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  1. 1. 土耳其、俄罗斯、瑞士经贸活动合作洽谈项目 Cooperative Projects for Economic Activities in Turkey 中国国际贸易促进委员会广州市委员会 CCPIT Guangzhou 2012·07 07/2012 1
  2. 2. Contents: Summary of projects for economic and trade cooperation with Turkey, Russia, SwitzerlandNo. Unit Name / Title / Contact Company Profile Main commodities Cooperation intention Amount (10,000 Euro)1. Guangzhou Shao Jianming Guangzhou Haiyin Industrial Group Co., Ltd., the top 100 Commercial property Intend to invest in real 1000 Haiyin Industrial CEO development and private enterprises in Guangdong Province, the main estate, property Group Co., Ltd. 83794111 management, real estate, operations in the field of commercial property development development projects in No.56-57 Donghu Road and management, real estate, hotels and chemical. Haeinsa hotels and chemical Turkey West,Yuexiu District, Group under the commercial property area of nearly one Guangzhou million square meters, about 10 000 commercial operators, http:// shops employing more than 30,000 persons.2. Guangzhou Chen zhaoxiong Times Property is one of China Top 100 Real Estate Real estate development Investment in real 1000 President estate development and Times Property Enterprises and one of the most influential real estate property projects Group Co., Ltd. 83486668 developers in South China. Since its entry to the real estate 13602891188 industry in 1999, the company has mainly developed real 36th Floor, 410 Dong Feng estate in Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Qingyuan, Road Middle, Times Changsha and other economically developed cities, Property Centre successfully developed over 30 real estate projects and provided high quality residences for over 80,000 families. Times Property now boasts of its 3000 employees and assets of more than 15 billion in total. It develops the unique concept of "life artist" and introduces noble arts and culture into the product, and creates a leading lifestyle. As a "life artists" in the real estate sector in China, Times Property, by means of professionalism and milestone management model, constantly enhances product quality and creates the art of living; from the real estate to transcendence over the real estate, from quality to taste, Times Property is 2
  3. 3. now becoming the best real estate enterprise in China.3. Guangzhou Su Yunjian Guangzhou Donghuan Real Estate Co., Ltd., founded in 1997, Real estate development Intend to invest in real 800 Donghuan Real President is a multi-industry comprehensive enterprise engaged in real estates, properties in Estate Co., Ltd. 82562339 estate development, housing sales, property management, Turkey, intends to 13302251855 decoration design, financial investment, etc. invest in real estate, 2nd F/L, No. 2 Jiari North property, etc. Street, Urban Holiday Park, Dongpu, Tianhe District, Guangzhou Su Yunjian4. Guangzhou Zheng Chuhui Kingkey Industry Co., Ltd. has become a modern multi- Real estate development, Intend to develop real 1000 Board Chairman hotel, building, property Kingkey industry enterprise group integrating real estate development, estate projects in management and venture Industry Co., investment hotel, building construction, property management, venture Turkey, Ltd. investment (finance, energy and education) and others as of its foundation in 2003. At present, the group has had wholly- owned subsidiaries such as Guangzhou Kingkey Industry Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Wanggu SPA Resort Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Ansha Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Wanggu Property Management Co., Ltd.5. Guangzhou Red Liao Junbiao Jindian Co., , founded in 1992, has blossomed a modern Cultural dissemination, Intend to invest into 700 Forest Tourism Board Chairman real estate development enterprise group across the fields in resort hotel, movies and real estate, to conduct Cultural Real contemporary art. Jindianjituan is committed to creating a cultural exchanges, etc. Estate whole new leisure lifestyle and a chain brand of holiday in Turkey, Development Co., Ltd. destination - Mangrove Tree Resort World. The Mangrove Tree Resort World collects leisure, culture, arts, movies, entertainment, fashion, shopping, international conference 3
  4. 4. and exhibition, film and television location, perfectly combines urban natural resources and human resources and promotes the upgrade of the Chinese tourist city to the international holiday destination.6. Guangzhou Mo Fan Owning 180 subsidiaries, joint-stock companies and affiliated Beverage, daily chemical Intend to seek agents 400 Light Industry & Deputy General Manager product, culture & sports companies, Guangzhou Light Industry & Trade Group Ltd. and traders for the Trade Group Ltd. 83324806 supplies, energy-saving has been one of China Top 500 Enterprises and one of China company in Turkey, ; 13602739428 light source, clock Top 500 Service Enterprises. Involved in more than 20 seek agents for offshore No. 147 Yanjiang West manufacturing, glassware, industries, the company owns not a few trademarks famous at hardware product, plastic light