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Y-PEER News Bulletin July-August 2014


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This is the first edition of the relaunched Y-PEER News Bulletin, where you can find out more about the Y-PEER network's updates, activities and other events.

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Y-PEER News Bulletin July-August 2014

  1. 1. Y-PEER News Bulletin July-August, 2014 HTTPS://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/YPEER.NETWORK IN THIS ISSUE What is Y-PEER News Bulletin? World Population Day 2014 Take a look at some of the most significant events organized by national UNFPA Offices, as well as Y-PEER Networks in celebration of this year’s World Population Day!!! Page 2 International AIDS Conference 2014, Melbourne, Australia View some of the highlighted event and panels at the AIDS Conference, as well as activities carried out by Y-PEER network. Page 6 News Bulletin is a visual content-based document, which will report and illustrate activities administered by Y-PEER network on an international level, as well as the national one. Aim of the Bulletin is to enable network members and active Y-PEERErs get acquainted and informed about various seminars, workshops, events and activisms taking place within their own communities, along with those occurring within their geographical region and beyond. Dear Y-PEERers around the world, I am honored to have the opportunity to share with you the re-launching of one of the old, but really great initiative - Y-PEER News-bulletin of our network. When I joined Y-PEER as a peer educator almost 8 years ago, I was amazed by all the activities implemented by and for young people. For me the sexual and reproductive health and rights with a focus on the comprehensive sexuality education has been a valuable and very close topic. Being a young person that HAD an open and free access to comprehensive sexuality education, I could say that it is a life-changing experience, since it helped me make informed decisions about my sexuality and my sexual life. This news bulletin is visual representation of how many creative, significant and successful events have been produced by our ORANGE FAMILY and I hope that future only holds even more fantastic and productive activities and further enlargement of Y-PEER network, as we are united young people from all around the world by a common goal of global integration, solidarity and awareness. KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB GUYS!!! LETTER OF GREETING FROM PETER MLADENOV, Y-PEER INTERNATIONAL COORDINATOR-IN-CHARGE
  2. 2. Y-PEER NEWS BULLETIN | August, 2014 2 Y-PEER NEPAL On 11th July, 'World Population day 2014' was jointly celebrated by Ministry of Health & Population, UNFPA & other agencies. Ms. Sabina Acharya, focal point of Y- PEER Nepal and representing #YPEERNEPAL and youths of Nepal, give speech "Why to invest on youth" among more than 500 people who were representing government agencies, development agencies, Students and other general mass. Her speech was started with introduction of Y-PEER Nepal & was focused on giving emphasis on the in-depth definition of youth rather than describing only through age group. She highlighted ON WHY TO INVEST ON YOUTH SAYING approx 40% of population are youth in Nepal and they are the assets of tomorrow and stakeholders of today, thus for the better output it is necessary to invest on youth . She also focused on investing on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (#CSE), Youth Friendly Health Services ( #YFS )& Most at risk young people (#MARYPs ). She concluded her speech on the role of young people and what should they do from their side to show the better result of the investment. #WPD2014 On 11 July, as communities everywhere observe World Population Day, UNFPA is calling for investments in support of the largest-ever generation of youth. LEARN MORE AT: population-day World Population Day 2014 - Investing in our Youth UNFPA Representative Giulia Vallese takes her selfie with Honorable Minister for Health and Population Khaga Raj Adhikari, MoHP Secretary Dr. Praveen Mishra, Secretary of Ministry of Youth and Sports Pratap Kumar Pathak, MoHP's Population Division Chief Top Narayan Sharma, and CDPS/TU Director Prof. Dr. Ram Saran Pathak in the background. The UN is promoting a youth-focused development agenda. Snap and send a selfie with the hashtag #WPD2014 and share your thoughts on issues affecting young people. Make your voice count in the next UN development agenda. For more updates, join Y-PEER Nepal group on Facebook:
  3. 3. Y-PEER NEWS BULLETIN | August, 2014 3 Figure 1#WPD2014 #WPD2014 #YPEERforWPD2014 Y-PEER Pilipinas was honored as a youth led network to showcase their initiative in giving information and education on SRHR using Peer Education during World Population Day Celebration last July 11, 2014. Peer Education known as one good methodology in reaching young people, this is a peer to peer approach in giving information and skills to be more independent in making good decision about their own body and sexuality. Celebrity ambassadress Ms. Princess Manzon joined in advocating for young people's issues and needs to be addressed by our government, adult partners and youth advocates. Together as young people of this generation WE can be one of the solutions of our own issues by having meaningful youth involvement and participation. Y-PEER Philippines campaign for World Population Day 2014 UNFPA Bosnia and Herzegovina Celebrates World Population Day! This year UNFPA Bosnia and Herzegovina celebrated WPD by a Selfie Campaign. Create your perfect selfie! Then, write your lifetime goal and upload the photo on the Facebook profile UNFPA in Bosnia and Herzegovina - UNFPA u Bosni i Hercegovini or on your own profile (the photo has to be public) with hashtag # WPD2014BiH or # WPD2014 CHECK OUT THEIR VIDEO ON YOUTUBE: HTTP://YOUTU.BE/NP2BIASTP3E
