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Insyte Customer Dashboard


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This guide overviews how the Insyte customer dashboard helps meet new healthcare demands while exceeding satisfaction, loyalty, and ACA objectives.

Published in: Healthcare, Technology, Business
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Insyte Customer Dashboard

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  2. 2. Insyte empowers your customers to take informed action. Healthcare organizations are experiencing greater strain with the overwhelming and non-stop changes in healthcare reform. At the same time, they are challenged to create relevant, engaging online experiences that improve health education, satisfaction, and outcomes--while reducing costs. The Insyte customer dashboard helps meet these new demands while exceeding satisfaction, loyalty, and ACA objectives. It does this by offering a single unified view of plans, providers, claims, assessments, wellness programs, and more. In addition, it provides flexible tools, 3D intelligent virtual assistants, chat, email, and mobile capabilities. By leveraging multiple data sources combined with your choice of interactive elements, you can deliver a superior, differentiated consumer experience. Insyte Solution Guide More than 40% of U.S. consumers are willing to switch physicians to gain online access to electronic medical records. Accenture Survey Guide Powered by CodeBaby | 2
  3. 3. Conversion is as flexible as Insyte. Considering the needs of your objectives and target audience, we can design the experience to drive better health behaviors, plan selection, increase voluntary benefits enrollment, and more. The choice is yours. The Insyte Difference Unlike other platforms, the Insyte solution allows you to integrate a range of services or data--claims, diseases, treatments, etc.--from external or internal sources, into a holistic view. What’s even better, due to our one line of code technology, there’s little IT involvement. Insyte improves healthcare education and decision-making in these specific ways: Insyte Solution Guide Guide Powered by CodeBaby | 3 Education Insyte builds customer confidence by providing timely education via virtual assistants and knowledge base integration. It can also enhance any database by providing contextual advice or immersive tutorial videos using the intelligent virtual assistants. Guidance Insyte evolves into a lifestyle and behavioral assessment tool when your customers need additional guidance. You have the option of adding interactive features that can walk users through specific actions such as HRAs or give them the ability to create their own what-if scenarios. ConversionNavigation Insyte allows your customers to navigate without leaving the page. This gives you control over what and how they can access information. Insyte can serve up information from multichannel sources such as natural language search, geolocation, on- screen decision support, click-to-chat, call or email.
  4. 4. Insyteful Benefits Healthcare can be complex and your customer may not be comfortable with the subject matter and terminology. By using Insyte, you can give them the information and control to be confident making decisions for themselves and their families. Insyte provides seamless self-service, improved health engagement, and cost efficiencies in these specific ways: Insyte Solution Guide Guide Powered by CodeBaby | 4 Insyte helps you: ➡ Integrate disparate systems into a single unified view, creating a friction-less online experience ➡ Meet the growing demand for consumer control of their own healthcare decisions ➡ Create a humanized online experience, turning you into a trusted advisor ➡ Control federated health education resources and provide consistent information ➡ Gain Insyte into consumer behavior, needs, and preferences to further personalize the experience ➡ Reduce costs by deflecting calls for typical self-service transactions ➡ Drive acquisition, loyalty, and brand differentiation ➡ Increase voluntary benefit enrollments and health risk assessments ➡ Surpass ACA mandates ➡ Increase patient activation ➡ Improve health literacy ➡ Operate 24/7 when staff isn’t available 36% are willing to switch insurers if offered the ideal experience. Health Research Institute
  5. 5. Customizable Features The Insyte solution offers you multiple areas that can contain any tool, data, widget or feature necessary to guide your customer. In addition, we add special effects that highlight and draw users to important information. Based on our best practices and your key performance objectives, we help you design the customer journey that delivers a consistent and personalized experience to drive desired behaviors. Insyte Solution Guide Guide Powered by CodeBaby | 5
