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Venture Capitals Guide By Elit Ad


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Venture Capitals Guide By Elit Ad

  1. 1. august, 09 photo by roostercoupon from flickr Venture Capitals Guide
  2. 2. If a place that concentrates in generous proportions, talent, ideas, spirit, business, youth, science, culture, enthusiasm and know-how exists, that place must be Silicon Valley. Its streets have seen the growth of some of the most succesful entrepreneurs in history, those who have been able to transform their home garage into the most impressive company. We are, of course, referring to Google, Apple, Microsoft, Ebay, Facebook and many other giants, who, with their innovations, have contributed greatly to changes in society and have stimulated the human race. All this talent, together in a small photo by roostercoupon from flickr condensed area of the world, is exceptional. However, in most cases, this success is impossible to achieve, without vision and economic back-up, both necessary elements to implement a new idea. The Valley doesn´t lack Venture Capital firms in its streets and this ofcourse enables many of these ideas to become reality. Venture Capitals To arrange the presentation we have followed a ratio based on the companies  track record of operating Guide competence, pitching efficiency, favourable deal terms and execution assistance. Thank you.
  3. 3. Venture Capitals Guide “There are many ways to fund a start-up and lots of potential financing sources for different stages of a company’s growth. Maples Investments offers a unique Micro-cap fundraising model that bridges the gap between initial seed money raised from traditional “Angel” investors and the much larger investments that characterize traditional Venture Capitalists. ” from Web from CrunchBase Contact: Maples Investments Maples Investments 2440 Sand Hill Road, Suite 100 Menlo Park, CA 94025 Phone: 650.587.5003 Fax: 650.284.2201 Investors: Jason Ream Phone: 512.682.9680 Maples Investments For other types of issues or for people who just want to get in touch, please send an e-mail to General Inquiries.
  4. 4. Venture Capitals Guide Sequoia Capital is a venture capital firm founded by Don Valentine in 1972. The firm has offices in the US, China, India and Israel. Sequoia has funded an unprecedented number of enormously successful companies including Google, Yahoo, Paypal, Electronic Arts, YouTube, NVIDIA, Cisco from CrunchBase Systems, Oracle and Apple. Sequoia estimates that 10% of the NASDAQ’s value is made up of firms they have funded. from CrunchBase Contact: Sequoia U.S. 3000 Sand Hill Road 4-250 Menlo Park, CA 94025 Phone: 650.854.3927 Fax: 650.854.2977 Sequoia Twitter @Sequoia_Capital
  5. 5. Venture Capitals Guide “First Round Capital is an early stage venture capital firm managed by Joshua Kopelman, Chris Fralic, Rob Hayes and Howard Morgan. We look to partner with entrepreneurs to build innovative technology companies. We are seed-stage investors, often providing a from CrunchBase company’s first outside capital, and are not afraid of investing in pre-revenue companies. We understand the challenges of launching a new product. We look to take an active role in most of the companies we invest in. We believe our experience, insight and expertise are far more valuable than our capital -- and we look for entrepreneurs who feel the same.” Contact: from Web Firs Round Capital West Coast Office 217 Second Street 5th Floor San Francisco, CA 94105 Josh Kopelman – Chris Fralic – Rob Hayes First Round Capital – Howard Morgan – Kent Goldman – Christine Herron – Phin Barnes –
  6. 6. Venture Capitals Guide “The goal is simple: to find the very best company at any stage in its development and work together to build the most valuable and successful business in the category. We engage great teams at their seed stage, when shipping product, or even as public companies. All along the spectrum, we are looking for inflection points in the from CrunchBase company’s prospects.” from Web Contact: Crosslink Capital Two Embarcadero Center Suite 2200 San Francisco, CA 94111 Phone: (415) 617-1800 e-mail: Crosslink Capital
  7. 7. Venture Capitals Guide They believe that the most successful company in any industry gains a disproportionately higher return for its shareholders. their mission is to help their portfolio companies Leapfrog their competitors and achieve industry-leading levels of competitive and market performance as quickly as possible. from CrunchBase They are all experienced operating executives of technology companies as well as successful venture investors. They can recognize the patterns that signal opportunities or risks in a small, high growth company. They have the resources and relationships to help entrepreneurs Contact: create the key alliances that will allow them to achieve victory early and convincingly. Leapfrog Ventures 3000 Sand Hill Road, 1-280 Menlo Park, CA 94025 Phone: (650) 926-9900 Fax: (650) 233-1301 e-mail: Leapfrog ventures
