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Public Speaking Analysis


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Humor Goes a long way

Published in: Technology, Business
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Public Speaking Analysis

  1. 1. Recognizing The Need For Creativity In Industries… …That Typically Aren’t Accepting Of It.
  2. 2. A Comparison of Kent LarsonTo Sir KenRobinson
  3. 3. The Lack of Creative Innovation in Education,Combined with the Amount of Attention Paidto Specific Needs of Individual Students HasLed to an Academic Structure that ConditionsLogical and Reasonable Thinking Skills into aNon-Flexible Process which Prevents FluidGrowth and Produces Worse EducationalResult as a Consequence. We Put The Brain ina Box.
  4. 4. .
  5. 5. What does this mean?
  7. 7. So what separates them?
  8. 8. Simple.How they speak and how they present.
  9. 9. “I, Kent Larson, engage my audience immediately by relating to the past. I then keep them engaged by showing slides and taking them on a virtual tour around the world. I am dynamic in my own way, but the emphasis in my demonstration comes from myslides and so I only rank a 3 on the Full Sail Speech-a-Ranking system. Next time, maybe I’ll try speaking directly to the audience more, and focus less on the slides to be more dynamic!” – Kent Larson* * Not a direct quote.
  10. 10. Me Again“I, Chadrick Baker, am having a hard time accurately gauging if Larson used Duarte’stechniques, but it does not seem so. More evidence of this is found in Ken Robinson’sspeech, as they both make the audience laugh and both add elements of storytelling totheir speeches as a way to engage the audience.” – Chadrick Baker* * Actual Quote
  11. 11. Me Again (Not Verifiable)This is what I’ve mostly taken away from Robinson, because he kept my interest with his humor.Larson utilized pictures and video and that’s what worked for him, but I was less interested.
  12. 12. Heavily Utilizes Slides Funny!Relates Audience To The Past and future, Funny! (Humor is worth Two Points)regionally Well Thought Out, I was hooked.Utilizes Duarte’s “What is/what can be”. Immediately Gained My Interest… Story Teller (This should be worth two points as well)…Nice beard. I was less than enthused Lined up with my own personalwith this presentation and it was the philosophy about education.products on the slides and content that British accent draws interest (Its unfairkept my interest, not the presenter. but it’s true)Major Con: Beard should have been Major Con: Greatly Identified thelonger. Problem, but Offered little actual solution outside of concept.
  13. 13. The entirety of this document has been a mash- upcomparison of both speakers. I start off being matter of fact and demonstrative (Larson), and then went into humor and storytelling (Robinson), utilizing both techniques to emphasize what works in keeping interest and what doesn’t… for me.
  14. 14. GlossaryTed Links for Comparison:Kent Larson: Ken Robinson: Images:Slide 1: 3: Speaker Profile Pictures.Slide 4: 6: 7: 8: 9 : 10: 11: 12: 14: 16: 17: 18: You are reading it, silly!