industry products Road, Guangzhou home and abroad. Its products are well-reputed in domestic product, etc. pertinent to the main and overseas commodities of the enterprise7. Guangzhou Mai Jiehua Guangzhou Foreign Trade Corporation (Guangzhou Treasure Large ships, machinery, Intends to seek trade 1000 Foreign Trade President and General paint, feed, cycling, Key Economics & Development Co., Ltd.) is a solely state- partners in Turkey, ; Corporation Manager swimming supplies, small owned economic trade enterprise of diversification, engaged carry out trade 83517771 appliances, bags and in import and export. Involved in proprietary trading and cooperation related to 13802955190 suitcases, stainless steel agency in import and export of various commodities and tableware, lighting, the main commodities No.253 Dongfeng West technologies, the company sells to more than 100 countries clothing, baby supplies, of the company Road, Guangzhou and regions all over the world and has established own and other series brands, bringing total export-import volume over USD 0.18 http:// www.treasu re- billion every year. It runs in multiple fields, including internal and external trade, customs declaration agency, inspection declaration agency, international shipping agency, property leasing management, environment, resource and carbon certification, online foreign trade settlement and software development. 4
  5. 5. 8. Gong Weiqi GUANGZHOU PANYU FORTUNE INDUSTRY Gas leak detector and Intend to seek agents in 500 GUANGZHOU President ancillary equipment; CO.,LTD equipped with the high tech internet and work Turkey, to carry out PANYU 34565211 automated assembly with the internation technology, our company can develop, the trade projects of FORTUNE 13902388771 equipment design, and manufactoring all kinds of inspection, cleaning, automotive equipment INDUSTRY No.1 Yanzhou Road, coating, assembly machinary independently. CO.,LTD Yanzhou Village Shiji Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou, http:// Guangzhou Huang Chenglin Guangzhou Shengao Trading Co., Ltd. mainly operates Audi Auto parts Intend to carry out auto 700 Shengao Trading Manager imported parts, A3A4A6A8V8, FAW C3C5C6, Volkswagen parts trade in Turkey, Co., Ltd. 62682383 Toureg and TT series. The company is a distributor of parts and fittings of ZF products (speed changing boxes for sedan cars) in China. It assigns professionals to accept the inquiries of customers and quote prices for them, and also provides consignment and express delivery services for the customers.10. Zhanlong Guo Fubin Zhanlong Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. integrates Auto fittings and related Intend to carry out auto 100 Enterprise President services investment, development, construction and management. parts trade in Turkey, Development 86558883 Except for powerful strength, the company assembles a batch Co., Ltd. 13808899218 of high quality auto fitting management talents and senior ZhanLong Commercial business operators, and guarantees superior business Building, No. 98 Baiyun environment and conditions and management service for the Avenue South, Guangzhou customers. For many years, the company has been devoted to providing efficient, express, safe and flexible services and http:// solutions adapting to the characteristics of industrial development for the customers in the auto fitting industry to meet the urgent demand of their business development. At present, the company has established strategic partnerships 5
  6. 6. with many domestic renowned finance companies, insurance companies, commercial banks and auto fitting manufacturers.11. Guangzhou Dai Jingjing Guangzhou Dezhong Hydraulic Pipe Technology Co., Ltd. is zero-carbon constant Intend to carry out trade 100 Dezhong Supervisor temperature systems,4 a production business industry-oriented towards development of zero-carbon constant Hydraulic Pipe 86391823 solar roofs and walls, and use of new energy and integrating R & D, production and temperature system and Technology Co., 13560321128 solar water heaters and sales, its business scope covers wind and solar power solar water heaters in Ltd. 502, 8th Lane, Jintai East 1st flat plate solar collector systems, zero-carbon constant temperature system, solar roof, Turkey, Street, Jingtai Keng, Baiyun and curtain walls, solar water heaters, flat plate solar District, Guangzhou collectors and other energy-saving environmental protection industry.12. Guangdong New Zhao Misheng Dedicated to research on heat pump technology and Air-source water heater Intend to seek agents in 100 Energy President production and sales of air-source water heater, Guangdong Turkey, ; carry out air- Technological 86735688 New Energy Technological Development Co., Ltd. is taking source water heater Development 13888855688 the lead in field of new energy, depending on innovation and trade cooperation Co., Ltd. No. 66-68, Fengshen advanced technologies from Singapore and China. It owns 2 Avenue, Huadu District, bases, 3 research institutes, more than 60 patents, heat Guangzhou, accumulation technology, frequency conversion technology, 9 series and near 100 models. This makes the company a benchmark and paragon of the industry.13. Baiyun Power Hu Dezhao Baiyun Power Group Co., Ltd. is one of the top 5 Transmission and Intend to seek agents in 800 Managing Director transformation products Group manufacturer of power transmission equipment in China, in Turkey, No.5 Daling South Road, top ten in the China Electric Industry, top 100 (size-wise) Shengshan Industrial Zone, in the China Machinery Industry, top 500 in the China Baiyun District, Guangzhou manufacturing industry. Having developed into the leader of Chinese electrical industry, it has built a complete industrial http:// chain of transmission, substation and distribution in the electric power industry and established the industrial layout characterized by five major regions and 7 core production 6
  7. 7. bases in the country through joint venture, cooperation, and mergers and acquisitions14. Guangzhou Wang Wei Guangzhou Hongying Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a Wind turbine, wind power Intend to seek agents in 250 Hongying Director of Operations systems, wind and solar domestic leader of small wind turbine. It leads the Turkey, ; carry out Energy 36888000 power systems, solar technological innovation in the field of blowers and makes trade cooperation Technology Co., 13925083972 hybrid street lighting, innovations and breakthroughs in the application of solar project of wind power Ltd. 10 Yongfa Ave., Huadu wind and solar home power generation system. As the only enterprise having systems generator and system District, Guangzhou passed the project acceptance of high reliability, small wind turbine design and manufacturing of the Ministry of Science, .cn it has made it to have its products included in the small and medium-sized high-quality catalog of the World Wind Energy Association for six consecutive years.15. Guangdong Chen Senbao Guangdong Solar Island Photovoltaics Technology Co., Ltd. Polycrystalline silicon, Intend to seek agents 1000 Solar Island Deputy General Manager silicon slice, PV is a joint-equity enterprise integrating R & D, production, and traders in Turkey, ; Photovoltaics component sales, system application and technical promotion for carry out cooperation Technology Co., photovoltaic (PV) industry, built by multiple PV institutions and exchange of Ltd. and companies, e.g. UNIDO International Solar Energy photovoltaic technology Center for Technology Promotion and Transfer, Guangzhou Optics Valley Investment Co., Ltd., upon cooperation. The company will build production and installation bases for silicone purification, ingot casting, slicing, battery, component and system integration and solar PV power station, in Guangzhou Pearl Industrial Zone, Leshan (Sichuan), Lanzhou (Gansu), Anyang (Henan) and Beijing, based on different resource advantages there, thus form complete PV industry chain. Besides, low-carbon building demonstration park will be built. 7
  8. 8. 16. Guangzhou Lin Zhineng Guangzhou Shunsong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a LED lighting, LED Intend to seek agents in 200 Shunsong New President landscape lighting, LED new and high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, production Turkey, Energy 81786123 interior lighting, etc. and sales of LED lighting products. It has 3-story buildings Technology Co., 13928964233 more than 7,100 m2(这 个 2 要 做 成 上标 ) in total, including Ltd. No.213-217 Qiaozhong production area, office area, product exhibition area and Road Liwan District, experimental area, and its main products are inclusive of LED Guangzhou road lighting, LED landscape lighting, LED indoor lighting, etc. It provides integral semiconductor lighting solutions for http:// global customers, and has successfully built up a famous brand in the LED photoelectric lighting industry.17. Guangzhou Tiger Jiang Jinfeng Guangzhou Tiger Head Battery Group Co., Ltd. is the largest Dry battery, accumulator, Intend to seek agents of 300 Head Battery Deputy General Manager solar products, emergency dry battery producer and seller of China. It is ranked first in dry battery and solar Group Co., Ltd. 85531602 supply and related electric output, sales volume, export volume and foreign exchange product in Turkey, . 13602739428 appliances earning in the industry. Main products of the company are dry No. 568 Huangpu Road battery, accumulator, solar products, emergency supply and Middle, Guangzhou related electric appliances (“Tiger Head”, “LIGHTING”, “555”). http:// Cobelco Elevator Zhao Ruqu The Company is mainly engaged in lift car decoration, and Lift car decoration works, Intend to seek trade 100 DecorationEngin President sale of decorative takes decorative stainless steel, 3M film, and other building partner in Turkey; eering Ltd. 39965388 stainless steel, 3M film, materials as sideline. Owning 350 employees, it is a high- carry out decorative 13602822607 light-weight marble, quality partner of Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. It started stainless steel trade No. 18 Lingxing Industrial imported rubber flooring the vacuum titanium business in 2011 and became a player of and other building cooperation. Park, Shilian Road, Shilou the high-tech industry. It now has a registered capital of HK $ materials Town, Panyu District, 10 million, a production base of 23,000 square meters in Guangzhou Panyu, an ISO9001: 2000 quality system certified management system, and quality products and services available to customers.19. Guangdong Xian Weizhong The company is committed to the diverse development of Insulation components, Intend to seek agents 100 8