  8. 8. Venture Capitals Guide Founded by Bill Elkus in 1998, Clearstone Venture Partners is a venture capital firm with offices in Santa Monica and Menlo Park, California. The firm manages over $650 million of committed capital in the technology sector, and has helped finance early-stage rounds in numerous successful companies such as eToys, Overture, PayPal, from CrunchBase United Online,, Jump and eMusic. Clearstone’s limited partners include the investment affiliates of The State of California, JP Morgan, The University of California, The State of Michigan, The State of Pennsylvania, The University of Pittsburgh, Moore Capital and Contact: others. Clearstone Venture Partners Menlo Park 2180 Sand Hill Road, Suite 200 Menlo Park, CA 94025 USA Phone: 650 234 0400 fax: 650 234 0401 Clearstone Venture Partners e-mail:
  9. 9. Venture Capitals Guide “How are we different? We don't "do deals" or "put money to work". We help build companies. Building great companies takes more than just capital. It takes passion, persistence and a willingness to learn from mistakes. We are a small partnership, dedicated to investing modest amounts of capital in companies that can achieve a lot with a little. Each year, we invest in only a from CrunchBase handful of entrepreneurs. We bring to each investment the perspective of over a dozen years of hands-on venture investing and the patience that it takes to build truly great companies.” from Web Contact: Altos Ventures 2882 Sand Hill Road, Suite 100 Menlo Park, CA 94025 Phone: 650-234-9771 Fax: 650-233-9821 Altos Ventures e-mail:
  10. 10. Venture Capitals Guide August Capital is a venture capital firm that focuses on investing in early stage technology companies. You guessed it - it was founded in August (1995). The firm currently has just under from CrunchBase $2 billion under management. Contact: August Capital 2480 Sand Hill Road, Suite 101 Menlo Park, CA 94025 Phone: 650.234.9900 Fax: 650.234.9910 August Capital e-mail:
  11. 11. Founded in 1986, Trinity Ventures, a boutique Venture Capitals Guide firm, partners with passionate entrepreneurs to transform revolutionary ideas into reality. With over $1 billion under management, Trinity Ventures was founded on the principle of personal engagement and mutual respect with the entrepreneurs we fund. Trinity Ventures from CrunchBase focuses on early stage technology ventures with a particular emphasis on digital media, Internet services, mobility, security and software markets. Trinity Ventures has invested in more than 100 ventures, including such leading companies as Aruba Networks, Blue Nile, Crescendo Communications, Extreme Networks, Forte Contact: Software, Illustra, LoopNet, Photobucket, Speedera Networks, Starbucks and Sygate Technologies. Trinity Ventures 3000 Sand Hill Road Building 4, Suite 160 Menlo Park, CA  94025 Phone: 650 854 9500 Fax: 650 854 9501 Trinity Ventures e-mail:
  12. 12. Venture Capitals Guide True Ventures is a venture capital firm with $350 million under management, the most recent fund having closed in July, 2008. The firm is led by from CrunchBase General Partners Jon Callaghan, Phil Black and John Burke. Counting Automattic CEO Toni Schneider and Sphere CEO Tony Conrad (http:// amongst its ranks, True Ventures is focused on providing funding to early stage growth companies in the technology sector. Companies in its portfolio include Automattic, GigaOm, Sphere, meebo, BrightRoll and WeGame. Contact: True Ventures Palo Alto Office 530 Lytton Avenue, Suite 303 Palo Alto, CA 94301 Phone: 650-319-2150 Fax: 650-330-7330 San Francisco Office True Ventures Pier 38, The Embarcadero San Francisco, CA 94107 Phone: 650-319-2150 Fax: 650-330-7330
  13. 13. Venture Capitals Guide The firm was organized by Managing Partners Peter Thiel and Ken Howery in early 2005, and raised its first fund of $50 million from individual entrepreneurs and angel investors in January of that year. In 2006, Sean Parker, co-founder of Napster and Facebook, and Luke Nosek joined as managing partners. In 2007 the firm raised a new fund of $220 million. In 2008, Robert May, previously CFO at Thomas Weisel and Mohr, Davidow Ventures joined the Founders Fund team. Contact: from Wikipedia Founders Fund One Letterman Drive Building C, Suite 420 Presidio of San Francisco San Francisco, CA 94129 e-mail: Founders Fund
  14. 14. Venture Capitals Guide At Opus Capital, they are energized and excited about venture investing. The outlook for early- stage technology companies is very promising, especially for investors with a long history of success and deep operating experience. They are here to help entrepreneurs build great from CrunchBase companies. Over the years, they have developed strong relationships with many entrepreneurs who come to them time and again with their new ventures. With each company in their portfolio, they work to accelerate growth—helping entrepreneurs build strong, sustainable enterprises. They do this by facilitating key relationships, providing access to critical Contact: resources and giving counsel on strategy, finance and operations. Opus Capital 2730 Sand Hill Road, Suite 150 Menlo Park, CA 94025 Phone: 650.543.2900 Fax: 650.561.9570 e-mail: Opus Capital
