Be Brand Social: How to avoid and handle Social Media #Fails


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ragon Industries Asia presentation from Auscham Vietnam social media briefing in HCMC on December 11, 2013.

Here’s a summary of what the briefing shared…
- How to implement strategies to take advantage of social media
- The evolving digital and social media landscape across Vietnam
- How your brand can use social media more effectively to build your brand with impact™
- How social integrates into your wider marketing strategy and campaigns
- Best practice case studies
- Social media #fails and how to handle them

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Be Brand Social: How to avoid and handle Social Media #Fails

  1. 1. Be Brand Social: Social Media #Fails and How to Handle them Asha Phillips Director Of Social Media & Communications Twitter: @Dragon_Ind_Asia @ashaphillips
  2. 2. Social Media & Brand Reputation •  Brand  reputa+on  on  social  media  is  just  as  -­‐  if  not  more  -­‐  important  than   offline    reputa+on   •  Listening  to  what  customers,  compe+tors  and  the  public  say  about  you  is   important  and  you  should  be  monitoring  this  every  day,  week,  month   •  Past:  people  wrote  leAers  and  emails  to  the  company  customer  service   departments,  ombudsmen  etc.  to  disclose  dissa+sfac+on  privately   •  2013:  People  go  straight  to  social  media  FIRST  to  vent…    and  that’s  all  easily   accessible  by  the  public.  Not  only  can  they  see  it  but  they  can  like,  share  and   comment  on  it.   •  Social  Media  can  be  your  best  friend  and  some+mes  feels  like  its  your  enemy  
  3. 3. Social Media #Fails 2011 Qantas campaign asked customers: “What is your dream luxury inflight experience?” using hashtag #QantasLuxury
  4. 4. Qantas 2011  
  5. 5. Qantas December  5     2013:  
  6. 6. Qantas How did Qantas react? •  During the #Qantasluxury crisis: Qantas Twitter accounts were mostly silent, but did join in and mock themselves •  After the crisis: Qantas hired four social media managers •  Today: Qantas is very active on Twitter and interacts with hundreds of customers daily
  7. 7. Gau Do noodles hAps://­‐CIT05Qvo    
  8. 8. Gau Do noodles
  9. 9. Preparing to Launch a Campaign •  Do your research: take the pulse of the community •  Measure your online sentiment: what words, hashtags are being used about your brand? e.g 3 days after Qantas grounding, the brand received 37,000 negative social media mentions •  Know your audience: who follows you on Twitter, Facebook etc.? Are they professionals? What demographic? Country? Gender?
  10. 10. How to deal with a #Fail The Golden Rules: •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Act immediately Debunk rumours ASAP Impossible to over-communicate during crises Give regular updates on what is happening – every hour where possible Reply to customers directly who comment on/message the company Twitter/Facebook etc. pages, and do so respectfully by addressing them with their full name Tweet / share news updates from other branded accounts e.g @QantasAirways and @QantasCustomerCare Only use official social media profiles to make comments / reply to people Never blame customers… even if they are wrong
  11. 11. Preventing a #Fail Reputation risk management begins before, and not after, reputation crises... So act now •  Create a social media policy: this includes rules and behaviours of staff on social media profiles in general and how they can/can’t react during crises, how to avoid legal issues and protect IP and trade secrets, policies around how to respond to angry customers, etc. •  Train all staff – front and back-of-house staff – on your social media policy so they understand it and how it affects them •  Hire a full time social media manager with experience who can look after all of your profiles
  12. 12. Social Media Partners Partnerships: •  Hire a specialist social media firm to help you write and implement your social media policies and guidelines and train staff •  Outsource your social media content management and branding to a social media company with specialist knowledge of social media platforms •  Listen: Monitor what people say about your brand by using a third-party monitoring service
  13. 13. Dragon Industries Asia Our  Social  Media  and  Communica1ons  team  has  more  than   a  decade  of  experience  in  journalism,  PR  and  social  media.   Social  media  has  fast  become  second  nature  to  billions  of   users,  it  is  important  businesses  understand  the  doors  media   pla>orms  allow  you  to  open  and  connect  your  everyday   customers  to  their  projects.  We  can  show  you  how…   For further enquiries please contact; Managing Director Tim Clements e: Social Media and Communications Director Asha Phillips e:
  14. 14. Thank  you   Follow  us     Twi/er:  @Dragon_Ind_Asia     Facebook/DragonIndustriesAsia­‐industries-­‐asia