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Spirit Says Newsletter December 2011


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Realize your potential for abundant health, happiness and wealth.

Published in: Spiritual, Health & Medicine
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Spirit Says Newsletter December 2011

  1. 1. Spirit Says December 2011 Realize Your Potential. Have Abundant Happiness, Health & WealthYour Thoughts Create Your Future. Find Your Happiness. Establish Good Thoughts. Actualize Your Future.
  2. 2. Ads to pay the bills. Ads to pay the bills. Ads to pay the bills. Ads to pay the bills. What You’ll Find in This Issue VerbalAbuseJournals Spirit Says Intention for this issue Color to focus on This is Erin, the creator of Spirit Note from Erin Says Newsletter. I am promoting this product because it is the first Ponder This thing that actually gave a to-do item that worked. I am serious. Be Happy! Spirit’s GOT This! Yes, I will get an affiliate commission if you purchase from Individual Ritual LeeChavezMusic this link, but it will help me pay the bills! I wouldn’t suggest it if I didn’t Group Wish believe in it 100%. Act As If Visualization (two parts) Take Your Inner Being AlongBe the Star in Your Own Life Movieand & Act As If Anything Is Possible You Can Do Anything EllieChavezPhotography Planning Made Simple The Last Page Hypnosis is a quick way to influence your subconscious mind, a way to reprogram your habitual thinking, so you can quickly achieve your desires. CLICK HERE.
  3. 3. Spirit SaysFirst Things First “Go out of your normal belief system and accept there are ways that surpass a little bit of what seems possible. You can have whatever you desire in life if you allow us to do the stuff that seems insurmountable.” The intention for this issue of Spirit Says Newsletter is… Act “As If” Get that feeling of success to well up within your Spirit and cause such energy and emotion, there is ONLY success that can possibly come from it!
  4. 4. Color to Focus onPurple! Purple is a color of Power. It is energetic, powerful,persuasive, and a color of money. It also corresponds with thecrown chakra. The crown chakra is the master chakra of yourentire body. It is where your higher consciousness resides.When you tune in to the color purple, your crown chakra, youwill enable all that is mighty to help you focus on acting as if youalready have what it is you desire. That is why the color isassociated with energy, power, persuasiveness, the creation ofmoney. It is all coming from your true source – your higherconsciousnesses – your spirit.Spirit Says SoSpiritual/Intuitive ReadingAre you stuck in a pattern that you just cant get out of? Do you have goals, dreams, desires that youhavent been able to fulfill? Do you feel lost?Are you ready to make a change in your life? Do you want that change to come easy to you? Are youready to catapult yourself to success?If so, "Spirit Says So" is for you. When you purchase this spiritual and intuitive reading, you are gettingthe best help around. You are receiving guidance from Spirit, and also from me - an intuitive - that canlook beyond your words to see where the actual problem resides.The entire reading is done via email so there are no scheduling issues or personal embarrassment to dealwith. You are free to be yourself behind the cloak of anonymity that email provides.The process for the reading is simple. I will email you and ask you what your issue is that you would liketo work on. You will then send me a detailed description of what it is you are going through. A fewemails will be sent back and forth until I get a good understanding of you and your situation. After athorough understanding is had, the "Spirit Says So" reading will then begin.
  5. 5. Note from ErinThe idea for the intent of December’s newsletter came to me at a time whenI was at a point of dismay and really needed to hear this message. “Act as if”can be tricky, and it has taken me several writings with Spirit to really cometo understand the full meaning of it. The one thing that Spirit has repeatedover and over is to believe. Believe that they are working on my intent forme. This belief is for us to keep pluggin’ on with our plan to achieve ourdesire and to know, without a doubt, that when we do our part, they canthen do their part.There is really a lot that goes in to the explanation of this, and a lot of itincludes Quantum Physics. It is mind blowing what Quantum Physicsinvolves, but is quite amazing. When you can grasp, even minimally, what itis all about, it makes this “belief” Spirit talks about so much easier. Thisprogram made it all so clear. I only promote it because it is the thing thatmade “it” work for me.I digress… “Act as if”…Belief is paramount to obtaining your intentions, but so is taking action.Actually, there is quite a bit of action to take. However, it is probably notnear as complicated as one may think. It is simply about listening to yourSpirit and doing what feels right. There are some actions that are necessary,and we will cover them in this newsletter. Don’t worry. They are fun andeasy!Get something warm to drink and settle in with your pen and paper. There isnothing stopping you from having anything you desire. You are an amazingperson and Spirit. It is our job to create an amazing life for ourselves and forothers.
  6. 6. What if? What if your desire comes true? What will your day looklike? What will you be doing differently than now? What items willbe included in your life? What actions will be deleted from yourlife? Think about this, and start a “Future Journal”. In this futurejournal, write about your day as if your desire has alreadyhappened.There is science behind this. It has to do with your subconsciousmind, and impressing what you want deeply into the habitualthought patterns.If you are not a writer, that is fine! Create lists instead! Write outyour daily “to-do” list that is designed around the desire that youare manifesting. You can even draw pictures if you want…The key is to use this future journal to pretend you are alreadyliving the life you want for yourself. No turning back! What areYOU going to create?Share your thoughts in the forum. Advertisement Spiritual & Intuitive Readings Spirit Says So
  7. 7. Be Happy! Spirit’s Got This!“Act As If”. It can be the hardest part of manifesting a life you desire. We all know the basic rules of receiving what youdesire. Have a definite goal in mind. Have a date that you will achieve it by. Create and read a statement, aloud, at least2 times per day. And, of course, all of our own unique, personal touches that we add into the mix. There is oneimportant aspect that seems to get in the way of so many people (myself included)… Acting as if “it” is already a reality inyour life.How are we supposed to “Act as if” when we are saddled with our daily lives, our daily troubles, our daily thoughts? Let’stake something that most people want more of, and would probably like to manifest it into reality – Money. I’m notsaying that we want money for the sake of having money. We want money so we can have the freedom it affords.Freedom from worry over bills. Freedom from credit cards. Freedom from being stuck in a neighborhood that is lessthan desirable. Freedom from everything that the lack of money seems to bring with it. So, in essence, it is freedom thatwe desire. But, for the sake of argument, we will stay focused on the moola right now.How are we supposed to act as if we have money when we have trouble paying our bills, limit our purchases, and avoiddoing things we want to do because we know we don’t have the funds right now to do it?! Money, and lack of money, issomething that we must deal with on a daily basis; so how, prêt ell, are we supposed to act as if we already have themoney we want?First, let’s focus on the belief. You must believe that the Universe, Spirit, God (whomever you communicate with), is onyour side and making things come into alignment so you can have what you want. Remember – we are not here to lead adepraved life! It is supposed to be easy, fun, full of opulence, and exciting! Our higher power wants us to have all of this!After all, when we are happy and living a life we so much desire, we are free to create more goodness in the world. So,believe that Spirit is on your side and working for you! How? Simply allow yourself to believe it. You don’t have to knowhow it works, just like you don’t need to know how a car engine works for you to get from point “a” to point “b”. You justturn it on and it gets you there, right? It is the same with this belief. Just allow yourself the childlike innocence ofbelieving that Spirit is making things happen. They are quite the “movers and shakers” there, wherever they reside, solet them do their thing! They really like putting all of this together for you, but you MUST BELIEVE that they are doing it!Second, see yourself having what you want. In this case, money. See yourself living the life that your desired amount ofmoney will allow you to live. You can do this in so many different ways. Simply visualize it. Create a mental movie foryourself and press “play” on that movie several times a day. Tell yourself, in a mirror, that you ARE going to have it. Beexcited about it! Feel it! Imagine Spirit working for you to give you what you desire. Imagine them zipping all aroundand happily creating the life that you want. Put up affirmation cards. Create a vision board. Find a hypnotist that willwork with you in this regard. Create a visualization mp3 so you can simply press play and hear exactly what you see andfeel happening. Order a professionally created, customized visualization mp3 from SpiritSaysNewsletter. Whatever youdo – see yourself as already having this money, and FEEL how great it feels to have this money!Thirdly, keep those pesky doubts out of your mind! This can be especially difficult when it comes to money, because it isso easy to see the lack of money you currently have in many aspects of your daily life. We are human; so we are going toexperience those doubts, and those negative thoughts. The key is to immediately go back to step one, and believe thatSpirit is taking care of all of it for you. Now, I am not saying to not do anything to help bring more money into your life!That is what having a plan is all about. We will cover that later.Lastly, plan for it. Know, with all of your heart, that you will have what you want, by the date you want it by. Count on it.Plan for it.
  8. 8. Individual Ritual Group Wish For more information about Individual Rituals, and the science behind them, click here. Intent: Solidify Your Desire Items Needed: For more information on group wishes, and the science *1 purple candle behind them, click here. *Special holder for your candle When: *Something to light candle with December 15th, 2011 *Blank piece of white paper at 10pm eastern time. *Colored pencils, markers, or pens *Relaxing Music What to do: Find yourself a quiet *Anything that feels special to you (incense, spot, relax your body and mind a few Bible, cloth, more candles, etc.) minutes before the set time. Have your desire (from the Individual Directions: Ritual) in your mind. At the time and*Set up your area any way that makes you feel date specified, repeat the following good. sentence: *Light your candle and turn on your music.*Write your desire on your paper – anywhere “I wish for everybody wishing tonight, that feels right for you to write it. to feel a surge of power and magic *Either draw or doodle around your desire to that will allow their desire to come to make it feel special to you. them quickly and easily. *Take your new, wonderful paper and put it Opportunities will be abundant and where you will see it regularly everything will effortlessly fall into (by your bed is a great place!) place so they can achieve their desire.”
  9. 9. Act As If VisualizationThis is not a typical visualization. You will read the sentence and then fill in your ownanswer. The key (and the visualization part) is to see, feel, hear, touch, and smellwhenever possible. Really feel the emotion that comes with each of your answers.There are two parts to this visualization. While they are not necessarily connected, it isbest to do each one of them daily! (It will remind your subconscious mind exactlywhat you want, therefore, helping you achieve it even quicker.) Enjoy both of thesesegments as if you have already attained your desires.If you record this visualization on your own, make sure to leave plenty of quiet timebetween statements. This will allow your mind to visualize exactly what you want.You can always purchase the professionally created visualization, with relaxing sounds,here.This morning, I woke up to the sound of __________________.I got out of my bed and walked toward the door. I saw my reflection in the mirror andI am so proud that I look ________________.As I walk to the kitchen, I look around my home. I am still amazed at what I havecreated, so I take the time to really look at and appreciate each room I pass…Today is a free, fun, relaxing day for me – I can do anything I want. I am going to enjoy_________________.Before I head out the door, I take a quick peek at my bank account. I have enoughmoney in there I could do anything I wanted to do! I take a moment and think aboutwhat all I can do with all of this money…Driving to my destination, I start thinking about my initial desire…If I had only known then what I know now, it would have been such an enjoyablejourney. I am so glad I took the steps I took to attain my desire…
  10. 10. When I think of my ideal body, this is what I see for my: My Body Visualization Part 2 of Weight This is what I desire Clothing Size Fitness Level regarding my body. Muscles Physical Activity Enjoyed Hair Skin Mental Health Health of Internal Systems Clothes I like to wear My body, being like this, allows me to feel: Why? When I think of my relationships, this is what I see:My Relationships Married or Single This is what I desire In Love? If I’m in a committed relationship, we do this for fun regarding my How many friends do I have? relationships. If I do things with my friends, this is what we do What characteristics are important to me in my relationships? I want all of my relationships to have this component When I put all of this together, all of my relationships allow me to feel: When I think of my work, this is what I see: My Work This is what I love doing for a living I spend this much time a day/week/month working This is what I desire I enjoy my work because regarding my work. I earn this much money a day/week/month/year The most enjoyable part of my work is The most creative part of my work is The most rewarding part of my work is My work allows me to feel When I put all of this together, my work allows me to feel: When I think of my home, this is what I see: My Home I live in a The location I live is This is what I desire I have this many bedrooms & bathrooms regarding my home. I have this many square feet The colors on my walls are The décor of my home is The amenities of our home are The community that surrounds us is like Some of my favorite items in my home are My home is unique in that it When I am in my home, I feel: Why?
