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Marathon with a Difference


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Kids Running a 42km Marathon?

Day of Difference Foundation is encouraging kids to get off screens (for just a little bit) and get on their feet, to help other kids get back on their feet with a unique Marathon.

"A Km a day for 42 Days" is the challenge but we really don't care how you go about it. We just want to raise valuable awareness and funds for a world first hospital program in partnership with Lady Cilento Children's Hospital - to help support families for up to 2 years post hospital stay.

Join the challenge for FREE at and challenge your friends and family too!

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Marathon with a Difference

  1. 1. MARATHON 
 WITH A DIFFERENCE IS… A school “fun-draising” event where kids will run “a km a day for 42 days. • They’ll be running EVERY DAY • Sharing positive social media messages • Creating social impact • Being grateful for here and now • Celebrating the highs • Bouncing back from the lows • Exploring fundraising technology • Developing personal confidence • Engaging with families • Creating healthy competition
  2. 2. THE CONCEPT “A Km a Day for 42 Days”
 Children can start where they like. Just one lap of an oval is 400 metres. 104 X 400 metre laps = 42.2km… a full marathon. Over the school term, messaging will include information about children’s injury and the impact on families, staying safe, gratitude. Incorporated into our messaging are the concepts of gratitude, social justice, healthy living, perseverance, resilience and goal setting. So many lessons!
  3. 3. THE MECHANICS Kids, parents & teachers can register for Marathon with a Difference online with a FREE Everyday Hero fundraising account for fundraising and fun leaderboard competition. This will set up a personalised web page. Each child will set up a FREE Map My Run App with their parent / teacher and manually log their distance after each run – it’ll be integrated to their fundraising web page. Real time progress will be displayed on a map of the Gold Coast Marathon Course (Commonwealth Games Course for 2018 - TBC). We encourage families to proudly promote their achievements on social media via Facebook, Instagram and engage in some friendly ‘Fun’-draising competition to raise the most dollars. Our goal is have every school in Australia run a Marathon with a Difference for one school term of the year… and we need your help to spread the word. If every child raised just $50, a single, small sized school of 400 students could raise $20,000 and make an incredible DIFFERENCE. Just 5 schools could fund 2 full time positions for an ENTIRE HOSPITAL.
  4. 4. SCHOOL vs SCHOOL Invite your school and take on other schools in a fun, “healthy” competition.
  5. 5. GETTING KIDS OFF SCREENS & ON THEIR FEET, TO HELP OTHER KIDS GET BACK ON THEIR FEET. *Marketing message to resonate with parents
  6. 6. MEETING PARENTAL NEEDS Every parent has similar desires for their children… “I want my kids to be happy and healthy” “I’d like my children to be good people” “It’s important that they’re safe” Marathon with a Difference encompasses these important desires by 1) encouraging kids to get active, 2) showing kids how great it feels to give back to others and 3) developing valuable awareness about injury prevention
 SUPPORT MECHANISM’s We’ll provide messaging for each school 
 so together we can 1. Encourage family involvement 2. Reward kids for the levels of achievement 3. Make a real difference. 4. Consistently support each child’s effort
  9. 9. Place your screenshot here SOCIAL PROJECT TRACKING TOOL MapMyRUN is a free desktop and mobile app that integrates with the Marathon with a Difference online maps and leaderboards for fun and easy tracking of progress.
  10. 10. LIVE ONLINE MARATHON MAP *not actual Marathon Map
  11. 11. LIVE ONLINE LEADERBOARDS *not actual Marathon Map
  12. 12. LIVE LEADERBOARD BY TEAMS / SCHOOLS *not actual Marathon Map
  13. 13. LIVE FUNDRAISING BY INDIVIDUAL *not actual Marathon Map
  14. 14. COMMUNICATIONS COMPONENTS Healthy Living ▸ List of activities and fun things to do as prepared by GC City Council’s Active & Healthy Living. Goal Setting ▸ Simple planning exercises so kids can learn the value of setting & achieving goals. Maths Teasers ▸ Relevant maths quizzes for kids to make real life calculations that tie back to fitness and achieving goals. Gratitude Exercises ▸ Worksheets designed to help children appreciate the joy of what they “do have” and “can do”. Recognition ▸ School newsletter template for updates ▸ Certificate of Completion ▸ Leaderboard Tally Injury Awareness ▸ Short videos and written stories for teachers to share with children about impact on children and families with Kids Safe.
  15. 15. CHILDREN CAN 
 MAKE A DIFFERENCE “Hi, I’m running a 
 marathon to raise
 funds for critically 
 injured children. 
 Will you please 
 sponsor me $1 for 
 every kilometre 

  16. 16. SOPHIE’S VIDEO MESSAGE Sophie Delezio will be sending personalised thank you and encouragement messages to participating schools.
 ANY QUESTIONS? You can find us at… Scott Groves Day of Difference Ambassador Creator Marathon with a Difference 0412 953 079 Julie Englefield Day of Difference, Head of Fundraising 0426 296 050