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How to hook up a Current Cost energy meter to tweet the energy usage of your home or office. Understanding the actual levels of energy we use can help us Plug Out and do the Green Thing.

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  1. 1. Twitterplug How to Tweet the energy usage of your home of office with the Current Cost meter
  2. 2. What You Need • Current Cost Meter ( • Mac or Linux PC* *NB. Mac and Linux have different instructions
  3. 3. Linux • Before we start you will need to install James Smith's ( rb232 Ruby gem ( • Then put your Current Cost meter together
  4. 4. Step Two • Plug everything in an attach the clamps around a cable
  5. 5. Step Three • Download James' daemon from here:
  6. 6. Step Four • Run the program and watch your Tweets stream in
  7. 7. Mac OS X • We couldn't get James' rb232 code to work, so we're going to go a different route... • First install PL2302 drivers for your mac
  8. 8. Step Two • Same as with Linux, plug everything in and attach the clamps
  9. 9. Step Three - Oops, A Problem • Unfortunately, we couldn't get James' rb 232 code to work on OSX, but we found another way... • The plan is to: – Have the data sent off to Pachube (using a Pachube app) – Have a script that will pull the data off Pachube and then post this on Twitter
  10. 10. Step Four – Sign up to Pachube ( – Create a Feed
  11. 11. Step Five • Download this app
  12. 12. And Finally • Download and run this code •
  13. 13. Good luck, happy Twitterplugging and let us know how you get on