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Tribute to mature men

  • Obrigada Maria -Nikkita M- pela gentileza do seu comentário e por colocar o texto de Zélia Gattai como favorito.Fico feliz por saber que o povo argentino gosta desse grande escritor brasileiro Jorge Amado.Sua mulher Zélia também foi uma grande escritora, como você pode avaliar pelo texto acima...Muito obrigada e um abraço do Brasil!
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  • me habia perdido este trabajo tan interesante, admiro y he leido casi todas las obras de j amado y lo conoci en una feria del libro en buenos aires

    un gran y merecido tributo
    un saludo dexde argentina
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  • Hi dear Frida!!
    Thank you for the kind comment & favorite!! I am happy to find it again,in the SS.Kisses for you!!!
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  • Hi dear Diramar, a long time without your good works. I agree with this author about the mature men. Thanks for this beautiful and interesting show. Kisses from Perú
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  • @Diramar Obrigado pelas palavras de carinho pelo povo mineiro. Um abraço
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Mature man - zelia gattai pps

  1. 1. Text: Zélia Gattai(Brazilian writer - Jorge Amados wife)
  2. 2. “There is anunmistakable andseductive beautyin the personalityof many men whoare now in middleage.Of course, everyrule has itsexceptions, andeach age has itsown value.
  3. 3. Those who today are above of 40,50 or 60 years old, we can see with certain ease , the sensitivity of their hearts, the devotion they have for what is most beautiful: the FEELING.They are more intelligent, experienced,charming… eloquent.They know what they say and they knowsay in the right time.
  4. 4. They are catchy, knowhow to present withouttrouble. They build agood friendship.In terms of relationships,they know exchange thequantity for quality...They have sharp visionof the values of life, knowhow to treat a woman,with respect andaffection.
  5. 5. Are special Men, romantic, interesting and attractiveby their way of being, thinking and living.In the way of looking at life, are more poetic, moresentimental, more emotional and more exciting. More mature men have more resourcefulness in dealing with women, are can recognize their qualities, are more witty, discreet, are more understanding and more educated.
  6. 6. The reason why manyolder men have thesewonderful qualities isdue to several factors:the option of beingand living of eachone, theirpersonalities, theirtraining and familyroots, wisdom,individual tastes, etc
  7. 7. But I think in part there is a gooddeal of influence about your wayof living in any given time of yourlife ; movie and music heard leftgood memories of his youth, atime not so remote, but thatcertainly does not return.Lived his youth (the period thatmarks the lives of us all) on one ofthe best periods of our time: Ofthe 1960 and 1970. Consideredthe "decades of golden youth,when the romance was sung inverse and prose.
  8. 8. The healthy influence of a time, causedby so many important events, whichnow remain in memory, and thatchanged the lives of many.A time when the best of the fest isthe dating, the dance to therhythm of gentle ballads.The moonlight was inspiring, theSunday sun was only joy. They listened to the Beatles, Johnny Mathis, the king Roberto Carlos, Antonio Marcos, Chaka Khan, Golden Boys, Bossa Nova, Morres Albert, the Young Guard and many others who packed their "Youth Sunday afternoons, how many joys! Old days, beautiful days. "
  9. 9. Were and still are the men who knew more dating:Dating the gate, shaking hands, hugging tight, withrespect and affection, the eye in the eye had morevalue ...The fashion was the love or suffer for love. Manyhave lived for love ... Others died of love ... These mature men today, have never been of "stay". Or they were dating right, or were in the "pit", or were alone. If they "stay" would be forever ... was to marry with the woman beloved
  10. 10. With “Benito di Paula”, they sang the "BrazilianWomen in the first place!"The passion for our country was evident whenthey sang:"The beaches of Brazil, sunny la,la,la,la la... The sky of my Brazil have more the splendor ..The hand of God blessedWoman is born here, has much more love ...I love you,my Brazil, I love you ...No one holds the youth of Brazil ... zil ... zil ...zil ..." BENITO DI PAULA
  11. 11. The youth has passed... butleft engraved on them, themost sublime and romanticway of living.Today they have a "baggage" ofknowledge, experience,maturity and intelligence,which have accumulated overthe years.The time took care todistinguish them from others:Letting their hair silver colorsmooth movements, the voicepaused, but more sound. Today they are men whomarked an era.
  12. 12. Ive been fortunate to have some of them as online friends, even without seeing them in person, I realize these features through their words and gestures. Many of them today, "dominate" with skill and dexterity these virtual machines, proving that neither the advancement of technology has changed their feelings, because these men still enchant with verses, rhymes, songs and words of love.Robert Redford: as said Nor are they decreased theOprah Winfrey: devastatingly great capacity to love, feelbeautiful… and express their feelings. Many have become poets, others love poetry.
  13. 13. Why the mostimportant is not theold denounced in thedetails of their facesand yes the rare valuesof their personalities. The important thing isto realize that theirhearts remain young ...Are older men, and thatwe , women of today,we have the privilege ofbeing able to admirethem...
  14. 14. Thank you so much Zélia Gattai by this text simply WONDERFUL!!!!Zelia Gattai 2013- january . Loving you – kenny G