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Samsung galaxy note 10.1 (16 gb, white)


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Samsung galaxy note 10.1 (16 gb, white)

  1. 1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (16GB, White)Product Featureq Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, 10.1-inch Displayq Samsung Tablet Processor 1.4 GHzq 2 GB RAM Memory, 16GB On-Board Memoryq S Pen includedq Read more Price : Check PriceProduct DescriptionAs easy to use as pen and paper, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with S Pen gives you the freedom to express yourcreativity, naturally. Edit photos as never before using Adobe Photoshop Touch. Design beautiful illustrations withvariable brush weights and sizes. Create handwritten notes, memos and postcards. Then post, send and save them allon Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. Youll never want to Note any other way. Read moreProduct DescriptionMaximize your productivity and creativity with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Update. This 10.1-inch tablet featuresSamsungs unique S Pen technology, which lets you edit photos, create detailed illustrations, and take handwrittennotes with unmatched precision and pressure sensitivity. Activate your favorite apps with a stroke of the S Pen, and
  2. 2. then open and arrange up to 16 apps on your homescreen to easily switch between them and multitask. Powered byAndroid 4.1, Jelly Bean, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Update provides an exceptionally fast, smooth user experience.Powered by Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, foran exceptionally smooth userexperience. View larger.Take Full Advantage of Apps with UpdateEnjoy All Your Favorite Apps SimultaneouslyThe Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Update improves on its predecessor by offering easier, faster navigation andmultitasking. Cascade View lets you view and access up to 16 different apps at the same time. Open your favorite apps,resize and layer them, and then switch from one to the next with ease.Keep up to 16 apps open atthe same time andeffortlessly switch betweenthem.Hover the S Pen over an app and preview its content with Air View. Air View makes it easy to start playing a movie atexactly the right scene, or preview the contents of a photo album or folder. AirView also lets you quickly scan emailsand attachments or scroll through Web pages.Enhanced S Pen FunctionalityWith this Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Update, youll have the ability to pick up the stylus to unlock your homescreen,then launch S Note directly from there. Quickly activate your favorite apps using customized and preset S Pen strokeswith Quick Command.
  3. 3. Cutting and pasting is a breeze with Easy Clip, a tool that lets you cut out text or part of an image and then share it viaemail or IM. Just use the S Pen to draw a closed shape around whatever you want to cut, and then press the pensbutton to cut it out.To briskly scroll emails and Web pages, activate Auto Scrolling by holding the S Pen on the edge of the screen.Android 4.1, Jelly Bean Offers Fast, Intuitive NavigationAndroid 4.1, Jelly Bean further enhances your user experience by allowing you to view the Samsung Gallery in threemodes: timeline view, grid view, and spiral view. Android 4.1, Jelly Bean also features Page Turning, so you can navigatefrom one page to the next as if you were flipping through actual papers.Galaxy Note 10.1 Update (16 GB, White)At a Glance: Pressure-sensitive S Pen for easy drawing and note-taking View and access up to 16 apps simultaneously with Cascade View Preview content before opening it with Air View Create personalized photos and handwritten notes Fast performance with quad core processor and Android 4.1 Jelly BeanUsing Quick Command, quickly activatefavorite apps with a simple drag of the S Pen.Cut out content and share it in seconds
  4. 4. with Easy Clip.Three different view modes optimized forthe 10.1 large screen.Features S Pen technology for creatingdetailed illustrations. View larger.Personalize photos with handwrittenmessages. View larger.
  5. 5. Watch videos and take notes at thesame time with Multiscreenfunctionality.View larger.Unleash Your Creativity with the S PenCreate Original Sketches and DrawingsThe integrated S Pen, paired with a special screen, offers unparalleled precision for note-taking, photo editing, andillustrating. The S Pen sets itself apart from traditional styluses with its 1,024 pressure sensitivity levels. Press harder onthe S Pen and youll make thicker, darker strokes. Gently glide the S Pen across the screen and see thin, light strokes.The intuitive functionality of the S Pen makes you feel as though you are writing on paper with a real pen, pencil, orbrush.Simple Photo and Document EditingThe Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Update comes preloaded with a version of Adobe Photoshop Touch that has beenoptimized specifically for the S Pen. This versatile app lets you edit, crop, enhance, and annotate photos with ease. Youcan also use the included S Note templates to quickly create personal and professional documents, such as postcardsand graphs.Highlight text and take notes one-books with the Kno app. View larger.Create and Share Handwritten MessagesSend Personalized Media to Friends and Family
  6. 6. With the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Update, you can communicate with your family and friends using your ownhandwriting. The S Pen lets you add handwritten notes to photos, screen-captured images, and other visual content.Once you are finished personalizing your content, you can access it anywhere using the included All Share Play app.This content-sharing app lets you see content from your smartphone, Smart TV, PC, or other tablet.Boost Your Productivity at Home, School, or the OfficeE-Book Apps for Note-Taking and Browsing New TitlesThe Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Update also comes preloaded with several apps that make studying and note-takingeasier. The Kno app lets you highlight and write directly on over 150,000 e-textbooks, while the Barnes and Noble Nookwidget lets you browse and purchase books, magazines, and comic books. You can also take notes directly onPowerPoint documents using Polaris Office.Advanced Note-Taking with S NoteUsing the optimized S Note application, you can take notes with the convenience and familiarity of pen and paper. SNote also lets you organize your favorite online images and videos--simply snap a screenshot and drag and drop thatimage into your S Note notebook. To keep your notes nice and neat, S Notes productivity features will automaticallystraighten your lines, correct your shapes, and transform your handwriting into typed words. S Note can even recognizemathematical formulas and solve equations for you.Enjoy Powerful Performance and Expansive StorageHigh-Capacity Storage with microSD Expansion SlotWith 16 GB of onboard memory storage, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Update offers room for plenty of video, music,and other media. A microSD card slot allows you to expand the tablets memory even further.The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Update also comes with a free two-year subscription to Dropbox, an online file-hostingservice that lets you store up to 50 GB of digital content.Pop Up Play for Easy Video MultitaskingSamsungs innovative Pop Up Play lets you collapse any video you are watching into a smaller window. You will be ableto browse the Internet, compose emails, or even play games without interrupting video play.Control, Watch, and Share Content with Your TVTurn your Tablet into a Universal RemoteThe Smart Remote app and built-in IR blaster turn the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Update into a universal remote thatcontrols all of your home-entertainment devices, including your TV, cable box, DVR, and Blu-ray player. Smart Remotelearns what you like and presents you with personalized recommendations. Find a show, click the "watch" button, andsee your TV automatically switch to that show.Whats in the BoxSamsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Update 16GB tablet (White), S Pen, and users manual.Read moreYou May Also Likei-BLASON Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 inch tablet Leather Case Cover with Stylus Holder for New 2012 16G 32G 3G 4G
  7. 7. Wifi N8000 N8010 with Charger and IR Opening - 3 year Warranty ( (Black)Samsung Electronics Book Cover for Galaxy Note 10.1-Inch, White (EFC-1G2NWECXAR)Elsse Premium Case Cover with Built-in Stand -White for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Inch Tablet (N8000 / N8010)CrazyOnDigital Screen Protector Film Clear (Invisible) for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 N8010 N8013 Tablet(3-pack)i-Blason Folio Stand case Cover for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Inch Tablet N8000 N8010 16GB 32GB 3G 4G Wifi VersionAT&T Android 4.0 with Built-in Stand ( Black) This PDF promotional is part of Amazon Service LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.