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Introduction to SQL for Marketers - Shubham Goel


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Shubham Goel, an iERP Company cofounder, has professional experience in analytics, digital marketing, and software engineering. In this session, he presents the basics of SQL (Structured Query Language) and how to use it to greatly improve your marketing campaigns. He also shares his take on the future of big data for marketers. This session is meant to give perspective on how marketers can use SQL to better understand their data.

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Introduction to SQL for Marketers - Shubham Goel

  1. 1. Introduction to SQL for Marketers Shubham Goel from Netflix, The Circle Company Name iERP @shubham_goell @shubham_goell
  2. 2. Databases @shubham_goell @shubham_goell Movie Actor Genre Hunger Games Jennifer Lawrence Fantasy 1917 George Mackay Drama Ad Astra Brad Pitt Science Fiction
  3. 3. Marketing and SQL: Powerful Combo Strategic: 90-10 rule @shubham_goell @shubham_goell
  4. 4. Advice Select WhereFrom SQL @shubham_goell @shubham_goell
  5. 5. The Future @shubham_goell @shubham_goell