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CAANF Meeting 2 Presentation 21 06-2011


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• Social Media - Getting Value Online
• Automotive Industry Updates
• Recent Budget Changes

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CAANF Meeting 2 Presentation 21 06-2011

  1. 1. Automotive Accountants Network Forum Meeting 2 The Manningham 21st June 2011 Founding member of
  2. 2. This presentation has been prepared by Colledges for the general information of its clients and forum attendees. While the information herein has been prepared with all reasonable care and derived from sources believed to be accurate, no responsibility or liability is accepted by Colledges or any of its affiliations, for any errors or omissions, including liability to any person of negligence or otherwise. Recommendations may not be appropriate in all circumstances and clients must consider their own personal objectives and financial advice before acting on recommendations in this presentation. Colledges (ABN 52 439 950 641)For more information, contact Angelo Sirianni on 03 9851 6500 or email Founding member of
  3. 3. House Rules  Feel free to ask questions  Show respect for presenters and colleagues  One discussion at a time  Please switch phones to “silent”  Enjoy the forum!For more information, contact Angelo Sirianni on 03 9851 6500 or email Founding member of
  4. 4. Quote for the day...“The secret of success is to know something nobody else knows” Aristotle Onassis (1906-1979) Founding member of
  5. 5. Agenda Introduction - Whiteboard Items - Review Social Media Automotive Industry Updates Recent Budget Changes Son of Holdback Whiteboard Items Founding member of
  6. 6. Introduction Founding member of
  7. 7. Whiteboard Items1. How is time and attendance recorded? - Timesheets? - Software?2. How do you measure parts counterman productivity? - Does Pentana measure it effectively?3. What measures are in place for parts old stock? How do you keep it under control?4. How do you prepare for the end of the financial year? Founding member of
  8. 8. Review Outstanding Issues Previous Meeting  Christmas Parties  Mobile Phones Founding member of
  9. 9. Social MediaPresenter: James Richardson Optimising SEO & Design Founding member of
  10. 10. Getting Value Online James Richardson 1300 171 005
  11. 11. Who am I?• Worked in the online space for 8 years.• Run an SEO & Social Media Agency.• Written for The Age, The Australian, Dynamic Business & Anthill on Digital Media Issues.• Bit of a nerd...
  12. 12. Online Objectives• Establish your brand.• Be where your customers are.• Create Relationships.• Drive sales.
  13. 13. Homebase: A home base is a place online that you own (Your Website)Outposts: Places that you have an online presence out in other parts of theweb that you might not ‘own’.
  14. 14. Direct Traffic
  15. 15. Target Market• Who is your target market?• Where do they ‘hang out’ online?• What do they do online? HOW DO WE REACH THEM?
  16. 16. Share of Internet Traffic for week ending 11/6/2011 10.79% 9.13%
  17. 17. Facts• 1 in every 13 people on Earth is on Facebook• 35+ demographic represents more than 30% of the entire user base• In 20 minutes 1,000,000 links are shared on Facebook• In 20 minutes 10.2 million comments are posted• 48% of 18 to 34 year olds check Facebook right when they wake up• 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day• Average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events• Average user creates 90 pieces of content each month• More than 700 million active users• There is over 16,000,000 Facebook fan pages• Australian’s spend more time per month on Facebook than any other country at over 7 hours on average
  18. 18. Ways to usePages Ads Events Check Ins
  19. 19. Ways to use Pages• Create new Fans.• Alert fans to new offers/products/services.• Display inventory.• Generate Leads .
  20. 20. Page Best Practices• Be authentic.• Have purpose.• Engage regularly.• Vary Message.• Don’t overdo it.
  21. 21. Ways to use Ads• Create Brand Awareness.• Advertise a Product/Service/Offer.• Generate Website Traffic.• Create New Fans.
  22. 22. Ad Examples Title (25 Characters) 120px * 80px Description (135 Characters)
  23. 23. Ad Best Practices• Identify your advertising goals• Demographic Targeting• More Ads, Smaller Market• Keep your ad simple• Use a strong call-to-action• Use an image• Landing pages• Testing, Testing, Testing...
  24. 24. Social Media
  25. 25. Getting Traffic• Search Engine Optimisation.• Google Maps (Local/Places)• Google Adwords (Pay Per Click)
  26. 26. Search Engine Optimisation • On Page Factors • Off Page Factors • Other Factors
  27. 27. SEO Tips• Content is King• Create for Users First• Links = Trust = Rankings• Patience :-)
  28. 28. Maps• Powerful for local and geographic search Offpage Factors• Highly geographically targeted• Easier/Faster to rank• Uses same ranking techniques as SEO
  29. 29. Maps Tricks• Use local Phone numbers (No 1300...)• Matching address must be on website URL.• Have one address per location.• Fill out ALL the details.• Reviews count.• Truelocal and Yellow Pages must match up.
  30. 30. Pay Per Click• Pay for every visitor that comes to your website.• Can specify search terms/time/budget/websites.• Can track conversions/leads/click/impressions.
