Rikkyo University Project


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Interview with two Japanese university students studying business administration

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Rikkyo University Project

  1. 1. CCOLLEDGES IN THE COMMUNITY <br />COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT<br />Deakin University runs a Student Business Programme where Japanese students from Rikkyo University must complete an assignment based on information collected at an interview with an Australian business. It enables the students to not only practice their English language, but also gain firsthand knowledge on various aspects of small business operations.<br />When Deakin put out the call to small businesses to assist with the programme, Ed was keen to be involved and contacted them immediately. With his own interest in Japan (especially the food!), extensive knowledge of business and my personal experience living in Japan, Ed was sure that Colledges could bring something of value to the programme and hence the students involved.<br />It all started with a phone call from a nervous student, who plucked up the courage to ask for an appointment in his non-native English. The scene was set for a Friday morning meeting – bright and early at 9am. With no idea of what to expect, Ed and I sat down to an interesting hour long question and answer session with two budding accountants.<br />Our interviewers were Yusuke, who is majoring in Business Administration and Akitoshi, whose major is Marketing. Both were visibly nervous when having to ask their questions in English...especially when they couldn’t remember what that question meant when asked for clarification! Ed was unaware of what questions would come his way, but rose to the challenge and all went smoothly – he didn’t get caught out once! <br />The only bump in the road came when the students struggled to understand an aspect of our discussion, so I stepped in with my rusty Japanese and helped clarify some points – much to the surprise of the two students! I was impressed that they continued to persevere asking their questions in English, despite knowing that they had a back up translator in the room. <br />Both Ed and I had a load of fun talking and joking with them. With Ed’s extensive experience in business and accounting, the students walked away with a plethora of information for their oral presentations.<br />Without dispute, the highlight was when Ed presented Yusuke and Akitoshi with his beloved AFL team’s caps, and converted the guys into Geelong supporters! We wish them both all the best with their studies, and look forward to hearing about their progress post graduation.<br />Colledges will continue our involvement in Deakin University’s student programmes in the future, as a way to help support our local community and foster international relations.<br />(Colledges Accountants and Advisors has over 40 years experience operating in the Kew area and on a national basis. We specialise in all aspects of accounting, taxation, business strategies and advisory services. Ed Colledge was recognised for his extensive services to the Automotive Industry in 2008 with the AADA Victoria Retail Motor Industry Awards, Allied Industry Services’ Certificate of Excellence)<br />