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Davidson College Cover Letter Guide


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Davidson College Cover Letter Guide

  1. 1.     201 Alvarez College Union ♦ ♦ 704-894-2132 COVER LETTER GUIDE Purpose A cover letter typically accompanies your résumé when you apply for jobs and internships. This letter introduces you as a candidate and articulates your qualifications for the position. It also gives employers the opportunity to see the quality and style of your writing. Cover letters should always accompany résumés, except when the employer has clearly stated that they only wish to receive a résumé (through WildcatLink, for example). You will want to spend a significant amount of time and energy on your cover letters, seeking feedback from the Center for Career Development, the Writing Center, and/or other peers or professionals before submitting them to an employer. Preparing to Write a Cover Letter 1) Research the employer thoroughly. Spend time on their website, their LinkedIn page and their other social media accounts. Consider talking with alumni, friends, and/or family with knowledge of the organization. 2) Read and analyze the position description, when available, carefully. Get a comprehensive understanding of what you will be doing in the position and what experiences, skills and qualities the employer is seeking. Highlight key terms and phrases. 3) Review your past experiences and skills and determine which are most relevant to this particular employer and position. Use the position description as a guide. If you plan to submit a cover letter for a position that is not advertised, reflect on how, specifically, you feel that you can add value to the organization. 4) Look for the name of a specific person to whom you will address the letter and locate the company’s address. If you cannot find the name of a person after a comprehensive search, use Hiring Manager, Search Committee, or Internship Coordinator.   Cover  Letter  Assistance     for  Students     Walk-­‐in  Hours  with  Career  Advisors:   Stop  by  the  Center  for  Career  Development  from     Monday  to  Thursday,  10:00  am  to  12:00  pm     and  Monday  to  Friday  1:30  pm  to  3:30  pm     Academic  Breaks  &  Students  Off-­‐Campus:   Call  704-­‐894-­‐2132  or  Email  to   be  Matched  with  a  Career  Advisor    
  2. 2.     201 Alvarez College Union ♦ ♦ 704-894-2132 Writing the Letter 1) Keep it to one page. Use approximately one-inch margins on all sides and 10 to 12 pt font. Use the same font that you use for your résumé when possible. 2) Format your cover letter appropriately using block style. The entire letter should be left justified and single spaced except for a double space between paragraphs. 3) Tailor your cover letter to the specific employer and position. There is no such thing as an effective generic cover letter! Avoid general statements, instead explaining how your specific past experiences and skill set will benefit the employer. 4) Focus on what you would bring to the employer and the position, as opposed to how they would benefit you. 5) Use the attached rubric to decide what content to include in your introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. 6) Craft clear and concise paragraphs with effective topic sentences, varying your sentence structure so that sentences do not consistently begin with the word “I.” 7) Avoid superlative phrases, e.g. “extremely excited” or “highly motivated.” 8) Edit and proofread carefully. A single grammatical or spelling error can immediately disqualify you for a position. The CCD staff can review your cover letter during walk-in hours using the attached rubric, but you may also wish to ask a friend, family member, or Writing Center tutor to review it. 9) Do not draw attention to weaknesses and/or discuss or apologize for experience and accomplishments that you feel you lack. Submitting the Letter 1) Craft your letter in Word but submit it as a PDF whenever possible to avoid unexpected changes to your formatting. 2) When submitting the letter by e-mail, attach both your cover letter and your résumé as PDFs. In the body of the e-mail, write a short note to the employer introducing yourself, indicating the position you are applying for and noting that a résumé and cover letter are attached. If submitting the letter as an attachment, create a single PDF with your cover letter on page 1 and your résumé on page 2. Writing a Letter When You Do Not Have a Job Posting Occasionally, you may wish to submit a letter expressing your interest in a job or internship with an organization that has not published an actual posting or position description. The advice in this guide still generally applies to these letters. Since you may not know exactly what the organization may be seeking in an intern or hire, it is up to you to highlight the strengths and skills that you feel would be the most relevant to them. See the Community Prep Public School letter for an example. Using the Sample Letters and Rubric The majority of the following sample letters in this guide worked, literally—they helped these students to land the internship or job to which they were applying. That said, they are only samples—read and refer them while writing, but use your own voice and language. The attached rubric will also help you as you draft and edit your cover letters. Refer to it often to ensure that your letters are in excellent shape before submitting them to an employer.
  3. 3.   Alexander Smith / (555) 546-5098 / Davidson, NC November 27, 20XX Mr. Gregory Flint Equity Analyst Slate Capital 165 South Tryon St, #1023 Charlotte, NC 28204 Dear Mr. Flint: I am writing to apply for the spring semester intern position at Slate Capital posted on your website. I am excited about the opportunity to lend my skills and knowledge of financial markets to your firm as I continue to build investing experience. As the attached résumé indicates, my work with the Davidson College endowment exposed me to a variety of investment philosophies and understandings of risk. I learned about the qualitative characteristics exhibited by successful fund managers and sought to apply them to Davidson’s investment clubs. During this internship, I constructed fund summaries, exposure reports, and built an appreciation for different valuation methods while paying close attention to macroeconomic factors. Ultimately, I was able to use custom financial ratios to make recommendations for Davidson’s fiscal policies. In addition to augmenting my finance skill set, this internship instilled in me the passion for investing that you are seeking in interns. My summer experiences and time at Davidson have provided me with a strong set of communication and analytical skills. As a volunteer firefighter, I learned how to become a dependable team member and pay close attention to detail, even under intense pressure. As a Chidsey Leadership Fellow, I have worked with a diverse group of students and recently created a workshop on effective communication. By focusing my studies in economics and political science, I have become adept at finding and articulating relationships in increasingly complex data and situations. I thrive in a variety of areas requiring rigorous analysis, clear communication, and creative problem solving. I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to discuss the spring intern position with you further. Thank you for your consideration; I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, Alexander Smith
  4. 4.   Samuel  Balay   555-­‐756-­‐1435,,  Baltimore,  MD       April  1,  20XX                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Henry  Reed   Director  of  Research   National  Association  of  Real  Estate  Investment  Trusts   1875  I  Street,  N.W.,  Suite  600   Washington,  District  of  Columbia  20006-­‐5413     Dear  Mr.  Reed:     I  am  writing  to  express  my  interest  in  the  National  Association  of  Real  Estate  Investment  Trusts   Research  Activities  Manager  position,  as  advertised  on  LinkedIn.    I  believe  that  I  have  the  skills  to   collect,  compile  and  communicate  industry  information  and  perform  the  commercial  real  estate   data  analysis  necessary  for  this  position.     My  research  experience  includes  working  in  a  collaborative  environment  as  an  intern  for  American   Action  Forum  two  summers  in  a  row.  While  there,  I  worked  with  the  Director  of  Economic  Policy   and  the  Director  of  Fiscal  Policy  to  conduct  in-­‐depth  research,  analyze  data,  and  write  articles   about  prevalent  economic  policy  issues  in  America,  publishing  one  in  The  Weekly  Standard  and   two  on  After  returning  for  a  second  summer,  my  supervisors   recognized  my  growth  and  gave  me  the  opportunity  to  speak  with  several  prominent  former   Congressional  and  White  House  economists  about  their  work  and  solutions  to  the  debt  crisis.  This   experience  made  me  a  more  capable  and  confident  researcher  and  communicator.       Performing  research  and  analysis  for  the  National  Association  of  Real  Estate  Investment  Trusts   would  also  allow  me  to  directly  draw  from  my  year  studying  economics  in  the  highly  unique   tutorial  system  at  University  of  Oxford.  My  course  performance  in  England  was  based  not  only  on   how  well  I  understood  the  material,  but  also  on  how  well  I  communicated  it  in  papers  and  orally   during  weekly  hour-­‐long  tutorials.  After  over  50,000  words  and  52  hours  discussing  complicated   material  with  economic  experts,  I  have  honed  both  my  analytical  problem  solving  skills  and  my   ability  to  communicate  intricate  information  in  an  understandable  way.  I  believe  my  internship   experiences  coupled  with  my  formal  academic  work  at  Davidson  and  Oxford  have  prepared  me  for   a  future  of  making  effective  contributions  to  your  organization.     Attached  to  this  application  you  will  find  my  résumé  and  Davidson  transcript.  I  look  forward  to   meeting  you  and  further  discussing  my  candidacy  for  this  position.  Thank  you  for  your   consideration.     Sincerely,     Samuel  Balay  
  5. 5.   Christopher Teo, (555) 536-5196, Davidson, NC October 1, 20XX Mr. Jack Harvey Senior Programmer Datalytics 101 West Worthington Street, Suite 350 Charlotte, NC 28203 Dear Mr. Harvey: I am pleased to apply for the internship position at Datalytics for the upcoming summer. The prospect of working at your start-up company is attractive to me because of its focus on analytics and technology development. My combined interests in math, computer science and finance make Datalytics an ideal fit for me. The summer internship experience can help broaden my programming background and apply much of the math that I have learned during my time at Davidson and abroad in Budapest. As someone who enjoys solving problems and analyzing data, I am excited to have the opportunity to learn how systems like Hadoop work and to participate in the development of new algorithms. Working for Datalytics will also provide me with a great opportunity to learn how a small start up company operates and grows its business. What sets me apart from other candidates who may be applying for this position is my previous experience in computer science and mathematical research. Last summer, I assisted a faculty member in the Davidson College Math Department in coding an alternative ranking system to PageRank. This experience required me to learn how to code in MATLAB, and it introduced me to analyzing data output. I also handle challenges very well, which is evidenced by my abroad experience in Budapest, Hungary. While I was there, I managed a heavy workload as well as navigating my way through a country whose national language ranks as one of the toughest to learn. I feel like the lessons I learned there will transition nicely into the summer internship position. Finally, what I may lack in experience, I make up for in tenacity. I am a first generation college student with a blue- collar background, and I am constantly out to prove myself. In addition to this cover letter, I have submitted my résumé, which highlights my qualifications for this internship. As part of the Davidson Entrepreneurship Program, the summer experience at Datalytics will provide me with invaluable training in many areas of interest to me and could propel my future career. I look forward to hearing from you and hope to interview with you on campus next week. Sincerely, Christopher Teo
  6. 6.   Brittany Knox 555-215-5203,, Davidson, NC March 2, 20XX The American Beverage Association 1210 I Street NW, Suite 300W Washington, D.C., 20005 Dear Internship Coordinator: I am applying for the Government Relations American Beverage Association Summer Internship advertised on the WildcatLink posting system at Davidson College. With my interests in government, law, and politics, I am enthusiastic about this opportunity to lend my administrative, organizational and leadership skills to support a national trade association. I am attracted to the ABA because the association represents such a large number of workers who can be positively impacted and protected by legislation. Through my work in Senator Hagan’s and Senator Gillibrand’s offices, I gained insight into the legislative process and observed the important role trade associations play in guiding government. I am excited about and capable of researching political issues impacting the beverage industry, attending Congressional hearings, drafting letters, and providing other assistance to the government relations team. This summer opportunity would offer additional exposure to the legislative process and allow me to contribute to your team as well as to our nation’s politics. In addition to the administrative experience gained through my internships, I would bring strong organizational and leadership skills honed through my Davidson activities to this position. As President of the Patterson Court Council, I have worked to hone my decision- making and interpersonal communication. Through this position, I have assumed more responsibility, learned time management, enhanced my communication skills, and grown as a team player. As a participant in the Leadership Davidson program, I have learned successful leadership traits from Davidson College staff, other student leaders, and a community mentor. I have also polished my research and analytical capabilities through my experiences with the Emerging Issues Academy and my intensive liberal arts coursework at Davidson. I am a hardworking, motivated student, and would love the opportunity to lend my skills to the ABA this summer. Attached is my résumé, which illustrates my qualifications for this position. I am eager to hear from you and discuss how I could contribute to the ABA team. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Brittany Knox