  9. 9. 5 Shunxing Power CEO trade integration. In addition to production of power insulation board and traders in Turkey, ; Equipment Co., 84737861 transmission products, insulation components and insulation procure advanced Ltd. 13902381898 board, it introduced advanced transformer oil regeneration transformers No.1625 Xihuan Road, and purification equipment. It is the first domestic company Shawan Town, Panyu providing professional cardboard of transformer oil. District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, Jianlan.huang @ http://www.shunpower.com20. Guangzhou Wu Weimin Guangzhou Jiayun Vehicle Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in the Electric cars Intend to carry out trade 800 Jiayun Vehicle President development, production, sales and after-sales service of high- of electric cars in Co., Ltd. 36912466 quality green power and electric car, with an annual output of Turkey, 13622668918 150,000 mopeds and electric vehicles. It has passed the ISO9001 international quality standard certification, the certification of CQC (China Quality Certification Center) and the national compulsory production certifications. With its product quality in lead of the industry, it is one designated by the China as one of the producers of middle-sized environmentally friendly moped and electric cars.21. Super-Dragon Ren Ping Super-Dragon Engineering Plastic Co., Ltd. (registered Auto material, electronics, Intend to carry out auto 70 Engineering Deputy General Manager electrical appliances capital: RMB 5 million) is a high and new-tech enterprise material and electronics Plastic Co., Ltd. engaged in R & D, production and sales of modified plastic in and electrical Guangdong. Involved in the field of new material, which is appliances trade in stressed for support by Guangdong, as for auto material, Turkey, electronics, electrical appliances and special engineering plastic, the company is cooperating with multiple famous brands such as Dongfeng Nissan, Changan, SGMW, Midea, Supor, AZD, Gree Elecpro, Sanyo, Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Galanz. 9
  10. 10. 22. Guangzhou Lee Rongxin Guangzhou Sanya Motor Co., Ltd. is engaged in R & D, Motorcycle, motorcycle Intend to seek agents 2000 Sanya Motor General Manager parts6 production and sales of motorcycle and motorcycle parts. The and traders in Turkey, ; Co., Ltd. company is subordinate to Guangzhou Zelong Group Co., purchase motorcycle Ltd., which is the oldest group company of Conghua and parts. involved in industries of motorcycle, automobile, chemical, real estate, building material, advertising and finance.23. Galuminium Ye Pengzhi Galuminium Group Co., Ltd. (GAL), founded in 1993, is a Aluminium and Intend to carry out 2000 Group Co., Ltd. President and Chief aluminium products Guangzhou-based large enterprise group integrating aluminum products Executive aluminium mining, alumina production, aluminium smelting, trade in Turkey; 86161838 R&D, production and sales of aluminium products and procure raw materials. 13802761772 aluminium curtain wall installation. Currently the group has No. 55 Qingyun Road, 17 wholly-owned subsidiaries, more than 2,000 employees Jianggao Town, Baiyun and 6 large production bases including 3 in Guangzhou City District, Guangzhou and the rest in Foshan City, Dongguan City and Guiyang City respectively. At present, the group has won the honors inclusive of “China Well-known Trademark”, “Famous Brand of Guangdong Province”, “Famous Trademark of Guangdong Province”, “Famous Trademark of Guangzhou City”, one of “Top 100 Private Enterprises of Guangdong Province”, “Enterprise Technology Center of Guangdong Province”, one of “China Top 10 Enterprises Innovative in Energy Saving Section Materials”, one of “Top 10 Key Supported Private Enterprises of Guangzhou City” and “New and High-tech Enterprise” in sequence.24. Ximeike Cai Shanqi Ximeike (Guangzhou) Industry Co., Ltd. is a wholly Hardware products Intend to seek agents 100 (Guangzhou) President American-owned enterprise founded by Hong Kong Betteli and traders in Turkey, ; Industry Co., Company in 1999. It’s a hardware enterprise integrating carry out hardware Ltd. design, development and production. Its main products product trade include hardware and plastic door/window locks. Most of its cooperation; and 10
