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Social media & customer service


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What is social media & how can it aid great customer service?

A quick run through the every changing world of digital communications & social media.

What does 'great' look like in social customer service?

How do you get started in social customer service?

Published in: Business, Technology
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Social media & customer service

  1. 1. Social mediaWhat is it & how can it aid great customer service?9th November 2011
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
  4. 4. 1The world is changing
  5. 5. We’re all still human
  6. 6. The way we communicatehas changed forever
  7. 7. When did youlast send a letter?
  8. 8. Conversation is dying
  9. 9. 300 million SMS messages are sent each day
  10. 10. Newspaper readershipis declining
  11. 11. 15 billion
  12. 12. 800 million
  13. 13. 48 hours
  14. 14. 250 million
  15. 15. #xfactor
  16. 16. 2So what is social media?
  17. 17. Visits to brand websites are declining
  18. 18. So what are people doing?
  19. 19. Why are they doing it? DISCOVERY ALTRUISM SOCIAL Learning or self-development Helping others or involvement Connecting, reinforcing with the brand tribes or belonging Connecting like minded Other people Help others Belong community Learn & develop Input to companies Keep in touch Sharing experiences Impress others Outlet for imagination Opinion heard Escapism Reflects who I am Seen to be doing well First to discover EXPRESSION FAME ESCAPISM Creativity or identity Notoriety or competition Entertainment Source: Creston ICM Social Media study
  20. 20. 70%discover other peoples’ point of view Source: Creston ICM Social Media study
  21. 21. 60%enjoy feeling they can input into companies Source: Creston ICM Social Media study
  22. 22. 53%follow a brand within social spaces Source: Nielsen:
  23. 23. SociallyDigitally connected
  24. 24. First Direct are justbrilliant – their service is always great
  25. 25. Which would you buy?Garmin Nuvi 2460LT £159.99 Navigon 70 Plus £149.99Average customer reviews Average customer reviews
  26. 26. Which would you buy? Navigon 70 Plus £149.99 Average customer reviews
  27. 27. Who would you buy from?
  28. 28. We trust strangers
  29. 29. We are influenced by strangers
  30. 30. Harvard Business School NPS model
  31. 31. 40% of social media users are mobile Source: Nielsen:
  32. 32. $1,300 and a 10 year warranty
  33. 33. “Do you know what Twitter is? Because Ihave over a million followers on Twitter. If I say something about my terrible experience on Twitter do you think someone will help me?”“Yes, I know what Twitter is. And no, that will not matter”
  34. 34. 71% of complainers on twitter are ignored Source: Maritz Research:
  35. 35. 49% expected a reply Source: Maritz Research:
  36. 36. Source: Maritz Research:
  37. 37. 27% reported market share gains & higher profit margins Source: McKinsey & Company: ise_Web_20_finds_its_payday_2716
  38. 38. 3What does great look like?
  39. 39. Social lip service Social customer serviceThe company assigned The key difference is thattweeter seems to want to the assigned tweeter seessolve my problem. They my problem through toreply quickly to my tweet. resolution even if it takesHowever, they rarely do more than one day! Theymore than point me back to give me the information Ia customer service need and will take the timedepartment via an 0800 out to follow-up to ensurephone number that I may I‟m happy.well have already spent 2hours talking to.
  40. 40. John is a happy customer
  41. 41. John will probably tell his friends
  42. 42. It’s about people, stupid
  43. 43. Consistency of CS is key -
  44. 44. “A service company that happens to sell shoes” Tony Hseih, CEO
  45. 45. video
  46. 46. 4So how do I get started?
  47. 47. A quick watch outYou need to be great
  48. 48. Listen
  49. 49. Choose your spaces
  50. 50. Choose your spaces
  51. 51. 37 million UK users 15 million UK usersAverage 130 friends Average 27 followersNo longer have to „like‟ a Can @mention any brand inbrand to post on their wall postsRicher user experience – Simple user experiencecustom functionality withappsRelatively closed – more Mostly public – easy fordifficult for a brand to listen in brands to listen in
  52. 52. Develop guidelines Rules of engagement Best practice guidelines Sensitive posting plans 24/7 moderation procedures Escalation procedures
  53. 53. Select tools
  54. 54. Empower your employees to act They are your ambassadors Training – the „why?‟ and the „how?‟ Encourage customer conversations But know when to engage…and when not to!
  55. 55. video
  56. 56. 5In summary
  57. 57. Social media is here and here to stay
  58. 58. We are influenced by strangers within social spaces
  59. 59. Brands successfully engaging with theircustomers in social spaces see increased satisfaction & revenue gains
  60. 60. Listen, prepare & engage
  61. 61. Thank youMatt HardyDigital Director & Joint MD, The Real