  4. 4. Y-PEER NEWS BULLETIN | August, 2014 4 "GEORGIAN YOUTH DEVELOPMENT AND EDUCATION ASSOCIATION" Who is G.Y.D.E.A.? Georgian Youth Development and Education Association” (GYDEA) is newly developed (in 2010) Non-Governmental organization founded by Peer Educators and persons aiming at development of young people in the Caucasus Region through promotion of all main fields of youth development including: Health care, Education, Employment and Social protection. Informational session at youth summer camp in Anaklia, Georgia FOR MORE INFORMATION Visit GYDEA’s Facebook page at: LIKE, SHARE AND Y-PEER GEORGIA’S EVENTS! New Season of Informational Meetings at Youth Summer Camp Anaklia - 2014 Informational session at Anaklia Youth Summer Camp. This year over 600 young people have participated in the informational sessions about HIV/AIDS, Gender issues, Reproductive Health and Right, etc. organized by GYDEA. GYDEA has also organized 3-day Training for Trainers in July of 2014, aim of which was to retrain young Y-PEERers in order to ensure their capability to work on outreach independently at the Summer Camps. ToT took place in Tbilisi, Georgia. Peer Educators Y-PEER in Georgia conducted the 1st informational session of the year at International Youth Summer Camp in Anaklia on July 9, 2014. The project was targeted at to informing young people of the importance and urgent issues such as HIV/AIDS, Reproductive Health and Rights and Gender issues ♂♀. The project was supported by the United Nations Population Fund in Georgia. The project was implemented by the Georgian Youth Development & Education Association Georgia and the Caucasus Social Marketing Association.
  5. 5. Y-PEER NEWS BULLETIN | August, 2014 5 DID YOU KNOW? Do you know what a demographic dividend is? Find out what it has to do with young people and its relevance to Sri Lanka! Updates from Y-PEER Sri Lanka Highlights from Y-PEER Sri Lanka’s #WPD2014 commemoration event and launch of 'Generation Youth, Yielding the Returns on Investments' Publication on 11 July 2014 Updates from Y-PEER Armenia Y-PEER Armenia network “House of Peers” NGO has administered several activities for the month of July, such as: o Workshop on the achievements and challenges in addressing youth issues; o Trainings about SRH (Sexual and Reproductive Health) in several regions of Armenia, more specifically 4 trainings organized in 4 regions of Armenia with 100 young people trained and delivering knowledge about SRH issues. For more info, visit Y-PEER Armenia’s Facebook page: There are many issues that hinder the health and well-being of the youth and for this, "the youth need to be able to access youth friendly health services"...... Y PEER Sri Lanka Focal Point in Charge, Dakshitha Wickremarathne speaking up for the health and well-being of all young people ahead of the launch of the UNDP Sri Lanka National Human Development report #NHDR2014 #YouthVoices #YouthNDevn Y-PEER #YPEERSriLanka To watch video dedicated to the topic, follow the link below:
  6. 6. Y-PEER NEWS BULLETIN | August, 2014 6 Y-PEER at International AIDS Conference 2014 Highlights from Melbourne Youth Force Pre- conference: The first day of the pre-conference has started quite hard for everyone due to the horrible events that occurred after the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. However we promised that we will continue their fight during and beyond the conference. Y-PEER had two sessions during the day which was such an honor. The first session was facilitated by Peter , International Coordinator and Co-facilitated by Dakshitha, FPC-Sri Lanka, Khalid, FP Sudan and Shubha, Alumni Board member. The session was on Stigma and Discrimination and it was based on peer education techniques. All participants have shared how much they loved it. The second part of the day has been spent in a session on religion, sexuality education and peer education which focused on working with faith based organizations on SRHR. The session was facilitated by Sarah and co-facilitated by Dakshitha both from Y-PEER Sri Lanka. As a final activity we got walked to the Federation Square and have listening to Michel Sidibe, ED for UNAID, who officially launched the art space and installation in the heart of Melbourne, organized by the @YEAH. Y-PEER was also lucky to be able to set up a booth, where Y-PEERers as well as their supporters got more familiar with the activities done in the network. Here are some of the fantastic bonding moments at the booth: Y-PEER is happy to announce the start of the initiative #ItheACTIVIST within its own booth @ the AIDS 2014 Conference! Here are the amazing Dani Dimitrovska and Peter Mladenov, Y-PEER Celebrities who are constantly supporting us! Another friend of #YPEER has supported #ItheACTIVIST initiative within the booth @ #AIDS2014 Conference! This is the advocacy expert Kent Clindera from the US. We were honoured as the amazing Ms. Gillmore, Deputy Executive Director of @UNFPA, has once again supported #YPEER not only by joining our initiatives #ItheACTIVIST, but recognizing that YPEER is an instrument to empower young people in the HIV response and beyond!
