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Goal Setting Worksheet Example


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A sample document to support my blog on Goal Setting. This worksheet provides the basic topics to establish a goal that can be achieved. It requires the user to be specific, include measurements, define attainable task steps that are reasonable to complete and provides target dates with a desired end state. Also see my deck on setting goals: You can view my blog at

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Goal Setting Worksheet Example

  1. 1. Goal Worksheet Start Date: Today Target Completion Date: Sometime after today Goal: Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, & time-bound Task steps: 1. Do this first 2. Do this next 3. Do this third Metrics: Success look like 80% this and 20% that. (measurable from above) Desired outcome/endstate: Achieving this goal will create a desirable situation for me or my employer or family member because I will be a better person, have power or wealth to achieve other things or whatever. This is your vision. Should be <250 words and can be reviewed in under 60 seconds.