  11. 11. products are exported. procure hardware accessories25. Guangzhou Song Weizhen Zipper, hardware Intend to carry out 80 Wooshi Zipper General Manager Guangzhou Wooshi Zipper Co., Ltd. is diversified zipper zipper and hardware Co., Ltd. 86933222 hardware business integrating R & D, design, production, trade in Turkey, 13509293576 sales, and service.26. Guangzhou Fang Yan Guangzhou International Trade Promotion Development Co. Foreign Economic Intend to carry out 100 General Manager is a state-owned foreign-funded service enterprise directly Cooperation International motorcycles and under the CCPIT Guangzhou foreign professional service Trade Promotion 83586835 firms, established by the approval of the National Foreign accessories agency, Development 13928989069 Trade and Economic Cooperation in 1992. steel pipes trade and Co. alike in Turkey,27. Guangzhou Subordinate to Guangdong Kunjiang Investment Industrial Water tank, heat Intend to seek partners 1100 Kunjiang Auto Liu Hongkun dissipation mesh, light,8 Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Kunjiang Auto Fittings Manufacturing in Turkey, ; carry out Fittings General Manager steel metal parts, plastic Co., Ltd. is engaged in designing, developing and producing the trade of water tanks, Manufacturing parts water tank, heat dissipation mesh, light, steel metal parts, cooling network, lamps, Co., Ltd. plastic parts, electrical appliance and fine accessories, and sheet metal; to developing mold and processing auto parts for Japanese car, introduce advanced Western car, jeep, van, pickup and commercial vehicle, etc. automotive technology28. Guangzhou Best SADEQ AHMED Faucets, valves, fittings, Intend to carry out 100 Brother MOHAMMED AL-WARD ceramic basin, toilet, Guangzhou Best Brother Company Limited, founded in 2009, sanitary ware trade in Company General Manager squatting pan, bathroom is mainly engaged in import and export business, covering Turkey, Limited 83377187 cabinet, shower room, two sanitary ware categories. Its products are mainly exported bathtub, sink, floor drain, to the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia. sewer pipe, and so on.29. Guangzhou Su Jianguo Guangzhou Sealink Industrial Corp. is engaged in the import Hardware products, casters Intend to carry out 80 Sealink General Manager and export business since 2002. Its hardware products, casters and hardware products trade Industrial Corp. other products are mainly sold in the United States, Italy, India and in Turkey, other places. 11
  12. 12. 30. Guangzhou Li Chuyuan Guangzhou Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. markets more than Chinese and Western Intend to seek agents in 5000 Pharmaceuticals General Manager, Vice medicine, chemicals,9 4000 types and specifications of Chinese patent drugs, Turkey,; carry out Corporation President, Deputy Party pharmaceutical raw Western patent drugs, chemical drugs, drug materials, medical pharmaceutical trade secretary materials, medical equipment, chemical agents, glasswares and health care projects No. 45 Shamian North equipment, chemical products. The company owns strong ethical storage, OCT reagents, glassware and Street, Guangzhou storage, basic drug storage and service drug storage, health supplies http:// providing drug distribution service for more than 5700 medical institutions, more than 7000 drugstores and more than 3100 distributors all over the country. Meeting all-round demands of different customers, it is the drug storer for Guangzhou and Guangzhou Military Region, the first-aid drug supplier for Guangdong as well as the athlete-special drug and equipment distributor for Guangzhou Asian Games.31. Guangzhou Chen Kunnan Guangzhou Baiyunshan Tianxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a Cefuroxime sodium, Intend to seek agents in 800 Baiyunshan President and General cefalexin-cillin sodium,10 modern pharmaceutical enterprise having a history over 60 Turkey, carry out Tianxin Manager sulbactam sodium, etc. years. Its predecessor is Guangzhou Tianxin Pharmaceutical pharmaceutical trade Pharmaceutical 84185696 Factory, the first powder injection manufacturer in South projects Co., Ltd. 13602734111 Central China and South China as well as the first No. 808 Binjiang East cephalosporin powder injection manufacturer in Guangzhou. Road, Haizhu District, Depending on over 50 years of producing antibiotics powder Guangzhou, injection, the company now is capable of producing more than 200 types of powder injections, water injections, emulsions, tablets and capsules, and has been one of the largest powder injection and water injection manufacturers.32. GUANGZHOU Pang Jianhui GUANGZHOU PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY Research and Intend to seek agents in 800 PHARMACEUT SEC of Board of Directors development,11 LIMITED, owned by GPHL and specialized in Turkey, and carry out ICAL No. 45 Shamian North manufacturing and sales pharmaceutical industry, commerce, and scientific research, is pharmaceutical trade COMPANY Street, Guangzhou of Chinese medicine, one of the top 100 listed companies, the largest manufacturer projects LIMITED Pang Jianh ui Pang Jianh ui natural medicine and of Chinese Patent Medicine, and one of the five major 12