  7. 7.   Madchen  Schmidt,  555-­‐714-­‐4924,  Davidson,  NC         November  10,  20XX     Ms.  Angelika  Fischer   Vienna  Global  Seminar   Leopoldskronstrasse  56-­‐58,  Box  129   A-­‐5010  Salzburg,  Austria     Dear  Ms.  Fischer:     I  am  applying  for  the  Vienna  Global  Seminar  Intern  Program,  advertised  on  Davidson  College’s  job   posting  system  WildcatLink.    As  a  Nicaraguan-­‐born,  German  citizen,  I  have  developed  an  insatiable   curiosity  about  international  political,  social  and  economic  issues;  I  would  love  the  opportunity  to   promote  conversation  about  these  issues  through  this  position.     I  see  this  internship  as  a  unique  opportunity  to  hear  from  leaders  across  the  globe  and  to  participate  in   ongoing  discourse  to  promote  the  survival  of  democracy.    I  was  also  drawn  to  the  internship  program   after  speaking  with  Kelsey  Green,  who  did  the  internship  in  the  summer  of  201X,  and  Annette  Hazar,   who  is  still  in  Vienna.  Both  interns  raved  about  their  many  opportunities  to  learn  about  international   affairs  and  interact  in  a  multicultural  environment.     My  experience  and  education  have  equipped  me  with  the  administrative  skills  and  initiative  to  succeed   in  this  role.  My  passion  for  and  knowledge  of  French,  Spanish,  and  conversational  German  will  help  me   communicate  in  this  multicultural  setting.    I  also  have  directly  relevant  experience  as  the  publicity  chair   for  Davidson  College’s  Dean  Rusk  Student  Advisory  Committee  (SAC),  a  student-­‐led  group  that   promotes  educational  programming  about  global  events  on  campus  and  in  the  wider  Davidson-­‐ Charlotte  community.    One  of  my  primary  tasks  as  head  of  publicity  includes  designing  posters  in   Publisher  or  InDesign  to  advertise  for  the  one  to  three  events  that  we  host  each  week.  In  a  successful   attempt  to  advertise  in  an  unconventional  fashion,  I  established  a  partnership  with  our  dining  hall,   introducing  a  menu  and  creating  publicity  to  bring  a  special  Peruvian  lunch  to  campus.  This  meal  in   turn  served  to  promote  a  benefit  dinner  that  we  hosted  for  an  impoverished  town  outside  of   Arequipa.    I  also  regularly  use  research  tools,  like  JSTOR  and  Project  Muse,  to  investigate  and  write   briefs  about  the  topics  that  our  speakers  present,  and  lead  student  discussions  about  global   occurrences.    I  would  bring  the  language,  administrative  and  publicity  skills  that  I  gained  through  these   experiences  to  this  position.     I  look  forward  to  the  possibility  of  joining  the  Vienna  Global  Seminar  team  this  fall.    If  you  have  any   questions  about  my  attached  résumé,  please  let  me  know.    Thank  you  for  your  consideration.     Sincerely,     Madchen  Schmidt  
  8. 8.   Lydia  Michaels   555-­‐820-­‐7741,,  Brooklyn,  NY       April  18,  20XX     Ms.  Cynthia  Jenart,  Principal   Community  Prep  Public  School   205  East  122nd  Street     New  York,  NY10030       Dear  Ms.  Jenart:     I  am  writing  to  express  my  interest  in  joining  Community  Prep  as  an  elementary  teacher  this  fall.  Vice   Principal  Jane  Kopen  mentioned  that  you  are  always  interested  in  hearing  from  passionate  educators  and   encouraged  me  to  submit  this  application  to  you.  I  am  excited  by  the  opportunity  to  foster  my  skills  as  a   teacher  and  to  work  to  close  the  achievement  gap.     Due  to  my  desire  to  improve  education,  I  am  drawn  to  Community  Prep  Public  School’s  commitment  to   academic  growth  for  all  students.  Democracy  Prep’s  “no  excuses”  mentality  and  proven  charter  school   practices  have  prepared  countless  students  for  college  and  life  beyond.  I  am  driven  to  provide  a  high-­‐caliber   education  to  students  who  might  normally  be  overlooked  or  underestimated,  and  believe  that  by  working   at  your  school,  I  will  develop  my  capacity  to  do  so.     Beyond  an  attitude  of  determined  optimism,  I  would  bring  a  diverse  set  of  applicable  skills  to  Community   Prep.  As  a  docent  for  the  Bechtler  Museum  of  Modern  Art,  I  lead  tours  for  7th  graders  4  times  a  week,   educating  students  about  the  museum’s  art  as  well  as  introducing  the  fundamental  themes  of  art  history.   Working  at  the  Bechtler,  I  have  not  only  learned  how  to  develop  and  convey  a  specific  educational  message   to  students,  but  also  how  to  maintain  authority  and  control  while  doing  so.    I  also  have  four  years  of   coaching  basketball  fundamentals  to  elementary  school  students  (ages  5-­‐7)  and  would  enjoy  the   opportunity  to  coach  alongside  my  teaching  duties.    