  11. 11. Take Your Inner Being AlongThere is a story of a warrior. He was the only one, among a crowd, that heldthe convictions that he felt strongly in. Everybody else was against him. Hewas faced with an angry mob, throwing stones at him in attempt to bring himdown. He was on the ground; beat almost to the point of submission.Then, something happened. He remembered he had the power withinhimself to take on this angry crowd. He brought himself up to his feet, staredat the crowd with conviction, and began to walk toward them. This took theentire crowd by surprise.Before long, the people in front, that just seconds before had been bashinghim with stones, stopped trying to bring him down. They instead looked athim and parted way so he could walk through. Then everybody simplystopped and stared at him, letting him pass. He had won.The lesson in this story is that this warrior called upon his inner being. Hepulled that power from himself and took control of the masses so he couldlive on to honor his convictions.You can do this too. Feel that power that you have, innately, within your self.Maintain that feeling of power. Allow your inner being to take control of youractions, and you will, without a doubt, achieve what you desire.When you act as if, and know with all of your heart and power that you willsucceed – you will. Dear Lee and Ellie. The letter.Everybody who has read this "Letter to Lee and Ellie" has said that it makes them feel so warm inside, so loved. It hasbrought tears to many. It emits a love that is embraced and taken to heart by your own spirit.
  12. 12. Be the Star in Your Own Life Movie &Act As If You Already Have ItNow this one you may have heard a few times around, but people always seem to getstuck on this topic. If I want to be a millionaire, how can I act as if I already have it? I donthave a million dollars so what am I supposed to do. This is what trips most people up intheir manifestation processes.Acting as if you already have something is a mind frame not a physical plane existence. Itis explained to you in the physical because this is how we live, but it is all in your mindand conscious side of your brain. You have to build the image of what you want tobecome. Live the part of what you want to grow into and you will become the successyou want to be.Lets take actors for example, they study their parts and scripts for the "thing" they wantto portray. The good actors really get into these roles, as they do their research, go outand study the types of people or areas to be able to project this through onto the screenand make a believable performance. This is what acting as if you already have it is allabout.This is your life, and you are the your own star in your own movie. You write the script,you know what you want. So do the research and field work. If you want to have thathouse, look at some pictures of the homes you want, go and check into some of them.Find the prices; find the layouts, live the movie. Learn all that you can and portray that. Itwill manifest in your life. You are the actor in your own life, so start living it to the fullestand the in the best way possible for the way you want your own movie to turn out!For more information, online courses, programs, healing and much more visit us athttp://www.healingartforms.comMany Blessings and Love and Light,Nicole Lanning
  13. 13. You Can Do Anything I Act As If… Do you know that you, Anything is absolutely, 100%, can Possible! achieve anything you want to achieve? In fact, you already arePlanning Made Simple achieving everything you put your thoughtsMaking and following a plan is simple. toward. Whenever 1. Start with what you want to accomplish. 2. Figure out the main steps you need to take to you know something is accomplish what it is you want. going to happen, it 3. Take those main steps and figure out what you does, right? need to do to accomplish those steps.Keep doing those 3 steps until you have your plan all Start expecting thelaid out in front of you. good things toNext, put a date next to each step you have created. happen. The thingsThis is a very important step. Remember to be you want to happen.realistic – but push yourself a little as well.Take action. Start your plan. Don’t let anything get When you act as ifin your way. This is something you want! anything is possible…Remember that for the law of attraction to come it has a weird way ofinto play, things should be easy. There is an easy happening for you.way to go about your list, & that is the way you take.If it feels like you should do something weird – DO Give it a try – you willIT! Just make sure to feel good & take that action. amaze yourself.
  14. 14. The Last Page. Email TwitterMission of Spirit Says Facebook Newsletter: SpiritSaysNewsletter To help you realize your potential, andhave abundant health,wealth and happiness.Do you feel this newsletter stood up to the mission? Learn More “When you know that you’re in charge of your intentions, then you’ll come to know that you’re in charge of your entire world.” ~Dr. Wayne Dyer Go to Spirit Says Newsletter and become a member in order to be notified when the new newsletter is available, and to join several discussions about this newsletter and more! (You’ll see it in the upper right corner of the page.)January’s Newsletter will be based around YOUR Personal Power. Each of us has the power, within ourselves, to be downright magical. We will learn more about this power and how to use it in order to create a harmonious life for ourselves, and for society.