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OmniSpace Brandbook



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Our mission is to help humanity thrive by empowering individuals and teams to achieve their most ambitious goals. We do this through our commitment to the transformative power of education and technology. We offer premium courses and personal coaching in organisational leadership, fundraising, public speaking and digital marketing.

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OmniSpace Brandbook

  2. 2. Contents 1. Introduction 2. Our Story 5. Mission Statement 6. Brand Narrative 7. Brand Attributes 12. Logo 13. Typography 14. Gradients 15. Colour Pairings
  3. 3. Welcome to OmniSpace. We’re thrilled that you’re here! If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re here for the same reasons we get out of bed every morning: to nurture personal growth and to change the world for the better. This book is designed to give you a flavour of what our brand is all about. Be mindful, stay curious, and remember that the world needs Dreamers like you. This is going to be fun! I N T R O D U C T I O N 1
  4. 4. Hi! I’m Dylan When I launched my campaign to complete my postgraduate degree at the University of Cambridge, I had to utilise multiple skills to reach my target of $80,000. I had to be a storyteller and craft a genuine narrative that people would feel compelled to share. I had to be an innovative strategist and think carefully about how I’d hit critical milestones before the deadline. I had to be an advocate and defend my cause against naysayers. By combining these skills among others, I was able to raise over $106,000 in 1.5 months, get featured in the national press and weave a new trajectory for myself and the communities that I serve. I want to emphasise that these weren’t fixed traits that I was born with but rather skills that I’ve nurtured over time. Over the last decade, I’ve been privileged to be mentored and coached by executives at world-renowned firms and companies like Goldman Sachs, Freshfields, McKinsey & Company, Google and leading advertising agencies like McCann. I’ve attended two top-tier universities (Cambridge University and UCL), I was elected a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and I sit on the executive board of two tech startups. O U R S T O RY 2
  5. 5. Crucially, I embarked on a personal journey to pursue the optimal life and to develop a mind capable of solving the world’s most entrenched problems. I knew that if I could put together my insights and synthesise the interdisciplinary knowledge and experiences I’ve acquired, I could help thousands if not millions of changemakers and entrepreneurs across the globe who share my drive for positive social change. And that, of course, is how OmniSpace was born. Growth and learning are always choices for those who are willing. My hope is that OmniSpace will provide you with some vital guidance and inspiration to bolster that willingness. Thank you so much for joining us in making this dream a reality. O U R S T O RY 3
  6. 6. “A mind that is stretched by new experiences can never go back to its old dimensions.” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr O U R S T O RY 4
  7. 7. 5 Helping humanity thrive by empowering individuals and teams to achieve their most ambitious goals. We do this through our commitment to the transformative power of education and technology. M I S S I O N S TAT E M E N T
  8. 8. 6 Transcend the status quo together. B R A N D N A R R AT I V E
  9. 9. B R A N D AT T R I B U T E S If OmniSpace were a person, how would you describe them? We asked this question to teammates from all across the company, and their answers were distilled down to 4 Brand Tenets. You can think of them as OmniSpace’s unique personality traits. When designing your projects or building your products, feel free to consult these tenets and ask, ‘Does this feel like OmniSpace?’ 1. Impactful 2. Purposeful 3. Quirky 4. Down-to-earth 7
  10. 10. B R A N D AT T R I B U T E S Impactful OmniSpace exists to help people learn the skills they need to do the things they love. We provide invaluable support for individuals and teams that are changing the world. Empowering, Encouraging, Motivating 8
  11. 11. B R A N D AT T R I B U T E S Purposeful OmniSpace exists to help humanity thrive. Our mission is audacious and drives every step we take. Instead of acting recklessly, we take each step with deliberate planning, discipline and focus. Passionate, Intentional, Effective 9
  12. 12. B R A N D AT T R I B U T E S Quirky OmniSpace knows when to depart from rules and convention. We expand our comfort zones through growth by balancing integrity within ourselves and adaptation toward the world around us. Unconventional, Whimsical, Experimental 1 0
  13. 13. B R A N D AT T R I B U T E S Down-to-earth OmniSpace keeps it real. We’re open and honest, avoiding pretension and aloof jargon. We pursue growth and learning and accept failure with humility and humour. Genuine, Empathic, Loving 1 1
  14. 14. L O G O Brand Mark Freespace Our ‘Inception-inspired spinning top’ mark symbolises the limitless potential of human imagination. We hope it conveys a sense of balance, creativity and purpose-driven education and consultancy we work tirelessly to create and inspires people to transcend the status quo together. To protect the integrity of the logo, we insist that other elements, such as other logos or content, are kept a reasonable distance from the OmniSpace logo. The suggested freespace around the logo has been indicated above 1 2
  15. 15. T Y P O G R A P H Y P R I M A RY F O N T S E C O N D A RY F O N T Avenir Arial Aa Aa Our primary font is Avenir. Avenir Medium should be used whenever available. The letterforms feature nuanced design decisions that make it perfect for digital use. Its geometric proportions make it the perfect choice for a forward thinking, modern organisation such as ours. The word avenir is French for “future”. Our secondary font is Arial. This should only be used in situations where Avenir is unavailable. 1 3
  16. 16. G R A D I E N T S #FFAC17 – #FF8B17 MAIN: #00E1EA – DARK TINT: #00A4EA #CCCCCC – #808080 #72D219 – #42AB19 #B251E4 – #7A55E9 #F1D800 – #F1AC00 #E80012 – #700000 1 4
  17. 17. C O L O U R PA I R I N G S Each aspect of the OmniSpace brand not only has its own gradient related to it, but also a colour pairing with one of the other gradients from within the brand. This ties every part of the brand together. Example usages of the colour pairings are shown below. 1 5