As  an  English  major  at  Davidson  College,  I  have   developed  strong  oral  and  written  communication  skills,  and  have  become  used  to  producing  quality  work   under  pressure  in  order  to  meet  tight  deadlines.  I  am  both  highly  organized  and  creative,  qualities  that  have   characterized  my  work  as  Public  Relations  Chair  for  Davidson’s  Patterson  Court  Council  and  as  secretary  for   Turner  Eating  House.  Holding  these  demanding  positions  also  helped  me  to  cultivate  strong  time-­‐ management  skills—skills  that  also  enabled  me  to  achieve  my  goal  of  a  double  major.     Ultimately,  while  I  believe  my  experience  has  given  me  excellent  groundwork  for  starting  a  career  in   teaching,  I  know  that  there  are  challenges  and  realities  I  cannot  anticipate.  I  know  that  inner-­‐city  teaching   will  be  difficult,  and  I  will  be  tested  as  a  person  and  educator.  In  response  to  this,  I  can  only  say  that  I  am   passionate  about  education.  I  am  a  determined,  positive,  intelligent,  creative  person,  and  I  believe  I  can   become  an  excellent  teacher.     With  this  letter,  I  have  submitted  my  résumé,  which  will  further  illustrate  my  qualifications  for  the  position.   Thank  you  for  your  time;  I  look  forward  to  hearing  from  you.     Sincerely,     Lydia  Michaels  
  9. 9.   Madeleine David, (555) 526-5114, Davidson, NC January 2, 20XX Ms. Eleanor Bruner Property Manager Ballantyne Village 114 Ballantyne Village Way, Suite 145 Charlotte, NC 28204 Dear Ms. Bruner: I am applying for the Marketing and Events Coordinator position advertised at Davidson College. Carey Thornburg, a former classmate of your son, referred me to this opportunity. I am excited about the opportunity to work with multiple constituents, including the media, tenants and retail clients, to promote your innovative, upscale shopping destination to the Charlotte community. I would bring to Ballantyne Village a professional background in customer service entailing prompt problem solving for clients ranging from senior executives to technicians to upscale retail shoppers. I have a particular passion for planning events, which have spanned small, team-building gatherings to a larger charitable fundraiser that exceeded its goal by almost 20%. All utilize my extensive communications, creative and organizational skills. I have honed my ability to publicize through print and online means, including designing invitations and creating a website honoring a celebrated town citizen. A motivated self- starter, I have demonstrated success in pioneering a new job, completing technical training in half of the expected time, performing at a professional level within weeks of joining a company, and working independently while also conscientiously working within a team. Attached you will find my résumé, which illustrates my qualifications for this position. I am eager to meet with you and discuss how I might best contribute to Ballantyne Village. I will contact you next week to be sure that you have received my application. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Sincerely, Madeleine David
  10. 10.   Katelyn  Johnson   (847)  924-­‐6557,,  Davidson,  North  Carolina       December  31,  20XX     Ms.  Samantha  Smith   Charlotte  Magazine   309  E.  Morehead  St.  Suite  50     Charlotte,  North  Carolina  28202     Dear  Ms.  Smith:     I  was  pleased  to  learn  about  the  Charlotte  Magazine  Editorial  Internship  advertised  on  the  Davidson   College  Career  Development  website.  Your  organization’s  efforts  to  celebrate  Charlotte’s  people,   culture,  and  talent  are  admirable  and  align  well  with  my  personal  commitment,  skills,  and  experience.   Please  find  my  résumé  and  writing  samples  enclosed  with  this  letter  in  application  for  this  position.     My  experience  working  with  a  diversity  of  people  in  the  Charlotte  area  makes  me  an  excellent   candidate  for  this  internship.  During  my  past  three  years  as  a  student  at  Davidson  College,  I  have   worked  alongside  local  farmers,  coached  female  social  entrepreneurs  in  a  seed  funding  competition,   conducted  interviews  with  burgeoning  start-­‐ups,  and  assisted  Charlotte  artists  with  gallery  events.   Throughout  these  experiences  I  have  worked  in  fast-­‐paced  environments,  managed  multiple  projects,   and  collaborated  with  a  range  of  people  and  organizations.  All  of  these  skills  are  essential  for  working   in  at  a  magazine  that  seeks  to  write  Charlotte’s  story.     As  an  English  major,  I  regularly  proofread,  fact-­‐check,  and  conduct  research.  While  all  of  my  English   classes  demand  creativity  and  strong  writing  skills,  the  creative  nonfiction  course  I  took  last  semester   has  been  my  most  challenging  and  rewarding  writing  experience.  