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How To Keep That Fresh Gourmet Coffee Taste


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There are many external factors that can and will affect the freshness of your gourmet coffee if you allow it to be exposed to harmful elements for too long. Enjoy fresh gourmet coffee longer when you follow these simple rules.

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How To Keep That Fresh Gourmet Coffee Taste

  1. 1. How To Keep That Fresh Gourmet Coffee Taste
  2. 2. There are four main external influences that will affect the freshness of your gourmet coffee. These include air, heat, moisture and light. If your fresh gourmet coffee is exposed to any of these elements for a period of time, the freshness of the coffee grounds will quickly deteriorate. Each element affects the coffee in a certain way. Keeping Gourmet Coffee Safe
  3. 3. Air – When fresh gourmet coffee grounds are exposed to air, they tend to oxidize quicker than if they were kept in an air-tight container. The accelerated oxidization causes the gourmet coffee grounds to lose their fresh gourmet taste and become stale much quicker. Heat and Light – After coffee is roasted, it continues to emit carbon dioxide and go through a natural chemical process that changes the coffee flavor over time. When exposed to great amounts of heat and light, the gourmet coffee grounds will cycle through this process much quicker and become rancid before you can use it all up. Adding moisture can dilute the robustness of the grounds. It can also cause the tasty gourmet coffee grounds to spoil quicker. Moisture – Adding moisture to gourmet coffee grounds, which can occur when you freeze or refrigerate them, is an excellent way to diminish the flavor of your coffee. How Your Gourmet Coffee Is Affected
  4. 4. There are simple steps that can be taken after you buy and store your gourmet coffee grounds that may help prolong the shelf life. The best way to store your fresh gourmet coffee is in an air-tight opaque container. This helps to eliminate both air and light from the spoilage equation. Remember to store your coffee in a cool, dark area of your home. Cabinets or pantry’s are a good spot to put your unused gourmet coffee grounds. These places tend to be dark and aren’t located next to a stove or oven that can emit heat causing the fresh gourmet coffee to spoil fast. How To Stop The Spoilage
  5. 5. Finally, you may choose to purchase your coffee in individual coffee packets. Buying a full pound of ground gourmet coffee may be fresh in the beginning but has a better chance of spoiling before you can finish the whole pound. These packets can be conveniently purchased at many cheaper coffee distributors found online and can even be shipped right to your door! With single coffee packets, you are able to use only the amount of coffee necessary for one pot while keeping the rest in individually sealed packages for your next fresh pot. Single Serve Packets: A Smart Solution
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