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David Gergens Dental Sleep Presentation

This presentation outlines oral appliances for the treatment of sleep disorders. David Gergen is a lecturer and promotor of dental sleep disorders therapy

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David Gergens Dental Sleep Presentation

  1. 1. David Gergen CDT Gergens Othodontic Laboratory ProPlayer Health Alliance American Sleep and Breathing Association
  2. 2. John Madden Super Bowl winning coach of the Oakland Raiders, said if he had to pick one player to start a team with it would not be a quarterback it would be Roy Green
  3. 3. Roy Green Height: 6-0 Weight: 195 Born: 6/30/1957 Magnolia , AR College: Henderson State Experience: 14 NFL Seasons “Jet Stream Roy Green” St Louis Cardinals Phoenix Cardinals Philadelphia Eagles - 2 time NFL MVP Runner up - 5 time All Pro - 2 time First Team All Pro Last NFL player to start on both sides of the ball Defensive Back Wide Receiver
  4. 4. ASBA Diplomate Kevin Mueller DDS a the Cardinals game with David Gergen, Jet Stream Roy Green and Mark Walczak
  5. 5.  Total Marketing and Education Package  Public events with Sports Radio and TV  NFLPA reimbursement for sleep treatment
  6. 6.  Phoenix based Family owned since 1986  80 employee’s- largest lab in Arizona  Full Service Orthodontic Lab  America’s largest sleep Herbst Manufacturer  Fabricate all 8 major sleep designs  Orthodontic innovation in the style of Rickets, Roth and Serrano  My name is on the door you can call me and I will answer ◦ 602-478-9713
  7. 7. By Gergen’s Orthodontic Lab
  8. 8.  Herbst appliance only appliance approved by CMS  Mico adjustable arms up to 10mm  Patient can speak, drink take pills with the appliance in place  Adjustable Chairside
  9. 9.  EMA appliance  Elastic bands stretch and require changing every 2 weeks  Elastics often break  Appliance is very inexpensive  Great for Metal allergies
  10. 10.  Anterior fixation device  Precision attachment  Posterior support with hook placed inferior to the incisors  Patients report reduced tongue room  Can cause pain in tip of tongue
  11. 11.  Jaw Discomfort  Excessive Salivation  Sore Teeth  60-65% of patients complain of side effects after 4 mos  No permanent cases of TMJ have been reported
  12. 12. Join the Winning Team