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Build an-apps-roadmap-sb-sample

  1. 1. Build an Applications Roadmap Use a roadmap to manage your apps portfolio and help realize your core apps objectives.Info-Tech Research Group ‹#›
  2. 2. IntroductionTake the time to build an applications roadmap and immediately start seeingbenefits in your applications portfolio management.This Research Is Designed For: This Research Will Help You: CIOs looking to improve their planning strategy.  Identify the benefits of using an applications roadmap. IT leaders planning on developing an applications  Take the steps necessary to build a roadmap. portfolio roadmap.  Prioritize the actions on your roadmap. Applications managers looking to improve upon their current roadmap.  Choose who to collaborate with and when.  Develop a basic, 3-5 year applications roadmap.Info-Tech Research Group ‹#›
  3. 3. Executive Summary An applications roadmap is a guideline that plans out the applications strategy over a given time frame, usually from three to five years. Going through the process of building an applications roadmap will result in: • Higher quality applications. • Improved ability to manage legacy applications. • Greater alignment with business needs. Organizations with a roadmap in place are: • 200% more pleased with their application quality. • Four times more likely to be happy with the ability to manage legacy applications. • Six times more likely to feel aligned with business needs. Road-mapping alone is a valuable exercise that should not be overlooked. Schedule regular reviews to keep the roadmap current and continue anticipating the business’ needs.Info-Tech Research Group ‹#›
  4. 4. Make the Case What’s in this Section: Sections: • What is an Applications Roadmap? Make the Case • Who needs an Applications Roadmap? Assess the Current Inventory • What are the benefits of having an Applications Roadmap? Establish the Direction of Your Roadmap Prioritization of Actions Next StepsInfo-Tech Research Group ‹#›
  5. 5. There are five core objectives you must meet for optimizedapps performance  Value. Deliver application services in a manner that is cost- effective for both CAPEX and OPEX while still delivering Applications Objectives business value. Cost objectives vary with organizational need.  Responsiveness. The ability of the systems to respond to the needs of the end users and achieve the goals put forth by the Value business needs. Responsiveness Quality  Quality. The processes supported by the systems provide high Predictability quality service to the business and help them meet their Talent Retention business goals. These objectives apply to all  Predictability. Performance levels associated with the elements of the applications systems are consistent and as expected. environment.  Talent Retention. The ability to keep staff who have the required skills to develop and maintain the key applications. An applications manager can’t plan his or her own destiny without having a roadmap in place. - CIO, ManufacturingInfo-Tech Research Group ‹#›
  6. 6. Without a proper plan, you significantly reduce your ability toreach core objectives If you don’t plan… Core Objective If you plan…. You are not applying scarce You have the capacity to deal resources (people and dollars) with major improvements. You to the most valuable activities. Value don’t waste resources on testing minor changes. Application responsiveness You experience better suffers due to the constant application responsiveness need to put out fires. Responsiveness due to proactive elimination of slowdowns. You don’t have a full grasp on There is a higher level of where IT needs to improve. Quality quality due to better gap analysis. You can’t be proactive and You have knowledge of may be surprised by upcoming changes due to a unforeseen events. Predictability more concrete planning strategy. Constant unplanned change An awareness of what is can lead to talent walking out coming down the pipeline the door. Talent Retention allows developers to keep their skills refined.Info-Tech Research Group ‹#›
  7. 7. Having a roadmap in place improves business relations,prepares IT for change, and increases efficiencyBe prepared: increased responsiveness and predictability allows IT to takeoff the firefighter’s helmet. Roadmaps allow you to better Without an applications roadmap, the CIO often has to achieve default to firefighter mode. Too much time putting out responsiveness, quality, and fires can eliminate the ability to plan ahead and make control for potential problems with the applications more efficient and more effective for legacy applications meeting the business needs of the organization. No Roadmap Roadmap +319% Being proactive can mean having a formal plan in place 67% or just having a clear sense of where you stand in terms of your application lifecycle, capacity, and resourcing. A roadmap will prepare IT for upcoming changes and help 16% it better manage impending projects. This will also allow the CIO to better serve the business and end users. Happiness with App Quality Source: Info-Tech Research Group; N = 127 Companies with a roadmap are twice as likely to report high quality applications, four times as likely toN = 127 report Source: Info-Techalignment. high proficiency in legacy apps management, and six times as likely to report strong business Research GroupInfo-Tech Research Group ‹#›
