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Everything You Wanted To Know About Virtual Consultations


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What is a virtual color consultation? How do they work? The process is really quite easy.

If you need color advice for your home but don't have a Designer in your area, with Virtual Consults or E-Design you can have a Professional color palette delivered right to your computer.

Donna Frasca is a Color Expert who specializes in Virtual Consultations and has been designing them for years! You can check Angie's list and her website for testimonials on how very successful they are.

If you have questions about virtual design she has the answers! Come see how you can get Professional color advice delivered conveniently to your computer.

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Virtual Consultations

  1. 1. What Is A Virtual Consultation? Thursday, February 13, 14
  2. 2. There are many names for the Virtual Consultation. Virtual Color Virtual Design E-Design Virtual Color Consultations Virtual Consultations Thursday, February 13, 14
  3. 3. What does Virtual Design mean? Virtual Design means that I can provide Professional Interior Decorating services to you without me physically being in your home. Thursday, February 13, 14
  4. 4. How does this work? In a nutshell, it means that I will provide Professional design advice for you and it will be delivered to you via email. Color served directly to you! Thursday, February 13, 14
  5. 5. What tools do you need for Virtual Design? All you need is a computer, a devise to take pictures and a PayPal account. That’s it! Thursday, February 13, 14
  6. 6. Let me show you! Let’s say that you need color suggestions for your dining room.You’ll need to take a JPG picture of your dining room and send it to my email address. Thursday, February 13, 14
  7. 7. Tell me what style or colors that you are thinking about for your dining room. The more detail you provide to me the better I can visualize what you want. “ I’d like to incorporate the gray color trend into my dining room somehow but also would like to add color for variation. I love blue and I’d also like to have some color on the ceiling.” Thursday, February 13, 14
  8. 8. Samples are worth 1,000 words If you have pictures you like from HOUZZ or PINTEREST let me know! That’s a great way for me to visually see what you like. Thursday, February 13, 14
  9. 9. And the design begins! After reading your email and looking at your pictures I can now start designing for you! Thursday, February 13, 14
  10. 10. I will provide color suggestions AND color placement for you. No guessing where the colors go. that’s me! Thursday, February 13, 14 “Now that I have the color, where does it go?”
  11. 11. Client: Mr. & Mrs. Smith Room: Dining Room Sherwin-Williams paint Slate Blue SW 2345 Gray SW 1234 Stone Gray SW 3456 Thursday, February 13, 14 Light Sage SW 5678
  12. 12. Now YOU are very important in the design process too! Since monitor representations are not very accurate, you will need to pick up the color chips that I recommend for you. I usually use Sherwin-Williams paint so you’ll need to get a paint fan deck from the store. Don’t worry! They are FREE and having the colors right there in your hand during this process saves a TON of time … and this is how I keep my costs down. Thursday, February 13, 14
  13. 13. You’ll need these decks Thursday, February 13, 14
  14. 14. Your first color palette will be delivered to you within 48 hours of payment in full.Virtual Consultation are highly customized so you’ll have to email me for a price quote based on your project. Need just a few color suggestions for your front door or small project? That can be as little as $85 Need an entire color palette for your home? This is where I’ll need to see pictures of your space so I can give you an accurate quote. Thursday, February 13, 14
  15. 15. So you can get a FULL color consultation for your home. From foyer to Family Room! Thursday, February 13, 14
  16. 16. You can also have DECOR picked out for your home with mood boards and links so you can purchase your decor right online. Thursday, February 13, 14
  17. 17. Need a Full House Color Consultation? I can show you how your color will flow from room to room. Thursday, February 13, 14
  18. 18. Exterior Color Consultations are possible too! Thursday, February 13, 14
  19. 19. Kitchen Color! Bedroom Color! Office Color! Thursday, February 13, 14 (A) Sherwin-Williams / Soft Blue 2467
  20. 20. In you are interested in booking or learning more about Virtual Design, contact Donna Frasca at or call 704-243-6764 (land-line) Thursday, February 13, 14