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Linkedin Training and Sales Tips


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This A-Z LinkedIn workshop provides a whistlestop tour covering all aspects of how to use this amazing platform, especially how to gain more new business by creating a fantastic profile, making the right approach and using Groups effectively. You will leave with a simple strategy to implement as part of your marketing activity - working "ON" your Business and not in it. Includes Sales Training techniques from Mo Harford

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Linkedin Training and Sales Tips

  1. 1. LinkedIn  for  Business   Date:  Thursday  12th  December   Time:  9.30am-­‐12.30pm   Costs:  £85:00     LinkedIn  for  Business  Workshop     Davies  and  Partners,  Paradise  Circus,  Queensway,  B1  2BJ     This workshop covers the A-Z of Linkedin covering your headline, profile, how to create a sales pipeline, how to use Groups plus much much more. Plus how to turn your connections into meetings and paying customers and your sales questions answered by Mo Harford.       The  workshop  covers  how  to:     • All  aspects  of  your  profile   • How  to  use  Groups  effectively   • Plan  &  develop  your  strategy   • Make  the  right  approach  on  Linkedin   • Plan  and  structure  the  call   • Get  the  results  you  want  from  the  call   • Follow  up  the  call  to  get  the  sale     “Dawn has enlightened me into the benefits of Linkedin I am now a true convert! The session I   attended today has given me a great indepth understanding of how to benefit from Linkedin.   Her style and approach is very personable and she makes it really relevant to your business.     The most valuable tip   from today is how simple it is to  use and   which groups to join. ”                                      (LinkedIn  Coach)       Beccie  Varney,  Making  a  Difference  Training,  Attended  LinkedIn  Workshop  Jan  2013   You  will  wonder  how  your  business  ever  did  without  LinkedIn.   Thursday  12th  December  2013  Time:  9.30am-­‐12.30pm                            Location:   Davies & Partners Solicitors, Paradise Circus , Queensway, City Centre Book  on  Line  at­‐ dawn-­‐adlam   Contact  me  on  07780725564  /  email