between the two countries. Later, the chief minister, Saudi Prince Sultan Bin Sal-man Bin Abdul Aziz and members of his delegation went to Badshahi Mosque and visited various sections of the mosque. The Saudi Prince and his delegation also offered Nawafil at Badshahi Mosque. The Saudi delegation also saw a manuscript of the Holy Quran written in gold and also visited Lahore Museum and expressed keen interest in the historical artifacts and relics placed at the museum. Members of Saudi delegation also visited Gandhara gallery and various sections of the museum. Later, the Saudi delegation was accorded a warm welcome by Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar, speaker Punjab Assembly and provincial ministers after he reached the Govern Members of Saudi delegation also visited Gandhara gallery and various sections of the museum. Later, the Saudi delegation was accorded a warm welcome by Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar, speaker Punjab Assembly and provincial ministers after he reached the Governor‟s House. The Saudi crown prince and his delegation also witnessed a splendid display of tent-pegging. Later, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and the Saudi delegation went to the polo ground.
  8. 8. Punjab Youth Festival Make New World Record for Singing National Anthem Punjab Youth Festival Make New World Record for Singing National Anthem: Punjab Youth Festival is set to create a new World Record for Singing National sacred song at Lahore. Punjab Youth Festival Singing Program is going to start on 19th February 2014 at Punjab University Sports Ground of Lahore. In this program at least one hundred and fifty thousand students are to participate in order make a new record of singing in National Anthem of Pakistan. Punjab University is only responsible for this program which will be a new world record of Singing National Sacred Song taking place in Lahore. Where at least 175,000 people accommodation capa-city is available. Punjab Youth Festival Singing Program is really a good chance for all student of Punjab University to make a new world record in the singing history. In this manner every student of Punjab University or other are busy to showed the best and unique song to the pubic and make a new World National Record. The Ground of University is to be divided into four fraction, the first fraction is allocated for Girls, Second will be manage for Boys, third parts is specified for officials and last one is set for the set up back stage. According to the announcement by the Punjab Youth Festivals Singing Program, the youth will be rehearsing for this ceremony of making the major music tonight on 18th February 2014.
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