Low Back Pain - Is a Chiropractor for You?


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Back Pain can be Difficult to Bare. Low Back Pain can become Severe when untreated. You May need Chiropractic Care, The Right Chiropractor can make a difference http://youtu.be/AUEjDegHXn0

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Low Back Pain - Is a Chiropractor for You?

  1. 1. ==== ====A Must See Video Before Finding a Chiropractor!http://youtu.be/AUEjDegHXn0==== ====Did you know that 80% of people will have debilitating low back pain some time in their lifetime?Did you know that if you get a low back pain episode, you are more than 50% likely to haveanother episode within 12 months?Please read on if you want to learn more about how Antony Lo from Penshurst PhysiotherapyCentre solves your low back pain problems...The main causes of Low Back Pain are well-known - Disc bulges or herniation, joints jammed,muscles strained and nerves pinched are the most common reasons why people get low backpain.ÂBut Why Did You Get Low Back Pain?This is the simplest question that doesnt seem to get answered very well...The reasons often seem simple enough - "I bent over wrong", "I picked up my child", I fellover...but people do that all the time and they dont get injured. In fact, quite often we hear ourpatients say "I didnt do anything" or "I just picked up the soap off the floor" - something they havedone hundreds of times before without any problems. But......does your doctor or health professional actually ask "Why did your disc bulge?" or "Why did youjam your joints" or "Why did your muscles strain" or "Why did your nerve get pinched?".It is fine to know what happened to make you sore but it doesnt always give you the reasons as towhy it became sore in the first place.ÂMusculoskeletal Physical Therapists are "Problem Detectives"We believe in treating your Low Back Pain holistically. Many people say they are holistic but arethey really holistic?To properly assess why you have Low Back Pain, we carefully listen to your story. It is often inyour story that we find clues as to why something happened to you...perhaps it is the way youwork or the habits you have. Our questions are carefully chosen to draw out as much usefulinformation that you have. In fact, sometimes we ask things that you dont think is related to yourLow Back Pain - things like "what operations have you had?" or "Do you get headaches?". We askthese things because your answers help us fill in the picture of why you are getting Low BackPain.
  2. 2. Next, we always check how your Low Back Pain is affecting your function - that is physio jargonfor "the things you do in everyday life" - things like bending over, sitting, standing etc. These arethe things that will need to get better if you are going to feel 100% again right?Most importantly, we check on the following:* Your Joints,* Your Muscles and* Your NervesNow every good Physical Therapist, Chiropractor and Osteopath will do this...but we dont juststop at your lower back. We also routinely check the following joints:* Sacroiliac Joint (SIJ)* Hips* Ribs* Thoracic SpineWhy? Because all of these areas can cause your low back pain. If we need to, we will also checkyour knees, ankles, feet, shoulders and neck as well.You see, you have muscles that go from all of these locations and cross over the low back. Youalso have nerves from the low back that go to the legs - all the way to the tips of your toes.If you are being truly holistically cared for, all these areas will be checked - and that is what we do!How Do We Treat Low Back Pain?Once we have worked out what is really causing your problems (not just what is sore), we developa treatment strategy.Ideally you would need to move freely and maintain positions without pain and without causingfurther damage both now and in the future. To do that, you need to activate the right muscles atthe right time with the right movement patterns. But you cant do that unless you can adopt themost efficient position for your all of you joints - including your overall posture. Usually there arestructures that are not quite right which prevent you from adopting the right posture and efficientpositions......therefore, we find what we need to release - they could be overactive muscles, tight muscles,tight joints, fibrosed muscles or joints, or even just overall "tension". We use a variety oftechniques to help you learn to relax the right muscles. Sometimes, our remedial massagetherapists need to provide that release with massage and stretching for you.
  3. 3. We then teach you the most efficient positions and best overall posture for you. These could be todo with sitting, standing, lifting children, working, etc...basically any position that you are requiredto adopt to live a normal life everyday.Once you can adopt those positions, we teach you how to achieve the best movement patterns.This could be by thinking of a special cue/thought that gets the brain to work the right muscles atthe right time. Again this is an individual process and the solution we use will be unique for you.Finally, we teach you how to move correctly and do those tasks that used to be painful or weak butare now stronger and not painful!! Sometimes we have to break these movements down intodifferent parts - that is what is often referred to as "exercises". But we always try to relate what youare exercising to what you need to do in everyday life. Our Exercise Physiologists / Scientists canhelp you learn the right posture / alignment, cues and movement patterns with specialisedexercises.Pretty simple huh?For when you are "sick of the pain"...Just because pain is common doesnt mean that it has to be normal. There are many "common"treatments out there which may or may not have worked for you.We believe our approach is different to the "common" approach...it is holistic, it focuses onoptimum function and it is cost effective.Did you know that research has shown that seeing a Physical Therapist with post-graduatequalifications (like Antonys Masters in Manual Therapy) results in less consults and less moneypaid in total even though you pay more per session compared to someone who has the standardPhysical Therapy degree?So if you want to start feeling better and solve that low back pain problem, then book anappointment today and "feel the difference"!ÂAbout the Author:Antony H Lo |APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist |Teaching Fellow at The University of Western Australia |Masters in Manual Therapy (UWA) |B.App.Sc. (Physiotherapy)(USyd)Antony is the Principal Physiotherapist at Penshurst Physiotherapy Centre and is committed toproviding the highest quality assessment and treatment for his patients. He specializes in the 2most difficult regions in the body to treat...the Sacroiliac Joint (SIJ) and the Thorax (including ribs).
  4. 4. In addition to treating patients full time, he also travels twice a year to Perth, Australia to lecture tothe most popular post-graduate musculoskeletal course in Australia. The students are experiencedPhysical Therapists who are keen to further their skills in Manual Therapy. Antony also travels tothe villages in Bali, Indonesia to help underprivileged adults and children with musculoskeletal andneurological conditions.For more information about various musculoskeletal conditions, please visithttp://www.MyPhysios.com.au(c) Copyright 2010 - Antony H Lo. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Antony_H_Lo==== ====A Must See Video Before Finding a Chiropractor!http://youtu.be/AUEjDegHXn0==== ====