SEO: Optimizing For Google - Most Important Things


Published on - A quick overview of specific items that you should pay attention to in order to properly optimize your website for Google beyond just the basics. Topics include layout, title tags, keyword usage, site structure, social media, image and video tagging, and much more.

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SEO: Optimizing For Google - Most Important Things

  1. 1.  
  2. 2. Got a website that’s struggling? We’ll review it for free here on our Youtube Channel and go over some strategies to help. Send your website address to reviews@hortonseo.comDon’t want others to see? We’re available for affordable SEO consultations also.Chris HortonHorton SEO Link:
  3. 3. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization – What It IsOptimizing site structure & contentto get it viewed favorably by thesearch engines which allows youto rank well in the Search EngineResults Pages (SERP’s).
  4. 4. Google looks at over 170 pieces of info to decide who sits on the top of that list. Some of the primary items that get considered during the ranking process include; Domain Level Keywords Incoming Links (and quality of those links) Title Tags Content Social Media Activity (Facebook, Digg, Twitter, etc) And many more (about 165+ more).
  5. 5. Domain Level Keywords60% of people type in an exact company name into a Google search window. This is one of the primary reasons why Domain Level Keyword Matching is important.Type a company domain name verbatim in Google such as “Horton SEO” or “Home Depot”.The results will always pull up the company site as #1 because the domain name exactly matches what the person typed into the search window.The search engine has to assume that the person may have been searching for that company name.
  6. 6. This also works in certain keyword phrases. An example would be a term like “Georgia Singer” which shows this site at #1 • Not Ray Charles • Not Trisha Yearwood • Low quality • Same text forever • Coming soon
  7. 7. It’s even done when there’s no question as to what the user is searching for. Type in Google Keyword Tool & you get this at #1 or #2 position• Not owned by Google• No affiliation with Google (even says so)• No question as to what the user is trying to search for• Worse case scenario at position # 3 for a site that is NOT the tool
  8. 8. Why it’s important. Google displays the results with this top consideration in mind. Quality apparently makes no difference, but it still needs to be relevant Does not always work and especially for highly competitive keywords (i.e. – SEO, Barbie dolls, dog grooming, etc.). The more competitive the term, the more relevant the site has to be. Before you waste a bunch of money buying a domain name, do your research.
  9. 9. Next Up: Title Tags Title tags appear as the name of the link in the SERP’s. Optimize your title tags for the top 3 keywords that are relevant to that page’s content. Do NOT use the same title tag across the entire site DO NOT use your company name as the only text in your title tag
  10. 10. Next Up: Title Tags (continued)Atlanta Chevrolet Dealer | Chevy Dealership | Atlanta Chevy
  11. 11. Next Up: Site Speed Yslow ( Google Webmaster Tools (
  12. 12. Fixing Site Speed problems Condense Scripts (Javascripts, CSS, etc.) Pay attention to image sizes Keep linking to external scripts to a minimum
  13. 13. Next Up: Site Structure Site structure is very important Silo your site correctly (Stay tuned for future lesson) Subdomains – ( Subdirectories ( /) Page names ( tips.html) Robots.txt (block out CGI folders, admin folder, etc.) Sitemaps (multiple versions. Examples: Video sitemap, article sitemap, product sitemap, etc.). List them in robots.txt file Get a free XML sitemap from & then submit them to Webmaster Tools
  14. 14. Site Structure (continued)The correct redirection commands301 – Indicates that a page has permanently movedRemove them from Google’s index via Webmaster Tools302 – Indicates that a page has temporarily moved(IIS users, beware. 302 is the default and 301’s have to beturned on)401 – Unauthorized. Are you blocking Google?404 – Page Not Found. Custom? Check your links.Always edit 404 pages to allow users to navigate back into yoursite.
  15. 15. Next Up: Images 31% of searchers click on images in blended search results Properly name your image names (white-ford-bronco.jpg) Take time to properly populate the image ALT tags <img src=“images/white-bronco.jpg” alt=“2013 white ford bronco” />
  16. 16. Next Up: Images (continued) Image file naming matters!
  17. 17. Next Up: Images (continued) Not just file naming, but also Properties area. Fill out the properties. Google sees all! Right click on the image, click on Properties, go to the Details tab and FILL IT OUT!
  18. 18. Things Google Ignores (Kind of) Flash – Google CAN see Flash text not flattened on the layer. Javascript – Google pays no attention to it. If your navigation menus are built using Javascript, change it. CSS – Google has to look at it to check for certain spam techniques, so yes, it gets read Frames – Can cause bad traps. Video – Can’t see the video, but Bing is now reporting that it’s doing audio analysis. Make sure you edit the metadata for any video you’re doing. Images – Same as videos. Google has to rely on what you tell it. Changes coming? Probably, but for now, edit those properties! Meta Tags – Mostly ignored with some exceptions. Future class.
  19. 19. Next Up: Social Media Activity Social bookmarking versus social networking Social bookmarking sites you CAN’T ignore: Digg, Delicious, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Google Bookmarks. Hit them all using Social networking sites you can’t ignore; Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. Hit them along with tons of others using Ping.FM (or Have a blog? Make sure that you implement social plugins like AddThis that allow readers to do this for you as well. RSS Feeds – Make sure you use these as well. Do video? Check out that can submit your videos to multiple sites with one click.
  20. 20. Think social media isn’t important? Let’s go back to our referring sites slide…
  21. 21. Next up: Linking (The Good, The Bad, the Ugly)The Good Highly relevant to your site or industry Pagerank of 3 or higher Sites that rank in top 50 for terms that you’re chasing Relevant directories (Yahoo,, etc.)How to get them: Use programs like IBP ( to pull lists of highly qualified sites along with contact information & contact directly. Start a useful, entertaining blog that folks will link to. Offer discounts to bloggers that people will share. Offer Best Of Web awards that people will post.
  22. 22. The Bad and the Ugly Totally irrelevant to your site or industry (Viagra, gambling) Pagerank of 0 (Not always bad and not a deciding factor) Sites that aren’t in Google’s index Mass linking sites or providers that offer thousands of links for a feeHow to avoid them: Delete the email requests. Don’t sign up with mass linking services If it doesn’t look natural to Google, it will fail miserably
  23. 23. Linking (The Good, The Bad, the Ugly): The Tips Don’t buy your links. Google knows who they are. If you’re acquiring a few links a month and then all of a sudden acquire hundreds or thousands within a week, get on your bathing suit. You’re going for a dip. If the amount of links you acquire is higher than your visitor count, buy another swimsuit, you’ll be drowning for a while once you’re caught. Write helpful articles and submit them through sites like where relevant sites will re-post your material. Write useful, informative blogs Get involved with various related blogs and actively commenting. Tweak out all of your “profiles” for any member sites
  24. 24. Next Up: Good Tools to Use Google Webmaster Tools – ( Google Webmaster Forum – ( SearchEngineLand – ( SEOMoz – ( IBP – ( SEOElite - ( SEOBook – ( - Tools section) LotusJump – ( Wordpress - ( or
  25. 25. Got a website that’s struggling? We’ll review it for free here on our Youtube Channel and go over some strategies to help.Don’t want others to see? We’re available for affordable SEO consultations also.Chris HortonHorton SEOhttp://www.HortonSEO.comDirector of SEO@HortonSEOreviews@hortonseo.comFacebook Link: