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The selected portfolio represented is work completed while at 19d,INC, GMR Marketing, StudioNorth, Inc., Children's Acadamies of America, LLC and the Point O' Woods Golf and Country Club.

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Emg portfolio presentation

  1. 1. StrategicThinker, BrandAdvocacyBuilder, & EventMarketingProfessionalELIZABETH GELDHOF
  2. 2. WHY I AM LOOKING FOR A NEWOPPORTUNITY:16 Years in the Event Marketing business, then a detour for a few years in othermarketing initiatives, I know I am meant to be involved in event marketing. Period.My past has led me to be an award winning Executive Producer for Fortune 500corporate events/initiatives, a Director of Business and Marketing Strategist for astart-up Eco-Friendly childcare center, as well as an Account Director for B2Bmarketing agency. I have succeeded in these vast areas of experiences by beinga leader, listening and then developing concepts and delivering desirable results.A proven team leader focused on creating strong client relationships, deliveringhigh ROI products on time/ budget, and exceeding goals.@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof2
  3. 3. 3@2013 Elizabeth GeldhofSELECTED FLOOR TOCEILING EVENTS
  4. 4. 4@2013 Elizabeth GeldhofMARSHALL FIELD‘SMarshall Fields continues to receive accolades for its"Vertical Fashion Show" This over-the-top event wasthe highlight of an unbelievable array of special eventsthat were part of our State Street Renaissance," saidGreg Clark, vice president of creative services atMarshall Fields. "We are honored to receive thisaward for an event that thrilled more than 12,000spectators who viewed in amazement as our modelswalked the vertical catwalk." PR Newswire This is the showthat made me fallin love withChicago and one Iam most proud of. Creative Director Executive Producer Negotiated with allof the necessarypoliticians,including MayorDaly and PublicServices (CTA,Police andFire/EMS) forpermission toscale a historicalbuilding
  5. 5.  Celebrationof thefreshlyrenovatedflagshipstorehighlightingnewdesigners,foodvendors, andservice@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof5MARSHALLFIELD‘S
  6. 6.  Free Poi DogPonderingconcertacross thestreet fromthe StateStreet store Fourrunways, 8minuteshows, 8timesthroughoutthe day 12,000spectatorsand globalmediarecognition@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof6MARSHALLFIELD‘S
  7. 7. @2013 Elizabeth Geldhof7primary contributionsOne of New York Citys most famous events is the NewYork City Marathon, which runs each year in earlyNovember. Since its modest beginning in Central Parkwhen 127 runners participated in front of a meagercheering section, the race has grown to include over39,000 participants who traverse the five boroughs infront of, organizers say, two million spectators and aworldwide television audience of 315 million.h t t p : / / w w w . n y c g o v p a r k s . o r g /a b o u t / h i s t o r y / n y c - m a r a t h o n Executive Producerof the INGemployeeexperience,Tradeshow,Cheering Zonesand CorporateSizzle Reel Negotiated with allof the necessaryCity Officials Committee Chairfor the city EMSpreparedness taskforce Creative Director
  8. 8.  ING Employeevolunteerexperience Hospitality areasfor ING C-Suite Trade ShowBooth pre-race Designed,Produced,Executed 8cheering zones DJ‘s coordination@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof8ING
  9. 9.  Promotionalitemprocurements Fan Experience ―Energizers‖Field Staffing Produced FinalSizzle Reel forING corporateuse After race resultpostings@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof9ING
  10. 10. AXE―With the launch of AXE, we shook up the largelymundane men‘s grooming category‖. Unilever Website@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof10 Creative Director Executive Producer Venue and Citylocation permitnegotiator
  11. 11. AXE Task: Create aParty in the―dark‖ to launchAxe Touch bodyspray Venue Selection TalentNegotiation This event wasso successful werecreated it for2 toursthroughout theUS in variousbar locations@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof11
  12. 12. AXE Red Carpetevent for 20somethings. CelebrityDJsincludedJackOsbourne,HilarieBurton,DominiqueSwain andCameronDouglasHilary BurtonHilary Burton and Mila Kunis@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof12
  13. 13. AXE Details matter Dark withsafety in mindField staff, costumes, customtrays… details matterIlluminated mat@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof13
  14. 14. BOOMER COALITION CONCERTThe Boomer Coalition, a group whose purpose is toraise awareness about cardiovascular disease (CVD)held a star-studded Boomer Coalition event onNovember 10 at Hammerstein Ballroom in New YorkCity. The artists included the Doobie Brothers, R&Bdiva Patti LaBelle, Latin crossover sensations LosLobos, blues guitar wizard Jonny Lang and bluessinger/song writer Taj Mahal, all hosted by HenryWinkler.@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof14• Creative Director• Executive Producer• Talentprocurement
  15. 15. BOOMER Create aconcertexperiencewhich wouldresonate withthe Boomergeneration Buildawareness(CVD) through agreat scriptperformed byHenry Winkler Coordinated alot of talent in ashort period oftimeDoobie BronthersLos Lobos@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof15