  31. 31. PPC Tips• Don’t run ads on the display network.• Don’t just run ads when Google says so...• Don’t send traffic to the homepage.• Create many landing pages.• Run ads consistently.• Test, Test, Test, Test...
  32. 32. James 171
  33. 33. Afternoon Tea Founding member of
  34. 34. Automotive Industry Updates Ed Colledge  Recent Happenings  MTAA Superannuation  PSI – The Workshop  Factory / Dealer Relationships  Financier / Dealer Overview  The Economic Outlook Founding member of
  35. 35. Recent Happenings Luxury car rort spurs tax debate Bank of Queensland – car wholesale financing Best dealer results – KPI focus Founding member of
  36. 36. MTAA Superannuation MTAA Super Fund Advisors grilled on $500M loss (Financial Review) Previously one of the best performing funds Need for review and plan for recovery Founding member of
  37. 37. PSI – The Workshop Service while you wait more popular Switch from repairs to quick service maintenance – larger bays Conduct a facility audit program Meaningful KPIs Founding member of
  38. 38. Factory / Dealer Relationships Moves to stop cyber slipping vs Push for greener cars Founding member of
  39. 39. Financier / Dealer Overview Rates geared to: - Retail performance - Debt to asset ratio New entrant finance companies Founding member of
  40. 40. The Economic Outlook More banking regulations hindering recovery Worsening debt crisis in Europe Frustrating slow growth in the US Aussie banks in good position RBA forecasts rates to go up very soon Founding member of
  41. 41. Recent Budget Changes Founding member of
  42. 42. Recent Budget Changes 2 key measures that impact on dealerships  Tax breaks for small business operations  FBT related to motor vehicles Founding member of
  43. 43. Son of Holdback Founding member of
  44. 44. Son of Holdback Lead case is proceeding ATO is not prepared to disclose the taxpayer Case unlikely to be finalised before 2012 Founding member of
  45. 45. Benchmarks Founding member of
  46. 46. Benchmarks Total Dealership 2011 2010NPBT % Revenue 2.5% 2.5%Gross % Sales 15.5% 15.5%Expenses % Sales (incl. admin) 13% 13%Gross per Employee $11,000 $11,000Expense per Employee $5,500 $5,500(excludes admin)Selling Gross per Employee $5,500 $5,500NPBT per Employee $2,500 $2,500Parts and Service Absorption 57.5% 57.5% Founding member of
  47. 47. Benchmarks Administration 2011 2010Rent and Property Expense % of Gross 8% 8%Total Administrative Expenses % Gross 25% 25% Founding member of
  48. 48. Benchmarks New 2011 2010Retail Gross $PNVR $2,800 $2,800Fleet Gross $PFVS $1,600 $1,600Unit Sales per Salesperson (incl Managers) 12 12Gross per Salesperson (incl Managers) $30,000 $30,000Remuneration % Gross 35% 33%Variable Expenses % Gross 20% 20%Fixed Expenses % Gross 50% 45%Selling Gross per Sales Employee $8,000 $10,000(incl Managers)Return on Investment 30% 30%Aftermarket Gross PNVR $250 NEWAftermarket New Vehicle Penetration 60% NEW Founding member of
  49. 49. Benchmarks Used 2011 2010Retail Gross $PUVR $2,600 $2,600Unit Sales per Salesperson (incl Managers) 10 10Gross per Salesperson (incl Managers) $27,500 $25,000Remuneration % Gross 40% 40%Variable Expenses % Gross 14% 14%Fixed Expenses % Gross 50% 50%Selling Gross per Sales Employee $8,000 $8,000(incl Managers)Return on Investment 60% 50%Aftermarket Gross PUVR $75 NEWAftermarket Used Vehicle Penetration 30% NEW Founding member of
  50. 50. Benchmarks Finance & Insurance 2011 2010New Vehicle Penetration Rate 38% 32%Used Vehicle Penetration Rate 38% 30%Finance Income $PNVR $750 $600Finance Income $PUVR $750 $550Insurance Income $PNVR $200 $150Insurance Income $PUVR $200 $200Total F&I Income $PVR $950 $700F&I Gross per Employee $55,000 $45,000F&I Selling Gross per Employee $40,000 $30,000 Founding member of
  51. 51. Benchmarks Service 2011 2010Ratio Chargeable: Non-chargeable 1.5 1.5Percent of Available Hours Sold 97.5% 97.5%Labour Sales per Chargeable Employee $15,000 $14,000Ratio Customer Parts to Labour Sales 0.75 0.75Labour Gross per Chargeable Employee $11,500 $10,500Salaries and Payroll On Costs % of Gross 40% 40$Total Direct Expenses % of Gross 50% 50%Selling Gross per Chargeable Employee $7,000 $6,000Selling Gross per Department Employee $3,500 $3,000 Founding member of
  52. 52. Benchmarks Parts 2011 2010Parts Sales per Employee (excl drivers) $75,000 $75,000Parts Gross per Employee (excl drivers) $19,000 $19,000Gross % Sales (Net of inv adj) 27% 27%Salaries and Payroll On Costs % Gross 32% 32%Total Direct Expenses % Gross 37.5% 37.5%Selling Gross per Parts Employee $10,000 $10,000Return On Investment 175% 175% Founding member of
  53. 53. Whiteboard Items Founding member of
  54. 54. Whiteboard Items1. How is time and attendance recorded? - Timesheets? - Software? Please contact Colledges for answers to these items Founding member of
  55. 55. Whiteboard Items2. How do you measure parts counterman productivity? - Does Pentana measure it effectively?3. What measures are in place for parts old stock? How do you keep it under control? Please contact Colledges for answers to these items Founding member of
  56. 56. Whiteboard Items4. How do you prepare for the end of the financial year? Please contact Colledges for answers to these items Founding member of
  57. 57. Next MeetingTuesday 23rd August 2011 12 ~ 4:30pm The Manningham Founding member of
  58. 58. Thank-you Founding member of