  8. 8. Use these concepts when developing your roadmap:Inventory, Assess, Prioritize, and Communicate  Inventory. An exhaustive list of all the applications currently Process used or to be used in the near future.  Assess. Each application that has been inventoried should be assigned a lifecycle stage and assessed based on its Inventory current and projected ability to deliver value. Assess  Prioritize. The assessment should illuminate actions to Prioritize take, now take the time to prioritize those actions. Communicate  Communicate. Leverage the applications roadmap to These steps will direct you in increase your communication abilities with the executive the roadmap development and other IT managers. process. One problem is that we never switch off any applications, we only create new ones. The result is a number of new applications every year that need to be inventoried and managed. -Member of EPOInfo-Tech Research Group ‹#›
  9. 9. A good roadmap combines the application goalswith business requirementsTo maximize the benefits of developing a roadmap, focus on these goals: IT-Oriented Goals Business-Oriented Goals1. Identify applications that require improved quality and 3. Identify application functionality needed to enableresponsiveness business objectives2. Plan for dealing with obsolete applications 4. Resolve application weaknesses that are inhibiting business initiativesWith those goals in mind, consider the following framework to realize them: Application Objectives Roadmap Process Value An applications roadmap is a Inventory/Assess Responsiveness guideline that plans out your Direction Quality applications strategy over a Prioritize Predictability given time frame, Communicate Talent Retention usually 3-5 years.Info-Tech Research Group ‹#›
  10. 10. Acquire the information needed for your apps roadmap byfollowing these four stages Inventory/Assess Step #1: Inventory/assessment of all current applicationsTake an inventory to determinewhat you have and what you still Step #2: Measure functional & technical quality of theneed. applications Direction Step #3: Lifecycle status for each applicationIdentify actions that will help Step #4: Estimate changes in the volume of transactionsmaintain or improve your ability to and in system performance characteristicsmeet business needs. Step #5: Cross-reference system changes with expected business process/function changes and plan changes PrioritizeMeasure level of internal and Step #6: Prioritize actions so that scheduling of actionsexternal urgency to prioritize your can be completedactions. CommunicateAfter plotting a first draft of your Step #7: Communicate first draft of roadmap to executiveroadmap communicate it to theexecutive for validation.Info-Tech Research Group ‹#›
  11. 11. Budget time, not money to create your applications roadmapHow much is it worth to feel happy with your application performance? Level of effort is significantly Roadmaps Take Time, Not Money correlated with Level of Success The good news is that a roadmap can be done for zero capital Level of Success investment. The bad news is that it can take a significant time investment, much of which is expended up front. Make your life easier:  Enlist your subject matter experts to cover their area of responsibility. Level of Effort  Set aside a roadmap week where IT emergencies are priority one and creating a roadmap document is priority two. Level of effort is significantly  If one week is too much to ask, dedicate one hour per day to correlated with Level of Impact roadmap creation activities.  Keep it real. Do not insist on perfection, instead look at road- Positive Impact mapping as an iterative process. Get the rough sketch, not the final masterpiece.  Get a bird’s eye view. A roadmap is not the place to get down to exact numbers. It’s about getting the big picture. If your roadmap is too specific, it will quickly become outdated. Once your roadmap is in place, the ongoing maintenance and review will take much less time. Especially if it is done at regular intervals. Level of EffortInfo-Tech Research Group ‹#›
  12. 12. Info-Tech Research Group Helps IT Professionals To: Quickly get up to speed  Manage business expectations with new technologies  Justify IT spending and Make the right technology prove the value of IT purchasing decisions – fast  Train IT staff and effectively Deliver critical IT manage an IT department projects, on time and within budget Sign up for free trial membership to get practical solutions for your IT challenges •“Info-Tech helps me to be proactive instead of reactive – a cardinal rule in a stable and leading edge IT environment. - ARCS Commercial Mortgage Co., LPToll Free: 1-888-670-8889 www.infotech.comInfo-Tech Research Group ‹#›