  7. 7. Y-PEER NEWS BULLETIN | August, 2014 7 The conference was organized by the International AIDS Society (AIDS), the world's leading independent association of HIV professionals, with more than 16,000 members in more than 177 countries working at all levels on the global response to AIDS. TB breakthrough: radically reducing treatment times The conference was told about a major breakthrough in treating tuberculosis. Tuberculosis killed one in five people with HIV and remained the largest killer in the world of people with AIDS. Results of an international study showed a new combination of drugs meant that drug-resistant TB could be cured in as little as four months, instead of two years. Promising bone marrow transplants Two HIV-positive patients treated at Sydney's St Vincent's Hospital were given a bone marrow transplant, which appeared to have cleared them of the virus. They now have undetectable levels of HIV but remain on antiretroviral therapy as a protective measure. Although the results were significant, experts stressed that bone marrow transplants were not a cure for HIV, as it remained a costly and a potentially dangerous procedure. FOR MORE INFORMATION If you would like to watch President Clinton’s speech, click the following link: HTTP://YOUTU.BE/3480YVH3NBI International AIDS Conference 2014 Significant Speeches at the AIDS 2014 Conference The former US president Bill Clinton has backed calls to aim for an AIDS-free generation within two decades. Mr Clinton made a key speech at the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne. He thanked HIV researchers and those working around the world to find a vaccine and one day, a cure. Bill Clinton declared that an AIDS-free generation was within reach, despite the fact that every year another 2 million people are infected with HIV. But he said the international community had to get better at detecting the disease early. "New data from 51 countries suggests 70 per cent of HIV-related deaths could have been prevented," he said. "The evidence continues to build that early treatment helps prevent further transmission." Artist and poverty campaigner Bob Geldof slammed the world's wealth countries over a "disgraceful" lack of HIV funding. He said while there had been incredible advances in the fight against HIV and AIDS in the past 30 years, the final steps were the most crucial. According to UNAIDS, 19 of the 20 most-AIDS-affected countries were in Africa and 72 per cent of all people with HIV lived in the sub-Saharan region. Sir Bob criticized the foreign aid spending of wealthy countries, especially Australia, which planned to cut its contribution by $7.6 billion over the next five years. Watch Sir Bob Geldof’s speech at: Visit official web-site of International AIDS Conference 2014 at:
  8. 8. Y-PEER NEWS BULLETIN | August, 2014 8 Interested candidates must send their CV and a 300 word motivation letter, explaining why they would like to hold the above-mentioned position to until 22nd of August, 2014. Please indicate the position title - Graphic Designer for News Bulletin or Regional Journalist for News Bulletin in the subject of the email. Are you interested in getting more involved with the Y-PEER Network? Are you enthusiastic and willing to be more informed and helpful to the community? Do you want to get to know other Y-PEERers from all over the world and make your ideas realized? Then this opportunity is for you! PETRI Sofia is delighted to announce calls for Graphic designers and Regional journalists for Y-PEER monthly News Bulletin development. Job description and responsibilities for Graphic designers: - Graphic designers will use lettering and images to communicate information and ideas related to the latest Y- PEER activities and will assist the editor in creation of visual and pictorial design of News Bulletin; - Graphic designers will also produce rough sketches or computer visuals to show the editorial team, use computer software to prepare designs, produce a final layout with exact specifications for typefaces, letter size and colours. Requirements: Experience in designing sharable documents and papers Creativity and imagination IT skills Drawing skills Ability to find practical solutions to problems Ability to manage your time, meet deadlines and work collaboratively Understanding of current trends and styles Excellent communication skills Visual Problem Solving Presenting personal portfolio is a plus Job description and responsibilities for Regional Job description and responsibilities for Regional Journalists: - Regional Journalist’s key responsibility will include, but not limit, gathering information on monthly executes activities from their regional Y-PEER networks by communicating with International Coordinators and Focal Points in Charge, as well as collecting data from the websites, social media pages and other online platforms of the Y-PEER community; - Regional Journalist will assist the editor in creating a comprehensive and error-free document, which will be delivered and shared with the worldwide Y-PEER network; - Participate in Y-PEER activities and organizational development initiatives. Requirements: Experience in civil journalism and written media outlets Creativity and imagination Ability to work under deadlines Ability to manage your time, meet deadlines and work collaboratively Excellent command in English Analytical and problem-solving orientation, good interpersonal skills Detail orientation skills Culture sensitive Open to learning and development Must have computer aptitude and word processing skills
  9. 9. Y-PEER NEWS BULLETIN | August, 2014 9 This News Bulletin has been developed by the Peer Education Training and Research Institute (PETRI) Sofia, Bulgaria based at the National Centre of Health and Analysis, Sofia, Bulgaria. Editor in Chief: Ms. Elene Chumburidze, PETRI Fellow, Georgia. Our address is: PEER Education Training and Research Institute (PETRI) – Sofia National Center for Public Health and Analysis 15, Acad. Ivan Geshov Blvd., Floor 2, Office 62, 1431, Sofia, Bulgaria Tel: +359 2 954 6666 Web: E-mail: Y-PEER International Coordinators – PETRI – Sofia –