The  class  not  only  developed  my   interviewing,  reading,  and  writing  skills  but  also  helped  me  begin  to  find  my  voice  as  a  writer.   Throughout  the  semester  I  wrote  several  pieces  ranging  from  satire  to  personal  essays;  I  have  included   two  of  these  pieces  with  this  letter  of  interest.     I  have  also  advanced  my  writing  and  reporting  skills  outside  of  the  classroom.  Through  summer   internships  with  Know  Your  Farms  and  the  Food  and  Water  Watch,  I  interviewed  farmers  and  wrote   press  releases.  Last  fall  when  I  studied  development  and  human  rights  in  Thailand,  I  interviewed   villagers  about  how  mining,  food  insecurity,  and  waste  issues  affect  their  communities.  In  addition,  I   helped  draft  and  execute  a  research  proposal  to  establish  an  organic  market  in  a  Thai  rural  village  and   shared  my  research  with  community  members,  NGOs,  and  leading  academics.     I  am  eager  to  contribute  my  skills  and  experience  to  Charlotte  Magazine’s  mission.  I  am  certain  I  could   be  a  valuable  contributor  to  the  magazine  while  furthering  my  writing  skills  and  learning  how  a   successful  publication  operates.  I  will  follow  up  with  a  phone  call  in  one  week  to  ensure  you  have   received  my  application.  Please  let  me  know  if  you  need  any  more  information.     Sincerely,       Katelyn  Johnson  
  11. 11.   Andrew Hall (555) 676-8978,, Union, New Jersey November 5, 20XX Ms. Linda Chambers Campus Recruiter Oliver Wyman 1166 Avenue of the Americas, 29th Floor New York, New York 10036 Dear Ms. Chambers: I am applying for the Entry-level Consultant position posted on Davidson College’s WildcatLink job posting system. The unique problems I would face on each new project, the team environment where I can work alongside intelligent and engaging coworkers, and Oliver Wyman’s emphasis on collaborating with clients make this position a perfect fit for me. As a mathematics major, I have developed the strong skills in quantitative and analytical thinking that you are seeking in consultants. I am task-oriented and have strong communication skills, allowing me to work well with colleagues as well as senior-level employees. This past summer I interned with General Sentiment, a small media analytics firm in Charlotte, where I worked on multiple assignments both individually and collaborating as part of a team. I initiated a project to expand General Sentiment’s services to analyze foreign languages. After my internship, this project was assigned to a full time employee for further development. In the spring, I also spent a semester abroad in China, further developing my language skills and broadening my understanding of global issues. My international experience coupled with my analytical and communication skills provides me with a solid foundation for a successful and productive career with Oliver Wyman. I have submitted my résumé and transcript for your review. I would welcome an opportunity to discuss my qualifications and learn more about this opportunity. I can be reached by email or telephone at your convenience. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Andrew Hall
  12. 12.   Sasha Green (555) 699-5961,, Davidson, North Carolina January 15, 20XX Ms. Patricia Hall Chrysler Group LLC 878 Auto Drive New York, NY 10001 Dear Ms. Hall: I am applying for the Management Consultant position advertised at Davidson College. I am thrilled about this opportunity to lend my research and analytical toolkit to your Business Transformation Services Unit. This position would provide extraordinary exposure to the consulting industry, as well as the unique opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge of how strategic recommendations are implemented in automobile companies. I am eager to support Chrysler in its vision to become the world’s leading supplier of commercial transport solutions. I would bring to this position direct experience with market research and analysis and a deep understanding of how to work effectively with professional colleagues across a variety of groups within a firm. As the Consumer Insights Intern for Guideposts Foundation, I managed several market research, strategy, and presentation projects simultaneously. Through my deep involvement with non-profit foundations and organizations on and off campus, I have developed excellent communication skills, a strong attention to detail, and an unrelenting desire to get deeply involved. My experience in economic and financial research, through courses such as Corporate Finance, Econometrics, and Quantitative Data Analysis makes me the ideal candidate to support Chrysler’s business from analytical, business development, and administrative perspectives. Attached you will find my résumé, which will illustrate my qualifications for this position. I look forward to speaking with you, and hope that we can discuss how I may be able to best contribute to Chrysler Business Transformation Services. Sincerely, Sasha Green
