It's TURBO-CHARGE Thursday for your digital marketing strategy


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The no-bullshit IN-YOUR-FACE guide to GROWING inbound leads to your business.

This sassy guide tells you thinks YOU ALREADY KNOW in ways SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT to what you have heard before!

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It's TURBO-CHARGE Thursday for your digital marketing strategy

  1. 1. Its TURBO-CHARGE Thursdayfor your digital marketing strategyThe no-bullshit IN-YOUR-FACE guide toGROWING inbound leads to your business.This sassy guide tells you thinks YOU ALREADYKNOW in ways SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT towhat you have heard before!
  2. 2. “How many times did you go to the bathroomtoday? Thats how often you should bepublishing new content”
  3. 3. Publishing Frequency (Note: this slide isntfunny)Frequency of publishing is really important. The topcontent marketers are publishing constantly. HubSpotposted 6 valuable blogs yesterday and they get mostof their business from content marketing.The best inbound lead marketers are Tweeting,Pinning, Posting and sending all the time: sharing theircontent and others. They are seen as thought leadersbecause they are thinking and talking constantly.Frequent publishing gets Google excited: crawling allover you, and trusting what you have to say.
  4. 4. “Ill let you in on a little secret, there is noGoogleBot – it is just Matt Cutts,browsing the internet really quickly”Do not mess with Matt Cutts, he cantell when you do.If you dont try and manipulate MattCutts and write valuable contentdesigned for readers like him, he willreward you handsomely.Content written for humans to learnfrom and enjoy can be shared inmany other places too: social media,newsletters, eBooks, white papers(Pictured above: Matt Cutts)
  5. 5. Here are some statistics that Istole from the internet61% of people are morelikely to buy from a companythat provides custom content77% of people believe that acompany that shares customcontent is interested inbuilding quality relationships73% of people prefer to getinformation about a companythrough a series of articlesrather than traditionaladvertisingSource:Favorite Sauce: Tomato(Pictured above: statistics connoisseurs)CONCLUSION: WRITE CONTENT.What an insightful SlideShare this is!
  6. 6. Content marketing doesnt justmean on your own websiteHere are some other forms of content that you canand should be producing:Informed and thoughtful posts on forums and blogs, with a link back toyour website.Answers on your subject area on sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers andHacker News.Podcast, videos, photography and other content which educates,interests and engages your target audience. People are engaging withthese forms of media every say – make sure it is yours.Tools, code, models and other technical or business materials that yourtarget audience needs or is unaware of. Be a trusted source ofknowledge in your industry.
  7. 7. Yesterday was ThursdayVideos absolutely,unequivocally,positively work.Rebecca black haddreams of being afish monger beforeher video went viral.
  8. 8. Rebecca Black knows what she isdoing. Ignore her at your peril.Videos are a way of pumping knowledge into your customersbodies through their ears and eyes:People are watching because they are excited by the prospect ofgrowing their business and because they like the subject matterand it entertains and informs them.By watching, they are acknowledging that what you are saying isimportant. They are trading the irreplaceable resource of theirtime with the knowledge that you are presenting to them.You have a unique opportunity to sell your way of thinking inevery video your share with your target market.
  9. 9. Content generation ideas that Steve Jobsdoesnt want you to know aboutReview a product or service in your industry (and get a link back).Consolidate and summarize presentations and materials from othersources.Record yourself talking about a subject area and have what you saytranscribed and edited.Interview people who work in your industry and make notes of whatthey have to say.Make a video of you talking about the subject of one or more of yourarticles and expanding on your points. You can then link to this onYouTube and the article itself.Write case studies of your best clients and share their stories.
  10. 10. Have a wow & GREAT dayYou might bewondering what havea wow & great daymeans. Me too.Someone tweetedthat to me earlier.What a weirdo.(P.S. Go and writesome content!)
  11. 11. To visitAbout the AuthorChris Sharkey@chrissharkeyAbout BislrBislr is a content marketingplatform that has everythingyou need to grow yourbusiness and generate leads.Read our content and watchour videos at