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  1. 1. Overwhelmed with all that you have on your plate, including keeping the house clean? Consider bringing in a professional cleaning service.additional reading
  2. 2.   In today’s economy, having someone come intoyour home to clean it regularly might seem like an unattainableluxury But in truth, hiring a professional cleaning service might notbe as expensive as you think Cleaning companies offer manydifferent services at many different cost levels, and so you can tailoryour cleaning experience to both your needs and your budget Ifyou can’t afford to have a maid clean your home top tobottom once a week, consider bringing someone in every other weekor once a month, or having her clean only certain rooms while youtake care of others yourself
  3. 3. If you’re comfortable with handling regular dusting, mopping,and other chores on your own, you can still hire a cleaning servicefor a deep cleaning before a special event, to make your housesparkle Or you might bring in a professional for specialized cleaningjobs, such as window washing and carpet cleaning Basically,depending on what you need and what you can afford, thesky’s the limit! A regular weekly or bi-weekly home cleaningmight include: Dusting Vacuuming Garbage removal Bathroomcleaning Kitchen cleaning Mopping and dry-mopping Fabric andleather upholstery cleaning And more A can generally tackle asmany of these standard cleaning options as you need For instance,your cleaning professional can do everything each week, or alternatesome services, such as dusting one week and mopping the next
  4. 4. And even if you aren’t a regular client, most cleaningcompanies will send out a team for a one-time cleaning Whetheryou’re planning to host a large party or you’repreparing your home for an open house in anticipation of selling it,there are times when you need everything to look perfect—andyou may not have the time or energy to devote to the amount ofcleaning that’s required That’s where a comes inSome cleaning tasks you don’t have to do weekly, or evenmonthly, but they make a big difference in your home’soverall appearance and upkeep
  5. 5. Carpet cleaning is one such job Even if you vacuum more thanonce a week, over time your carpets can start to look dingy andstained, and only a deep steam cleaning or shampooing will getthem looking like new again Professional will also help get rid ofany allergens and microorganisms in the carpet fibers, making yourhome a healthier place to live Depending on the amount of use andabuse your carpets receive, you probably want to have themprofessionally deep-cleaned at least once a year
  6. 6. Cleaning services exist to make your life easier When you hiresomeone to take a cleaning task off your hands—fromstandard dusting and vacuuming to full-house exterior windowwashing—you’re making an investment in yourproperty and in your life After all, not only do you get a clean houseat the end of the day, you also get back those hours that you wouldhave spent cleaning
  7. 7. Thanks to a cleaning service, you can devote your time to whatreally matters: your family, your friends, and your life   KellyRobertson, a senior Internet marketer for Prospect Genius, writesadditional reading about and issues related to home ownership 
  8. 8. additional reading