  16. 16. BOOMER Talent for acause Individual VIProoms for allthe artists(nothing is―free‖)Patti LaBelleDoobie Brothers@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof16
  17. 17. BUSINESS WEEK ―October 6, 2004, Business Week celebrated its75th anniversary in grand style—commanding theMetropolitan Museum of Art with a party for some500-plus guests. Planned many months in advance,the party required some quick thinking from ClarkChaine, Business Week‘s director of marketing, andPhyl Monroe, manager of marketing events, due tosome unexpected circumstances‖. BizBash@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof17 Creative Director Executive Producer
  18. 18. BUSINESSWEEK Mad dash tochange theplan toaccommodatethe Presidentialdebateand publisher; Harold McGrawMcGraw-Hill Companieschairman, presidentStephen Shepard, themagazine‘s editor in chief;Sean ―Puffy‖ Combs andMayor Michael Bloomberg -@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof18
  19. 19. BUSINESSWEEK All of thedetails youwould expect ata Corporateanniversaryparty: valet,personal coatcheck butlers,signage, walkof covers, livemusic, cocktailreception, sitdown dinner,key speakers,networkingquite area andan addedtouch:Presidentialdebate viewingarea@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof19
  20. 20. BUSINESSWEEK@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof20
  21. 21. FASHION WEEK NYC6 seasons, 100’s of shows, 100’s of designer visions and amyriad of details were managed. A lot of work for many 15minute live events for someone else to succeed. This is wheremy passion was fueled…seriously.@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof21 Executive Producer ProductionManager Rigger Electrician Stage Hand
  22. 22. FASHIONWEEK NYC Bryant Park,26th StreetArmory, ChanelShowroom, Pier26…. Bob Mackie,Carmen MarcVolvo,AlexanderMcQueen,Ralph Lauren,Tommy Hilfiger,….. The list istoo long.Each season was a different logistical nightmare until it was finished… then ohhh what a feeling!@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof22
  23. 23. XBOXGMR Marketing was the Agency of Record for the launch ofXbox among other Microsoft products.@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof23 Director ofProduction,Design andEvents for GMRMarketing ExecutiveProducer for allXBOX events
  24. 24. XBOX We took overTime Squarefor a day. We started theprocess of thismassive launchonly two weeksbefore.Surprise!Secured Time SquareDwayne Johnson and BillGates@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof24
  25. 25. XBOX Venuenegotiations‖Pre Party, Toys‗R Us, City ofNew YorkStreets andSanitation,permitting AudienceExperience:WWERestaurantholding party Challengingsafety logisticsafter 9/11 inthe City of NewYorkLive Competition1st ever XBOX sold@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof25
  26. 26. 26@2013 Elizabeth GeldhofMARKETING INITIATIVES
  27. 27. POINT O‘ WOODS GOLF &COUNTRY CLUB Clubhouse andMarketing Manager Supervised entirehospitality staff:kitchen, servers,vendorsPoint O’ WoodsGolf & Country Club2008 Food & BeverageService Training ManualSince 1971, Point O Woods has been the home of theWestern Amateur Golf Tournament. Some ofprofessional golfs top players have been a part of theWestern Am at the Point, including Phil Mickelson,Tiger Woods, Chris DiMarco, Justin Leonard, ScottVerplank, and more. The Point and Western Am havealso seen a few celebrities, including Michael Jordanand Mark McGwire.@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof27
  28. 28.  Introduced theterm―experience‖ tothe team toengage in amore formalatmosphere Service TrainingPOINT O‘WOODSPoint O’ WoodsGolf & Country Club2008 Food & BeverageService Training ManualProper service instruction@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof28
  29. 29.  Led the charge tofacilitate thecontract with theWestern Amcommittee toprovide acomfortableexperience for allspectators andprovide whiteglove service forall players. Coordinated allClub memberhospitality areas,and revenuegeneratingspectator foodand beveragestations oncourse.POINT O‘WOODSPictured is 2007 Western Amateur winner JharedHack with Western Amateur Golf Chairman RichPeterson.@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof29
  30. 30.  I took all of mykey-learningsfrom thepreviousseason anddocumentedthem fortrainingsessions. I was told it isstill used today.POINT O‘WOODS@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof30
  31. 31. LITTLE GREEN TREE HOUSEOversaw all business operations and strategicplanning, including market research, business concept ,P&L 5 year plan, and development of market entrystrategy.@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof31 Co-createdCompany (non-financialinvestment) andserved as ChiefMarketing Officerand Director ofBusiness
  32. 32. Brand ExpressionOffer the BEST possible child care growing and learning center in the country with safe,sound, industry leading techniques with an innovative twist which incorporates an earth-friendly and healthy living component into all that we do.Offering an ecco-friendly state of the art child care center; the first in the Chicagolandarea, promoting a brand which stands alone visually and mentally with the message of asafe environment, positive worldly consciousness, and modern learning; teachingtechniques where each child will have the ability to grow and learn efficiently and build astrong foundation for their future.The brand must be consistent in appearance, voice, and message at all times to create aprofessional image.Parents/guardians, future parents and family friends will come to associate our childgrowing and learning center with being the best in safety, eco-friendly consciousness, andinnovative teaching techniques.Our child care is the place where one must enroll their child if they are to be associatedwith providing their child with only the BEST possible environment for continuousgrowing and learning.LITTLEGREENTREEHOUSE Created brandexpression@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof32