  6. 6. Insyte Solution Guide Guide Powered by CodeBaby | 6 Dynamic Self-Help Options Search Navigation/Access toAny Data Source Keyword and intent-based, natural language, topic, and content federation is available from all access points such as symptoms/diseases finders, pricing tools, knowledge bases, claim status, object libraries, provider locators, and wellness services. Mobile/Geolocation The customer or patient can find the nearest in or out-of-network provider or pharmacy based on their plan. And when accessing this information from a mobile phone*, we automatically convert the experience into a mobile app with audio and text virtual assistant guidance. *Available on iPhone 4 and 5. search search 3D Intelligent VirtualAssistants Studies show that emotionally expressive avatars are more effective for creating online engagement than static 2D avatar or even human images. CodeBaby virtual assistants carry the necessary emotional and conversational attributes to guide and motivate customers in virtually any language.
  7. 7. Insyte Solution Guide Guide Powered by CodeBaby | 7 Complete Feature/Option Set Applications and Forms: Guidance on an already existing form or application or custom made; customers can be walked throughout the entire process or access help from the virtual assistant only when needed. API Integration/Geolocation: Expands self- service to social media channels or other Internet enabled services like Google Maps; can bring those features into the designated widget area. Search Navigation/Access to Multiple Data: Integrates with any proprietary knowledge base, CRM, or ERP system as well as third party information sources to provide a single access point across all federated sources. 3D Intelligent Virtual Assistants: Carries a full range of motion capture (mocap) gestures and enhanced facial expressions; uses 3D, 2D, voice, and text to deliver the optimal experience to the right device; multilingual. Callback: Transmits customer contact information to your CRM and notifies your agent for a customer callback. Live Chat Integration: Served up by the virtual assistant when needed; user is returned to their transaction when complete. Email/Contact Form: Embedded within Insyte at all times and can be prompted by the virtual assistant when appropriate; works with already existing forms or created by CodeBaby. Props and Calls-to-Action: Illustrates intent, gives instructions, emphasizes multimedia, or displays product images/videos.
  8. 8. Insyte Solution Guide Guide Powered by CodeBaby | 8 Why CodeBaby Deep Healthcare Expertise Millions of consumers via benefits, health plan, and healthcare providers depend on CodeBaby customer engagement solutions to make personalized and informed healthcare decisions. These major healthcare organizations have experienced overwhelming engagement, accuracy and form completion results by using CodeBaby virtual assistant and engagement technology. Our team of health and benefits experts conduct careful analysis of your audience, goals, content, and organizational culture to help you evolve your online strategy to achieve long-term loyalty and revenue opportunities. Engagement Expertise CodeBaby technology and solutions focus on enhancing and differentiating the online brand experience. The traditional customer service challenges that enterprise organizations have spent years trying to improve have quickly migrated to the Internet and now mobile environments, creating an entirely new paradigm-- which they must quickly address to remain competitive in their markets. Leveraging emotion research and gaming expertise and integrating them with online self- service capabilities, CodeBaby launched its customer engagement solutions in 2008. Now, CodeBaby is the leading 3D, animated virtual assistant provider, with hundreds of deployments in multiple languages and industries. 75% Engagement 80% Accuracy 95% Completion
  9. 9. Ready to empower your customers? Contact us for more information, for a personalized demo, or to ask for an assessment that helps you provide the business case and data points to articulate the value of implementing an Insyte solution. © 2014, Inc. All rights reserved. Insyte Solution Guide Guide Powered by CodeBaby | 9 About CodeBaby: CodeBaby Corporation is a global customer engagement technology company founded in 2001 by two Canadian physicians turned gaming entrepreneurs (former CEOs of Bioware and executives of Electronic Arts). Leveraging emotional engagement and gaming expertise, CodeBaby’s solutions drive engagement and retention for Fortune 500 customers within healthcare, financial services, banking, and eCommerce. Follow us @CodeBaby. Written and Designed by Audrey Dalton, Director of Content Marketing Click Here to Arrange a Free Demo Click Here to Email For More Info Call 877-334-3465 More Info