  15. 15. Venture Capitals Guide “At Menlo Ventures, we invest in entrepreneurs that Think Big. We seek passionate teams with big ideas that can disrupt existing industries or create entirely new markets. Our track record over the past 32 years of helping companies from CrunchBase achieve market leadership through great strategy and great execution speaks for itself: over 300 companies, creating tens of billions of dollars in market value and hundreds of thousands of jobs. With over $4 billion under management, we are one of the largest technology venture funds in the world; the kind of partner you want when seeking to change the world. Just as important as our Contact: financial strength is our personal commitment to our entrepreneurs.” from Web Menlo Ventures 3000 Sand Hill Road Building 4, Suite 100 Menlo Park, California 94025, USA Phone: (650) 854-8540 Fax: (650) 854-7059 Email: To submit a plan: General information: Menlo Ventures Web master:
  16. 16. Venture Capitals Guide New Enterprise Associates (NEA) is a venture capital firm specializing in investments in venture growth equity at all points of developments, with a 60 percent focus on seed and start-up stage companies. The firm prefers to invest in the from CrunchBase information technology sector with a focus on communications, software and services, and electronics industries and the healthcare sector with a focus on energy technology, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare services, and healthcare information technology industries. Contact: NEA 2855 Sand Hill Road Menlo Park, CA 94025 Phone: 650.854.9499 Fax: 650.854.9397 Administration Gene Trainor New Enterprise Associates 1119 St. Paul Street Baltimore, MD 21202 Phone: (410) 244-0115 New Enterprise Associates Fax: (410) 752-7721 Marketing / LP Relations Suzanne King New Enterprise Associates 5425 Wisconsin Ave Suite 800 Chevy Chase, MD 20815 Phone: (301) 272-2300
  17. 17. Venture Capitals Guide Greylock Partners is a Venture Capital firm based San Mateo, CA that works actively with entrepreneurs to build market-leading companies. The firm is currently focused on the enterprise software and consumer Internet sectors. from CrunchBase Greylock started in 1965 and has funded and helped build several hundred successful companies, including Ascend Communications, CheckFree, CipherTrust, Constant Contact, Continental Cable, Data Domain, Decru, digg, DoubleClick, Facebook, Farecast, Internet Security Systems, Ikanos, Legato, LinkedIn, Media Metrix.. Contact: Greylock Partners Bay Area 2929 Campus Drive, Suite 400 San Mateo, CA 94403 Phone: 650.493.5525 Fax: 650.493.5575 E-mail: Erika Brown Director of Marketing Greylock Partners
  18. 18. Venture Capitals Guide “At Foundation Capital, we’re entrepreneurs first and foremost. That’s especially important when working with companies in their formative stages, which is our preference. We have backed successful entrepreneurs across various sectors from CrunchBase — from enterprise software to clean technology to consumer Internet and fabless semiconductors. Typically, we make an initial investment of $1 to $10 million and follow that by participating in each subsequent round of financing. As lead investors, we also are often asked to fill board seats.” Contact: from Web Foundation Capital 250 Middlefield Road Menlo Park, CA 94025 Phone: 650-614-0500 e-mail: Foundation Capital
  19. 19. Venture Capitals Guide InterWest invests an average of about $7 - 15 million over the span of their involvement with each company in their portfolio. They invest in companies through the full range of venture investment stages, and investments may be staged over several rounds of financing. Although they generally begin their involvement in the early from CrunchBase stages of a company’s development, they pursue attractive opportunities based on their individual merits rather than their investment stage. Contact: Interwest Partners CALIFORNIA 2710 Sand Hill Road Second Floor Menlo Park, CA 94025 USA Phone: 650-854-8585 Fax: 650-854-4706 e-mail: Interwest Partners
  20. 20. Venture Capitals Guide Morgenthaler Ventures has been in the venture capital business for more than 40 years, steadily investing through every market cycle. Among the many Morgenthaler-funded companies that have gone public or were acquired are: from CrunchBase Apple, Atria, Brion, Illustra Technologies, IPC – The Hospitalist Company, Medaphis, Microchip, New Focus, NexTag, NEXTEL, Nuance Communications, Perclose, Premisys, Ribozyme Pharmaceuticals, Synopsys and VeriFone. Contact: Morgenthaler Ventures Menlo Park Headquarters 2710 Sand Hill Road Suite 100 Menlo Park, CA 94025 Phone: 650-388-7600 Fax: 650-388-7601 Ching Wu Marketing Morgenthaler Ventures
  21. 21. Venture Capitals Guide Founded in 1969, Mayfield Fund is a venture capital firm located in Menlo Park, CA. The firm has over $2.7 billion under management with expertise in communications/wireless, consumer/ media, enterprise software and semiconductors. from CrunchBase Contact: Mayfield Fund 2800 Sand Hill Road, Suite 250 Menlo Park, CA 94025 Phone:(650) 854-5560 Fax:(650) 854-5712 Mayfield Fund e-mail:
  22. 22. Sigma Partners is a venture capital firm, founded in 1984, that has invested in over a hundred early stage companies and has over $2 billion under Venture Capitals Guide management. In 2007, it raised $500 million for its most recent fund, named Sigma Partners 8. from CrunchBase Contact: Sigma + Partners Menlo Park 1600 El Camino Real, Suite 280 Menlo Park, CA 94025 Phone: (650) 853-1700 Sigma + Partners Fax: (650) 853-1717
  23. 23. a personal branding firm