ParkingCarma - Getting Local with Speech


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Presentation for the SpeechTek Magazine conference

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ParkingCarma - Getting Local with Speech

  1. 1. Third levelParkingCarma Helps with the Problems of: Fourth level Fifth level •Congestion mitigation •Driver frustration •CO2 reduction
  2. 2. • Speech
  3. 3. Distributed Application Topology
  4. 4. Why Speech?Third level Fourth level Fifth level
  5. 5. In-vehicle device penetration – new vehicles Currently Low Percentage
  6. 6. Mobile Applications & WAPThird level Fourth level •Apps require download Fifth level •WAP experiences are not standard •Need data plan •Requires reading/navigating a device while driving •“Hands-free” becoming increasingly required
  7. 7. Third level Fourth level Fifth level87% Cell phone penetration rate in US Source: CTIA
  8. 8. Speech Application OverviewThird level Fourth level Fifth level
  9. 9. Third level“Kate” Persona Fourth level Fifth level •Inbound Speech Application
  10. 10. Parking Facility Search Third level Fourth level Fifth level • Input location, or POI, or event • Return nearby locations that match user’s preferences and are currently open • Return real-time parking space availability at select facilities
  11. 11. Parking Reservations Third level Fourth level Fifth level • Reserve parking at select parking facilities • Defaults to current day, but can change • Requires billing information to be entered if not already a registered user
  12. 12. Cell Fourth level Payment System Phone Third level Fifth level • Pay for parking with cell phone at select facilities •Enter in facility code •Call once for flat rate • Call to “check-in” & “check-out” at hourly rate facilities
  13. 13. Third levelSpeech Technology Platform Fourth level Fifth level •Originally Microsoft Speech Server 2004 •Migrating to OCS 2007 •Dialogic T-1 boards moving to SIP •Utilizing both Voice XML & Microsoft Managed Workflows
  14. 14. Third level Fourth level Fifth levelSpeech Service Launched in December 2004
  15. 15. Third levelBART – Bay Area Rapid Transit Application Fourth level Fifth level •Advanced reservations and mobile payment •New ridership increased by 14% at station •Reduced circling by 5 minutes per car •Reduced VMT by 9 miles per user •Average 20 users per space (oversubscribed)
  16. 16. Third levelSpecial Event Parking Fourth level Fifth level •Advanced reservations & parking guidance •Offer multi and single day passes •Premium parking locations •Incentive of free movie tickets to use service
  17. 17. Third level Fourth level Fifth levelOne person had some very exasperating conversations with the voicerecognition system, “Kate,” and has now mastered the strategy of“speaking softly and keying in…Kate does not like to be yelled at.”
  18. 18. Third level Fourth level Fifth level •6% opt-out rate •83% of calls in a 4 hour window Mon-Fri •58% savings over equivalent call center reps
  19. 19. Speech Application ChallengesThird level Fourth level Fifth level
  20. 20. Third level Fourth level Fifth level96% of all system users call from a cell phone
  21. 21. Ambient Noise in Decibels= High false barge-in rate
  22. 22. Third levelExtremely Large Grammars Fourth level Fifth level •All street names in a city •All POI names in a city •All parking facility names in a city
  23. 23. Third levelLarge & Unstructured Grammars Lead to Fourth levelIncorrect recognitions Fifth level •Vanity license plates – “b”, “3”, “e”, etc. •Similar POI and street names
  24. 24. High spike in peak volume due to dailyweekday commuter use
  25. 25. Third levelHow Hard Can it be? Fourth level Fifth level Web Experience != VUI Experience
  26. 26. Lessons Learned / RecommendationsThird level Fourth level Fifth level
  27. 27. Users will respond in ways you never expect Monitor and adjust grammars accordingly
  28. 28. Third levelSMS / Text Additional Information Fourth level Fifth level •Directions to parking facility •Parking payment receipts
  29. 29. Use Consistent Credential Information IVR Website SystemSeparate web password and phone PIN== confused users
  30. 30. Third levelCreate Dynamic Grammars Fourth level Fifth level •Street names based upon city •Parking facility names based upon city •POI names based upon walking distance radius of current location
  31. 31. Third levelUse Patterns to Limit Expected Input Fourth level Fifth level •Custom license plate recognition •Each state has a pattern of alphanumeric •California = NAAANNN •Patterns change over time •Increased non-vanity license plate recognition by more than 25%
  32. 32. Third levelResearch & Adjust Confirmation Needs Fourth level Fifth level •More explicit confirmations •Before finalizing $$ transactions •Less explicit confirmations •Experienced users
  33. 33. Third levelUse Professional Voice Talent Fourth level Fifth level •More professional •Pre-recorded “Vocabularies” save $$ •Decrease development time
  34. 34. Third levelImport Preferences from Web / CRM Fourth level Fifth level •Default to “home” city •User’s favorite POI list •Preset filters for search • Vehicle type • Price vs. distance
  35. 35. Third levelMake Decisions for Users Fourth level Fifth level •Based on “called-id” we select the city •Use Caller ID to identify users •Default to most popular search types •Always allows users to override automatic selections
  36. 36. Other Lessons Learned / Recommendations •Barge-in •Balance background noise with ability for users to expedite calls •Use “recognition” rather than sound barge-in and limit grammars •Use Hosted Speech Vendor •If financially makes sense
  37. 37. Recorded Call
  38. 38. Third level Fourth level Fifth level Questions?
  39. 39. Christian McCarrickCTOParkingCarma, Inc.(650) 281.9864cmccarrick@parkingcarma.com