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  1. 1. Introduces D’Oxyva, a Non-Invasive Transdermal Gas Delivery Medical Device CE Mark Medical Device
  2. 2. D’Oxyva Promotes Blood Circulation Down To Microcirculation
  3. 3. D’Oxyva Device
  4. 4. How To Use D’Oxyva 3-Step Simple Operation: 1) Fill the Water Capsule with clean water. 2) Slot EasyTwist CartridgeTM into its holder and twist clockwise fully to open. 3) Place the open end of the device against the skin surface for 5 minutes. D’Oxyva Benefits • It energizes, heals and beautifies the body. • Enhances blood circulation down to microcirculation (improves by 40%*). • At an affordable cost. • Simple to use – use at home without assistant. * Industrial-leading clinical trials conducted. Contact Dr. Tan CK on h/p: 013 4411 238, email: Visit