  33. 33.  BrandingDevelopmentand Tone.LITTLEGREENTREEHOUSE@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof33
  34. 34.  Development ofprocedures forenrollmentLITTLEGREENTREEHOUSE@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof34
  35. 35. LITTLEGREENTREEHOUSE Coordinated allarchitecturaladditions Researched,negotiated,procured everytoy , arts & craftmaterial andfurniture tocomply with oureco-friendlystandards Documented allregulationspecificrequirements forDCFS to stay incompliance andgood standingwith the City ofChicago@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof35
  36. 36. VALENT BIOSCIENCESThe ―focus is on science and technology...bringing thepower of naturally occurring and chemically derived,environmentally compatible pesticides and plantgrowth regulators to bear on solving problems –creating value – for our customers around the world.And doing so in a manner that is sustainable for boththe environment and the industry‖. Valent BioSciences.@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof36 AccountDirector for allbusiness whileat StudioNorth
  37. 37. VALENT Account Directorfor all ValentBioSciencesbrandinginitiatives for thePublic Health andCorporateCommunicationsTeamProduct Specific Full pagejournal adPublic Health message for fullpage journal adVectoBac®| Teknar®| VectoLex®| VectoMax®| MetaLarv®VECTOBAC, TEKNAR, VECTOLEX, VECTOMAX, METALARV, and the VALENT BIOSCIENCES logo are trademarks of Valent BioSciences Corporation.© 2012 Valent BioSciences Corporation.Valent BioSciences Corporation is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified CompanyWith the industry’s most comprehensiverange of target-specific biorationalinsecticides for public health professionals,we’re working with nature to help controlmosquito and black fly populations aroundthe world. Our industry-leading productdevelopment and field support teams arecommitted to working with public healthprofessionals to develop custom solutionswhile constantly striving to improvepublic health in an environmentallysustainable way.Contact our Public Health Team bycalling 877.696.4201 or visiting us atwww.valentbiosciences.com/WBD12 tolearn more.@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof37
  38. 38. VALENT Product SellSheet@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof384 page brochure
  39. 39. VALENT Product SellSheet6 page tri-fold brochure@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof39
  40. 40. VALENT Public HealthBrochureCaption goes hereAt Valent BioSciences, protectingpublic health just comesnaturallyAt Valent BioSciences, protectingpublic health just comesnaturallyPara a Valent BioSciences, aproteção da saúde pública vemnaturalmenteChez Valent BioSciences, la protectionde la santé publique est dans notrenatureEn Valent BioSciences,la protección de la salud públicasimplemente sucededeformanatural20 page saddle stitchedbrochure@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof40
  41. 41. VALENT Trade ShowBooth Designand AudienceEngagementTactics@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof41
  42. 42. VALENT Public HealthWebsite:UX, Design, Analytics, PromotionWire Frame Final DesignGlobal Sales Network@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof42
  43. 43. VALENT CorporateWebsiteCorporate WebsiteSub Category Page@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof43
  44. 44. VALENT CorporateWebsiteOptimization@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof44
  45. 45. VALENT AnalyticDissection of aSurveyWorksheet@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof45
  46. 46. VALENT Branddevelopmentfor new productserviceLogo ConceptsBrochure front cover concept@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof46
  47. 47. LEICA BIOSYSTEMS―Leica Biosystems brings histopathology laboratoriesand researchers the highest quality, mostcomprehensive product range. With complete histologysystems featuring innovative automation, NovocastraTMreagents and Surgipath® consumables, LeicaBiosystems offers the ideal product for each histologystep and high-productivity workflow solutions for theentire laboratory‖. Leica@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof47 AccountDirector for allbusiness whileat StudioNorth
  48. 48. LEICA Journal AdconceptsTechnicalEmotional@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof48
  49. 49. INTERTEK―Intertek provides quality and safety solutions to awide range of industries around the world‖. Intertek@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof49 AccountDirector for allbusiness whileat StudioNorth
  50. 50. INTERTEK Addevelopmentfor fire marshaland influenceraudiences@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof50
  51. 51. THANK YOU@2013 Elizabeth Geldhof51Events are memories … authentic stories… illusion of magicwith a point of reality. I enjoy orchestrating the magic andknow that to be my focus.Elizabeth GeldhofNickname: EEmail: Egeldhof@gmail.comMobile: 269-313-1931