  13. 13.   Benjamin  Grey  Driscoll  /  555-­‐810-­‐5107  /  Davidson,  NC         March  14,  20XX     Dr.  David  Jetson   Mountain  Area  Health  Education  Center   121  Hendersonville  Road   Asheville,  North  Carolina  28803     Dear  Dr.  Jetson:     I  am  interested  in  pursuing  further  experience  and  knowledge  in  the  field  of  health  administration   and  public  health,  specifically  through  an  internship  with  Buncombe  County’s  Mountain  Area   Health  Education  Center.    The  Center  for  Career  Development  at  Davidson  College  referred  me  to   this  opportunity,  which  is  the  perfect  fit  for  my  skills  and  background.     I  have  been  fortunate  enough  to  have  had  ample  experience  in  the  field  of  public  health  that  I   would  bring  to  this  internship.    For  the  past  two  summers,  I  have  worked  for  a  primary  care  office,   most  recently  as  the  Medical  Records  coordinator.    I  have  also  had  the  opportunity  to  travel  to  San   Lucas,  Guatemala  and  Fort  Portal,  Uganda,  and  have  expanded  my  knowledge  and  understanding   of  public  health  as  a  global  issue  during  both  of  these  experiences.    As  a  medical  humanities   concentrator  at  Davidson,  I  have  taken  coursework  on  ethics,  medical  sociology,  and   epidemiology.    These  experiences  have  created  a  strong  platform  for  this  internship  as  well  as  for  a   future  career  in  health  administration  and  public  health.     I  believe  a  summer  internship  with  MAHEC  will  broaden  my  exposure  to  the  field  of  health   administration  and  public  health  and  provide  me  with  a  better  understanding  of  the  management   and  public  health  industries.    Asheville  has  always  been  one  of  my  favorite  places  in  the  southeast,   and  I  would  bring  my  knowledge  of  and  love  for  the  region  to  this  internship.    Finally,  I  have   significant  personal  interest  in  this  opportunity.    Having  had  experiences  with  sexual  and  domestic   violence,  I  would  appreciate  the  chance  to  work  with  these  critical  social  and  safety  issues.     Thank  you  for  taking  the  time  to  review  this  letter  and  my  résumé.  I  would  be  happy  to  meet  with   you  or  members  of  your  staff  either  in  person  or  over  the  phone  to  discuss  my  application  further.     Sincerely,     Benjamin  Driscoll    
  14. 14.   Bethany Milton (555) 733-5257,, Davidson, North Carolina December 7, 20XX Internship Coordinator EnviroAmerica 456 26th Street San Francisco, CA 94114 Dear Internship Coordinator: I am writing to apply for the research intern position with EnviroAmerica advertised on the InternMatch website. I would bring my research skills and passion for improving awareness of climate change effects and making environmental issues accessible to the public to this internship. My relevant experience comes from both outside and inside of the classroom. I have become increasingly aware of climate engagement initiatives as part of an active group of students interested in environmental solutions and sustainability on Davidson’s campus. I also wrote an interdisciplinary thesis with independent primary research on the perception and bottom-up strategies for climate change adaptability among rice farmers in Northeastern Thailand. The type of social science research that EnviroAmerica produces is the type I love to do--compiling and making connections between findings in behavioral, social and political facets of climate change. The implications of this research could apply broadly to businesses, non-profits and individuals aiming to shift behavior and increase environmental awareness. In addition to my knowledge of climate change and my research proficiency, I have the other skills that you are seeking in summer research interns. I enjoy and am capable of working independently, but my experience as an NCAA Division I Lacrosse player has also taught me to work effectively in team settings. I am able to speak articulately and openly about issues related to the environmental movement and understand the challenges in appealing to the broader public to catalyze change for the mainstream. Most importantly, like EnviroAmerica, I too believe that engaging the complexities of an unpredictable climate is imperative, and that real change must start with individual people. I am eager to work as a research intern this summer. Please contact me with any questions about my past experience and skills as detailed on the attached résumé. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Bethany Milton