Customer Service and Social Media


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Customer Service and Social Media

  1. 1. #TheNewERAA Social Media Customer Service presented by The New ERAAErica Fisher Amy Brown@errrcafish @amybrownSU16Rebecca Young Amy Podeszek@rebeccayoung92 @amy_podeszek
  2. 2. #TheNewERAA Live Poll What platforms have you used for customer service?Results will be shown at the end of the presentation
  3. 3. #TheNewERAA Customer Service: The Evolution from Phone to Social Media● 47% of social media users actively seek customer service through social media ○ 30% say prefer social media over phone● 95% of brands are active on Twitter: 23% of these have customer service handles ○ 15% tweet at least 10 times a day service-on-twitter-top-brands-respond-to-only-14-of-
  4. 4. #TheNewERAA Customer Service: The Evolution from Phone to Social Media● Nearly one-third of consumers turn to branded social pages on Facebook to ask product questions● Over 10% of consumers turn to Twitter handles ○ Twitter is the most widely used platform for customer service● 55% of consumers expect a response the same day media
  5. 5. #TheNewERAA Why We Picked This Topic● Class lesson: your social media is 90% professional and 10% personal● Andrew Hetzel (@andrewhetzel): ○ Social Media is about the people ○ Communication with your consumer is key for good business in every business● Experience with @DeltaAssist
  6. 6. #TheNewERAAAmys Experience
  7. 7. #TheNewERAA What People Expect ● Quick Responses - most customers say same day responses are acceptable ● Respond in conversational style - customers want to talk to real people ● Always apologize - you dont want to start an argument in front of everyone ● Ask them to Direct Message - to have longer conversations with confidential info ● But, thank them for bringing the problem to your attention
  8. 8. #TheNewERAA 4 Tips for Using Social Media for Customer Service1. Have a separate customer service account ○ Specifically to handle customer service but uses the same voice and branding as company2. Aim for single-contact resolution ○ "Do everything you can to resolve an issue over whatever system they reach out, including social media," Laurie Meacham (manager of customer commitment at jetBlue).
  9. 9. #TheNewERAA 4 Tips for Using Social Media for Customer Service3. Be smart while handling a crisis ○ Let your followers know if there is a problem: phone lines are down, website isnt updated, etc.4. Train your staff ○ "Some people who are really great at customer service might not necessarily understand the brands voice on social media," Jen Rubio (head of social media at Warby Parker)."Users say theyre more likely to buy if a businessanswers their questions on Twitter.” (
  10. 10. #TheNewERAA Good examples● Helpful● Quick● Attentive Engaging/Interactive Same day response
  11. 11. #TheNewERAA Bad Examples● Not helpful● Not attentive or days late● Rude response● No response: Fandango
  12. 12. #TheNewERAAXbox@XboxSupport
  13. 13. #TheNewERAADell@DellCares
  14. 14. #TheNewERAAWegmans@Wegmans
  15. 15. #TheNewERAAVolvo@volvocarsus
  16. 16. #TheNewERAA Volvo Key Insights @volvocarsus ● Team consists of 3 people ○ Social Media Manager: in charge of strategy ○ 2 Community Managers: monitor social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest) and create content ○ Work with Volvos Customer Care team to address customer complaintsDo not receive enough customer complaints to havesocial channels dedicated to customer service
  17. 17. #TheNewERAA Volvos Social Media @volvocarsus● "Being in social we try to answer everything that comes in whether it’s a question, comment or complaint, each deserves a response and we make sure the questions get answered."● "Volvo customers are very loyal and we try to ensure that everyone has a positive experience with the brand."
  18. 18. #TheNewERAA Volvo @volvocarsus"When we have an angry customer on social, wetypically see them send messages that are angry ordemanding. We usually find that after talking tothem, they’re right back to normal."The plan:● Respond fast● Get the problem resolved quickly"If we do that we find that the customers are happyand in some instances will even turn around andbecome advocates for us. A win-win situation".
  19. 19. #TheNewERAADelta@DeltaAssist
  20. 20. Delta #TheNewERAAJerry Fletcher - Manager of Social Media CustomerService Team● Started with one lady from marketing in 09● Made separate handle in 10 ○ Monday-Friday 9am-5pm ■ Customers complained: "You cant be a bank"● Changed to 24/7 with a team of 15 people ○ English, Spanish, & Portuguese
  21. 21. #TheNewERAADeltaJerry Fletcher - Manager of Social Media CustomerService Team● "The Lab" ○ Customer Service, PR, Marketing team● Customer service social media team ○ As many as 5, as few as 2 ■ Weather, popular travel dates, celebrities, etc. ○ Crisis mode: "everyone now" ○ Reactive, not proactive ○ Because 24/7, can catch stuff before anyone else and let other teams know
  22. 22. #TheNewERAADeltaJerry Fletcher - Manager of Social Media CustomerService Team"Twitter is THE channel for service" ○ Strategy: have to be where the customers are, and the customers are on Twitter ○ The shift: phone still has more volume, but more people are tweeting ○ 30% more efficient on twitter ○ 140 characters is a benefit● All about the experience ○ Loyal customers say "the most important thing to me is to value my time"
  23. 23. #TheNewERAA What We Found● The more willing they were to help, the more loyalty we were willing to give them"Users say theyre more likely to buy if a businessanswers their questions on Twitter.” (
  24. 24. #TheNewERAA What We Found● 60% believe passion for a business or brand is a prerequisite for social media engagement. Companies need to find creative ways to tap the power of the trusted social community.● 38% feel social media interactions with a business will have a favorable influence on their loyalty to that company● Half of consumers (49%) believe their engagement would likely lead to future purchases with that company (
  25. 25. #TheNewERAA What We Found● 81% of respondents believe that CEOs who engage in social media are better equipped to lead their companies than their peers● Survey results show 77% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a company with an active executive presence on social media, while 22% disagree● 50% of CEOs use Twitter, 47% use LinkedIn, 45% use Facebook, and 38% read corporate blogs. (http://www.
  26. 26. #TheNewERAAWhat Companies Should Work OnThrough our research we believe that.....● Companies should have a designated and experienced social media team● Companies should be knowledgeable and answer questions on all social media platforms: Xbox example● Responses should be timely, accurate and remember they are still a reflection of the brand
  27. 27. #TheNewERAA Customer Service in the Future “I have never seen such a transformative change as the one that we are living throughtoday. We moved from about 11% to 12% of our media investment in digital to 36%, close to 40%” over the past 2-1/2 years.” – Antonio Lucio, global chief marketing, strategy and corporate development officer at Visa.• Expand to find your audiences on all social mediaplatforms: not just Facebook and Twitter• Consider using a mobile app to make it easier for yourcustomers• Start to use your audience as a resource to co-createcampaigns
  28. 28. #TheNewERAAPoll Results
  29. 29. #TheNewERAAQuestions? Thank you for listening!