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Safer Ballymun Minutes June 2010


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Safer Ballymun Minutes June 2010

  1. 1. Safer Ballymun Community Safety Forum MINUTES MONDAY 21st JUNE 2010 – COUNCIL CHAMBERS BALLYMUN CIVIC CENTRE Introduction The Facilitator, Aibhlín McCann welcomed everyone to the meeting explaining that it is an action-based problem solving forum which entails a partnership approach between DCC, BRL, An Garda Síochána and the community to make Ballymun a better place in which to live, work and visit. Balcurris Park Mary Taylor, DCC Assistant Area Manager, reported that a number of safety issues had been raised in relation to Balcurris Park both at public meetings and directly with the Safer Ballymun Steering group. Through the Steering group a number of actions have been taken in response to these concerns including: 1. The lowering of the mound bordering the eastern edge of the park by BRL; 2. Increased patrolling by the Gardaí; 3. The locking of the gates to the bowling green on a nightly basis by the DCC Parks Department; 4. The three CCTV cameras in the park to be included in the integrated CCTV scheme and operational in July/August; 5. Future plans are being developed to improve the northern area of the park. • A resident reported that she rang the DCC Litter Hotline to file a complaint and alleged that no action was taken. Mary Taylor suggested that she meet with the resident during the ‘talkabout’ to discuss the details. • A resident reported that people on motorbikes and quad bikes frequently use Balcurris Park for racing. Sgt. Bernard Young reported that the illegal use of motorbikes and quad bikes is a problem throughout the area and the Gardaí have difficulty in catching offenders. He stated that it is illegal to use these bikes on the road without a proper license, however, it is not illegal to have them in your backyard. The help of residents in reporting motorbike offences is of massive benefit to the Gardaí. He noted that Gardaí are targeting Balcurris Park. • A resident asked about the future plans for the park. Eamon Farrelly reported that the short-term plans are to reinstate the vacant sites surrounding the northern area of the park. He stated that once funding becomes available the park 1
  2. 2. will be completed in accordance with the original plans. Poppintree Eamon Farrelly, BRL Projects and Contracts Liaison Park Manager, reported that Phase 1 of Poppintree Park will open on July 14th. He stated that the CCTV cameras will be operational before the park is open. He gave an overview of the design for Phase 1. He stated that the park has been designed to encourage passive surveillance with housing facing directly onto the new part of the park. General Garda Feedback: Feedback from Sgt. Young reported the following figures from May 1st, 2010 Agencies – June 21st for Ballymun: • 329 arrests made in total in Ballymun • A total of 81 arrests for criminal damage were made in the area including Glasnevin and Ballymun with 77 of those arrests relating specifically to Ballymun • 55 arrests related to public order • 17 arrests for drug possession • 13 arrests for the sale and supply of drugs Sgt. Young reported that a number of incidences of public drinking had been dealt with around Balbutcher Lane and the guards continue to monitor the area. Sgt. Young reported that the Gardaí had seized €200,000 worth of crack cocaine in the Owensilla area in May. He stated that the seizure was successful in preventing the drug from gaining a foothold in Ballymun. BRL Feedback: Eamon Farrelly reported that the work involving the installation of traffic lights and a pedestrian crossing at the Poppintree Neighbourhood Centre and the installation of 3 junction tables on Balbutcher Lane is due to start next week. A resident expressed concern in relation to faded road markings on Balbutcher Lane. Mary Taylor agreed to report the matter to the DCC Road Section. DCC Feedback: Donal Barron, Area Housing Manager, reported that DCC had met with the tenants living in the flat blocks on Balbutcher Lane through the CAFTA Housing Transition Programme. In response to some of their safety concerns the shrubs around the flat blocks have been trimmed and the security doors have been inspected to ensure they are working properly. He reported that new units have become available in Belmayne. These units will be made available to tenants living in the flat blocks in Coultry and Shangan. 2
  3. 3. Issues Arising Coultry Road Blocks • It was reported that last February there was a bad period of anti-social activity around the blocks on Coultry Rd. She stated that the situation had improved thanks to increased patrolling by the Gardaí, however, the situation has worsened again. Sgt. Young stated that anti-social activity has a habit of shifting to different areas in Ballymun and the Gardaí will re- focus attention back on Coultry Road. • A resident expressed concern about the manner in which tenants are being moved out of the block. She stated that the tenants are not being moved out based on lift shafts often leaving the remaining tenants on their own and more vulnerable. Donal Barron, DCC Area Housing Manager, reported that DCC are focusing on detenanting specific lift shafts, however, tenants are also re-housed based on the size and suitability of the new units. Public Drinking • A resident raised a number of concerns about public drinking in Ballymun. Sgt.Young reported that it is an offence to drink in public and the Gardaí continue to enforce the laws in relation to this crime. Whiteacre Park • Whiteacre residents expressed a number of concerns in relation to anti-social activity around Whiteacre Park. They stated that older children are playing football in the playground area preventing other children from using the space. They asked whether goal posts could be installed in the small field. They also reported a rodent infestation problem in the area. Eamon Farrelly reported that in response to issues raised at past meetings with Whiteacre residents barriers were installed in the playground area to prevent football from being played. Trees and shrubs were also plante d at this time to provide a natural barrier. He stated that the Safer Ballymun steering group would discuss the issues raised and report back at the next meeting. District Heating System • A resident asked whether the new gas heating system that was installed for the blocks poses any risk for tenants. Eamon Farrelly stated that the heating system poses no risk to tenants. 3
  4. 4. Presentation Donal Moroney, head Dog Warden for Dublin, delivered a presentation on the bye-laws relating to dogs and some of the challenges the dog wardens encounter in Ballymun. He highlighted that it is an offence to let dogs out in the street off- lead. Stray dogs can be seized by the Dog Warden and brought to the pound where they are kept for 5 days after which time the dog can be rehoused. If a dog is found off- lead on the street the fine is €30 – 40 and, if prosecuted in court the fine increases with a potential prison sentence. To contact the Dog Warden service ring 01 8383236 or 01 8683038. Conclusion Aibhlín McCann, independent facilitator, concluded by stating that the Steering Committee would discuss the issues raised at this meeting and report back to the group at the next meeting on July 26th, 2010. Next Meeting: Monday, July 26th, 2010. Time: 7.00 PM Venue: Council Chambers, First Floor, Ballymun Civic Centre CONTACT NUMBERS: Elise Finnigan, Safer Ballymun Co-ordinator 01 222 7870 Ballymun Garda Station 01 666 4400 An Garda Síochána Confidential Phone Line 1800 666111 Ballymun Civic Centre 01 222 5646 Coultry Estate Office 01 222 7867 Sillogue Estate Office 01 842 2495 Poppintree Estate Office 01 862 4146 4