  13. 13. pharmaceutical trading companies. With a large market biomedicine as well as network. wholesale, retail and import and export of Western medicine, Chinese medicine and medical equipment33. Guangzhou Wei Dahua As a core of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical, Guangzhou Electuary, oral solution, Intend to seek agents in 500 President Pangaoshou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a proprietary Chinese12 Pangaoshou capsule, syrup, mixture Turkey, and carry out medicine manufacturer famous for producing cough-relieving Pharmaceutical 84662369 sputum-reducing drug. The company outputs more than 40 pharmaceutical trade Co., Ltd. 13602766088 famous products, including electuary, oral solution, capsule, syrup, mixture and adjuvants for respiratory system, projects No.5 Dongsheng Industrial gynecology, pediatrics and oncology. Among them, fritillary Zone, Panyu Ave., Panyu and loquat cough mixture, snake gall-fritillary bulb liquid, District, Guangzhou snake gall-fritillary bulb-loquat leaf extract and honey- rendered fritillary bulb-loquat leaf extract, which are innovative in the country, are the four pillar products of the company.34. Guangzhou Xiao Ling Guangzhou Qixing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is one of the top Proprietary Chinese Intend to seek Turkey 1000 Qixing Deputy General Manager medicines, e.g. Huatuo13 50 proprietary Chinese medicine enterprises, and its products agents of products Pharmaceutical 84220337 Zaizao Pills have been marketed at home and abroad. The company has related to the enterprise, Co., Ltd. 13925006975 nearly 80 kinds of products with 6 dosage forms, such as pill, carry out trade projects No. 33 Chigang North tablet, capsule, granule, powder and oral liquid. The company of proprietary Chinese Road, Xingang Middle continuously passed Australian GMP for 6 times audited by medicines; and seek Road, Guangzhou TGA. representation offshore medical health food Guangzhou Zhou Lushan Guangzhou Caizhilin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (predecessor: “Yat Chau” ginseng Intend to seek agents in 500 Caizhilin President capsule, “Rkeshi”14 Guangzhou Herb Shop Company) is a wholly-owned Turkey, carry out Pharmaceutical 81713039 osalmid-caffeine- subsidiary of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. As a large pharmaceutical trade Co., Ltd. 13903001703 chlorphenamine maleate drug distribution enterprise integrating commerce, retail and projects No.85 Shangjiu Road, tablet 13
  14. 14. Liwan District, Guangzhou, production, it is engaged in business of more than 8000 types Guangdong, China (incl. Chinese medical herb, Chinese herbal piece, proprietary Chinese medicine, Western medicine, health care product and http:// medical equipment), bringing annual sales revenue over RMB 2.5 billion.36. Guangzhou Chen Jiannong Guangzhou Baidi Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. is a Stimulating factor of Intend to seek agents in 500 Baidi Bio- President recombinant human15 biopharmaceutical research and production enterprise Turkey, carry out Technology Co., 84775802 granulocyte-macrophage established with the investment mainly from Guangzhou pharmaceutical trade Ltd. 13380009128 colony for injection, Pharmaceutical Company Limited. The company, being the projects No.1 Wanbao North Street, Yishengjun cell culture first genetically engineered pharmaceutical manufacturing medium, the Mengjun Panyu District, Guangzhou enterprises in Guangzhou that has passed the national GMP (white tea pill piece) certification, has a Guangzhou key industrial enterprise research and development center and the post-doctoral scientific research workstation of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group.37. Guangzhou Ni Yidong Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain Zhongyi Pharmaceutical Xiaoke Pill, Weinaian Intend to seek agents in 600 Vice President of Marketing Turkey, carry out16 Baiyun Company Ltd. is a modern large-scale traditional Chinese capsule, Zishen Yutai Pill, pharmaceutical trade Mountain Center Golden Buddha pain pill, projects medicine production enterprise having a history more than Zhongyi 32218888 black snake anti-itch pill, 300 years. The subsidiary wholly owned by Guangzhou Pharmaceutical 13570138060 Ruheshanjie tablet, Company Ltd. Pharmaceutical Company Limited and affiliated to Zhangyanming tablet, No. 32 Yunpu 1st Road, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited, having RMB Saw Palmetto Tablet, etc. Luogang District, 820 million of assets in total. Guangzhou http:// 14
  15. 15. 38. Guangzhou Huang Xiang Guangzhou Hanfang Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine Vinblastine antineoplastic Intend to seek agents in 5000 Hanfang President and General bulk drug, lipid emulsion17 Research and Development Co., Ltd., an enterprise affiliated Turkey Pharmaceutical Manager raw and auxiliary to Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, is the only domestic Company 37950003 material, ganoderma national engineering research center of the modernization of Limited 13302301238 lucidum health care Chinese medicine extraction and separation approved by the product, upper-end natural No.663 Wenquan Ave., National Development and Reform Commission and the extract, etc. Wenquan Town, Conghua, demonstration base of high-tech industrialization of Guangdong, China extraction, separation and purification of traditional Chinese medicine, as well as the Guangdong Provincial high-tech