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Wireless Wall Switch (Single Key)

Wulian has our own brands, and more than 70 kinds of patents. All of wulian's products are applied wireless ZigBee tech, now wulian is the the participant  of ZigBee Alliance , and we are also the ZigBee China regional headquarter ,
We are the only supplier who can supply the whole set of home automation system and solutions in the world. we have more than 200 kinds of series of wireless products and 12 home automation systems.
Looking for strong Distributor for Wireless ZIGBEE Home Automation System, including the Hardware and Software. We can provide Technology Support ,Experience Pavilion Building Support,Training Support and Others.

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Wireless Wall Switch (Single Key)

  1. 1. Wireless Wall Touch Switch User Manual 1 CCCCooooppppyyyyrrrriiiigggghhhhtttt nnnnoooottttaaaattttiiiioooonnnn ©2012 NNNNaaaannnnjjjjiiiinnnngggg IIIIOOOOTTTT SSSSeeeennnnssssoooorrrr TTTTeeeecccchhhhnnnnoooollllooooggggyyyy CCCCoooo....,,,, LLLLttttdddd AAAAllllllll RRRRiiiigggghhhhttttssss RRRReeeesssseeeerrrrvvvveeeedddd. Wulian is the trademark and registered trade mark of Nanjing IOT Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. The other products mentioned in this article or company names may be the trademark or trade name of their respective owners. Before installing and using the products, please read user manual carefully, which will help you use the products better. The pictures in the manual are just for your information. If some pictures have differences with material object, the material object is final. The content in the manual is protected by copyright law legislator. It strictly prohibits any forms of copying, passing, distributing and storing any content of the manual without prior, written, consent of the instructor of Nanjing IOT Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. When using, if the practical situation of the product is different with that in the manual, or if you want to get more information, or you have any questions or ideas, please contact us as below: Service telephone: +86-25-5226 9091 Service website:
  2. 2. Wireless Wall Touch Switch User Manual Ⅰ. Product Introduction WL-SFB-C01 wireless wall touch switch (single key) is a new product based on ZigBee protocol design. Users can control the switch remotely and wirelessly by any mobile intelligent terminal. It is convenient to use, there is no need to touch the wall surface. In addition to smart home system, the product can also be applied to intelligent building, intelligent hospital, wisdom hotel, wisdom breeding etc. Ⅱ.Function Features Support ZigBee HA protocol ZigBee equipment type: repeater Comply with human engineering design Simple and flexible operation Easy installation Various colors to be selected to match up with different home styles 2
  3. 3. Wireless Wall Touch Switch User Manual Ⅲ. Function Illustration Multi-function key 3 LED light
  4. 4. Wireless Wall Touch Switch User Manual Ⅳ. Installation Steps 1. Connect the product with the wire in wall box L Live wire input N Null line input PE Protect the earth A Two load output NNNNooootttteeee:::: Please make sure that the power supply has been turned off before installation! Electrical work is dangerous. Non-professionals are prohibited to operate without authorization. 2. Fix the base of the wireless wall touch switch to specified wall 4 PE A N L
  5. 5. Wireless Wall Touch Switch User Manual box by two screws. Installation method is the same with the one of ordinary wall switch. 3. Place decorative cover on, installation finished (as shown in following picture) Ⅴ. Application Method 5
  6. 6. Wireless Wall Touch Switch User Manual 1111.... NNNNeeeettttwwwwoooorrrrkkkk CCCCoooonnnnnnnneeeeccccttttiiiioooonnnn SSSSeeeettttuuuupppp (1) This product can be used as ordinary touch switch or used with communication gateway together. (2) Quickly click【multi-function key】4 times to join ZigBee network. Single quick click time is within 1 second (3) Quickly click【multi-function key】three times,sending out 6 After joining ZigBee network, LED light keeps on
  7. 7. Wireless Wall Touch Switch User Manual a binding request.(Note:This function is optional) Single quick click time is within 1 second If the binding is successful, LED light flashes twice. If fail,it flashes 4 times. (4) Press 【multi-function key 】for 10 seconds , restore to factory setting , which defaults not joining ZigBee network. LED light goes out. 7 LED light goes out 2222.... SSSSooooffffttttwwwwaaaarrrreeee DDDDoooowwwwnnnnllllooooaaaadddd
  8. 8. Wireless Wall Touch Switch User Manual (1) Please select relevant operating software according to different mobile intelligent terminals. a) Android users please search “wulian” in “Google Play Store", selecting “Smart Home” to download it. b) iPhone users please come to “APP Store” to search “smart home”, selecting “smart home” to download it. c) Pad users can visit the official website directly to download it. (2) Install and operate according to the indication of each version of software. (3) Installation finished,enter setting up and use stage. (4) This product also supports computer operation according to users’ needs. 3333.... HHHHoooowwww ttttoooo uuuusssseeee (1) Users can control the switch easily by mobile intelligent terminal. For specified operation steps,please refer to application method of each version. (2) Users can touch this product to control as ordinary switch, single click means it is on,another click means off. Ⅵ. Notes IIIInnnnssssttttaaaallllllllaaaattttiiiioooonnnn When using the product for the first time, please read the product 8
  9. 9. Wireless Wall Touch Switch User Manual introduction carefully before installation. CCCClllleeeeaaaannnniiiinnnngggg This product should be installed in a clean and dry place to avoid humidity or other material entering internal components which will influence its work. When the surface is stained with dust, dry it with soft cloth, cleaning fluid with corrosive composition and other chemical solvent are forbidden. SSSSttttoooorrrraaaaggggeeee Those products packed in boxes should be placed in the location which is dry, free of corrosive gas and available to air. The height of pile should be no more than 10 layers. Store temperature should be between -10℃— + 40 ℃ with humidity ≤75%. TTTTrrrraaaannnnssssppppoooorrrrttttaaaattttiiiioooonnnn Those products packed in boxes can be transported with any kind of means, if the direct influence of rain, snow, and severe impact is avoided. AAAAfffftttteeeerrrr ssssaaaalllleeeessss sssseeeerrrrvvvviiiicccceeee If this product breaks down, only professional personnel can open it, it should be delivered to local maintenance station. Our customer service department is also available to help. (Service line: 4008-892-891). 9
  10. 10. Wireless Wall Touch Switch User Manual Ⅶ. Product Specification WWWWeeeeiiiigggghhhhtttt 250g NNNNeeeetttt wwwweeeeiiiigggghhhhtttt 200g CCCCoooolllloooorrrr Various colors to be selected Ⅷ. Products in Package CCCCoooommmmppppoooonnnneeeennnnttttssss QQQQuuuuaaaannnnttttiiiittttyyyy Wireless wall touch switch 1 Decorative cover 1 Instructions 1 Screw 2 Ⅸ. Ordering Information GGGGooooooooddddssss NNNNoooo.... WLPN1206301 TTTTyyyyppppeeee WL-SFB-C01 PPPPaaaacccckkkkaaaaggggeeee ssssiiiizzzzeeee 138×118×68mm PPPPoooowwwweeeerrrr ssssuuuuppppppppllllyyyy 110V-230V LLLLooooaaaadddd ttttyyyyppppeeee Resistive load 600W 10
  11. 11. Wireless Wall Touch Switch User Manual 11