enterprise. http://www.hovfo.com39. Guangdong Zhang Zhisheng Guangdong Xianqiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a Sino- Hard capsule, granule Intend to seek agents in 1200 Xianqiang President (incl. Cephalosporin18 foreign joint venture engaged in medicine production (The Turkey Pharmaceutical granule), small-volume foreign investor is Macau Xianqiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. injection, powder Company). It focuses on R & D, production and sale of injection (incl. chemical medicine, meanwhile invests in foreign trade, real cephalosporin power estate and movie & television, with owned funds. Upon this, injection), lyophilized it shows a rudiment of diversified group. powder injection, sterile bulk drug (meclofenoxate hydrochloride), etc.40. Guangzhou Wu Weidong Guangzhou G&G Vision Technology Co., Ltd., located in 863 Optical lens , contact Intend to seek agents in 200 G&G Vision General Manager lens, eye massage device, Industrial Promotion Center of Guangzhou Sci-Tech Industry Turkey, Technology Co., 81019734 NC amblyopia Park, is a new and high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the Ltd. 13312879788 therapeutic apparatus, production and sales of class-III medical devices, also an LCD eye chart, etc. enterprise under the production-university-research alliance of National Engineering Research Center for Human Tissue Restoration and Function Reconstruction and member unit of Guangdong Standardization Committee of Medical Devices and Equipment. With clean factory building meeting related 15
  16. 16. national standards, microbe laboratory at Class-100 air cleanliness and multiple digital production lines, the company intends to build up a medical device industry base dominated by optometry products. The company has passed ISO9001, ISO13485, CE and other international authoritative certifications of TUV Rheinland. In addition, it has been appraised as “Key Supported Unit” in the “12th Five-year” Plan Period by The Ministry of Science and Technology of The People’s Republic of China in 2012.41. Guangzhou Zhan Yiming Guangzhou Mingsheng Leather Accessories Co., Ltd. is Bounce rubber, earth Intend to seek trade 100 Mingsheng President rubber, high foam, scrap,22 engaged in supplying bounce rubber, earth scrap, high foam, partners in Turkey, , Leather 86 990166 non-woven fabrics, scrap, non-woven fabrics, Luhuali, above 55° polystyrene, carry out EVA trade Accessories Co., 13902226711 Luhuali, above 55° etc. Ltd. http://zhanweiping.b2b.hc36 polystyrene Guangzhou TNS Zeng Huanjia Bounce rubber, earth Intend to seek trade 120 Leather President Guangzhou TNS Leather Accessories Co., Ltd. is engaged in rubber, high foam, scrap,23 partners in Turkey, , Accessories Co., 86929862 producing bounce rubber, earth rubber, high foam, scrap, non- non-woven fabrics, carry out the clay and Ltd. 13802950082 Luhuali, woven fabrics, Luhuali. high foaming trade43. Guangzhou Lin Quanneng As a state-controlled enterprise under Guangzhou Light Domestic and imported Intend to seek agents 200 Plastic Industrial General Manager plastic material;24 Industry & Trade Group Ltd., Guangzhou Plastic Industrial and traders of plastic Corporation 81961213 manufacturing and Corporation LTD. merged Guangzhou Jinweilong Industrial pallet and plastic film in LTD. 13602714205 processing of plastic Co., Ltd., invested in Guangzhou Rodman Plastics Co., Ltd., Turkey, import relevant No.10 Nanshigang Road, pallet and plastic film Guangzhou Suyu Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. and Foshan raw materials of plastic Industrial Avenue, Haizhu Sanshui Feima Packing Co., Ltd., and established a branch for District, Guangzhou, China injection molding with self-raised funds. 16
  17. 17. 44. Guangzhou He Deming Guangzhou Gaida Transmission Belt Co., Ltd. is a Automotive belts (edge Intend to seek agents in 100 Gaida General Manager cutting V-belt, PK belt,26 manufacturer specialized in automobile, motorcycle trimming Turkey, carry out Transmission Shiling Industrial Zone, tight-up belt) Motorcycle V-belts, ribbed belts, oil pipe, steel wire braided high pressure cooperation with Belt Co., Ltd. Guangzhou variable speed belts, High pipes, and automotive air conditioning pipe. It mainly foreign enterprises on pressure steel wire produces O-, A-, AB-, B-, BC-, and C-type car trimming belt, braided hose belt, motorcycle ribbed belt, motorcycle belts CVT belts and tight-up belts variable speed belts, ranging from 23 to 91 inches, for ribbed belts, from 2PK to high-pressure steel wire 34PK, covering nearly a thousand varieties. braided hose, Pipe trade, technical45. Guangzhou Zheng Weiwen Guangzhou Feixuan Rubber Co., Ltd. is a limited liability Tires, rubber products Intend to seek agents In 200 Feixuan Rubber President27 company established by Guangzhou Guangxiang Enterprises Turkey, carry out the Co., Ltd. 86748628 Group Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Huayuan Investment Co., technical cooperation 13602871646 Ltd., having two professional manufactories. The company on tires and rubber Chini Town, Huadu District, runs the two famous brands of Guangxiang Group, products. Guangzhou “Diamond” tire and “Feixuan” tape. Guangzhou New Zhu Tiansen Guangzhou New Power Plastics Co., Ltd. produces PVC Floor glue, film, Intend to seek partners 800 Power Plastics Board Chairman automobile leather, light28 products in professional and careful way. Its products such as in Turkey, , carry out Co., Ltd. box film, tablecloth floor glue, film, automobile leather, light box film and trade of rubber flooring tablecloth feature various styles and colors, sold to Central and film; procure America, South America, Southeast Asia, Africa and Russia. plastic raw materials.47. Guangzhou Li Jirong Guangzhou Fengli Rubber Tyre Co., Ltd. is engaged in Tyre, rubber product and Intend to seek agents 200 Fengli Rubber General Manager related accessories,29 production and sales of tyre, rubber product and related and traders in Turkey, ; Tyre Co., Ltd. technical consulting accessories, technical consulting service., export of own procure raw material of service products and related technologies and import of raw material, rubber tires. auxiliary material, machinery, instrument, parts and technology necessary for its production and scientific research. 17
  18. 18. 48. Kingfa Sci.& Yuan Zhimin Kingfa Sci.& Tech Co., Ltd., established in 1993 with a Flame retardant resins, Intend to carry out trade 2000 Tech Co., Ltd. Director, Chairman of reinforcing and registered capital of 1.6465 billion Yuan, is a innovation of flame-retardant resin, Guangzhou Federation of toughening resin, plastic enterprise on the national level, engaged in the R & D, reinforcing and Industry and Commerce alloy, functional production and sales of chemical new materials. It has toughening resin, 87037168 masterbatch, fully subsidiaries and production bases in the southern, eastern, biodegradable plastics, plastic alloys and other 13902202688 southwestern, and northern China, with an annual output of specialty engineering trade in Turkey; Gaotang Industrial Park, over 1 million tons of modified plastics, making it the largest plastics, wood-plastic procure raw materials. Kemulang, Tianhe District, modified plastics manufacturer in China and one of the composite Guangzhou producer of the most complete varieties of modified plastics in the world. http:// Guangzhou Zou Zhengui Jointas Chemical is founded as a specialized chemical Container sealants, Intend to seek agents in 500 Jointas Chemical General Manager asphalt paint and31 company producing container sealants, asphalt paint and Turkey Co., Ltd. industrial anti-corrosion industrial anti-corrosion paint. paint The products are widely used in containers, ships, automobiles, petrochemicals, bridges, tunnels, power, port machinery and large-scale construction steel structures.50. Guangzhou Zeng Jing Guangzhou Botny Chemical Co., Ltd. is a foreign-owned Aerosol and pasty canned Intend to seek agents in 200 Botny Chemical Deputy General Manager environmental fine enterprise specialized in the production and sales of hi-tech Turkey Co., Ltd. chemical products aerosols and pasty canned environment-friendly fine chemicals. It boasts the worlds leading professional English KP and Italy COSTER aerosol automatic canned lines, and special French KALIX, Japan MIZUHO paste canned 18
  19. 19. production lines with a capacity of up to 200, 000 cans of all kinds of fine chemical products.51. Guangzhou Yu Weishuo The main business of Guangzhou Yuexiu Libi Emporium is Nano gold foil, collagen, Intend to seek trade 80 Yuexiu Libi General Manager crystal, whitening mask33 import and export and OEM cosmetics. The main product are partners in Turkey, Emporium 02083387470 facial mask and International standard cosmetics Production procure skin care 13602741618 line. products of regenerative living cells from Turkey, .52. Guangzhou Wang Zhihua Founded in 1989, Guangzhou Victory Co., Ltd. is engaged in Office furniture Intend to seek agents in 120 Victory Co., Ltd. General Manager35 R & D, production and manufacturing of office furniture. The Turkey, ; carry out 86304808 company owns a 120000m2 industrial park, and has office furniture trade 13602726611 established independent wholly-owned subsidiaries in Hong cooperation. Qifu Road, Xinshi Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, involving 1400 staffs Street,Guangzhou at present. Products from the company have been awarded 52 national patents and multiple provincial and municipal http:// honors.53. Guangzhou Qiu Weisheng As a large and medium state-owned enterprise under Automatic mechanical 拟在土耳其、俄罗斯、 200 Watch Factory Factory Director watch movement37 Guangzhou Light Industry & Trade Group Ltd., Guangzhou 瑞士寻求自动机械表 84219372 Watch Factory is the strongest automatic mechanical watch 机芯代理商、贸易商; 13902229194 base of China. The factory now involves more than 600 采购有关手表配件、来 No.14 Shiliugang Road, employees, including different professionals. Depending on 料加工等 Haizhu District, Guangzhou, unique designs, its “Guangzhou” and “Dixmont” high-grade Intend to seek agents China and medium-grade watches are popular at home and abroad and traders in Turkey , GZWATCH@GZWATCH.C over the years. of automatic OM.CN mechanical watch movement; procure watch accessories, 19