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Dental Implants, NYC Socket Preservation


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Dental implants in NYC have not only become the most common and predictable replacement when a tooth is lost, they have become the standard of care.

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Dental Implants, NYC Socket Preservation

  1. 1. Dental Implants, NYC: Socket PreservationDental implants in NYC have not only become the most common and predictable replacement when atooth is lost, they have become the standard of care. At times, when a tooth is removed, the implantcan be inserted at the same time. However, this is not always the case. Oftentimes, a New York Cityperiodontist will perform a procedure commonly referred to as “socket preservation,” in order to preparethe extraction site for a dental implant.Considerations for Socket PreservationWhen a tooth is removed, a periodontist in New York City will evaluate a host of factors ranging fromwhether or not the remaining socket walls of the extraction site are intact, whether they are thick or thin,if there is a hole (known as a fenestration) present, or a crack in one of the bony walls (known as adehiscence). The type of gum tissue also matters, whether it is fragile or dense, and if there are estheticconsiderations for the final dental implant restoration.Understanding these factors and how they contribute to the healing process of the extraction sites arebest understood by a New York City periodontist. Periodontists are trained to understand wound healing,when dental implants should be inserted, and what type of dental implant should be used.Bone graft for dental implantsDuring socket preservation – the goal of which is to prepare the extraction site of a dental implant – abone graft is packed into the extraction site. This bone may come from elsewhere in the patient’s mouth,from an approved tissue bank, or may be an alternative graft material.
  2. 2. Graft material is inserted into the socket.Once a graft is inserted into a socket, healing usually takes 6-12 weeks, depending on what sort ofmaterial was used and what the goals of the socket preservation are.The graft material is replaced by new bone.Based on the periodontist’s experience, knowledge of the specific extraction site, and what the expectedoutcome should be (both esthetic and functional), the dental implant is inserted into the area of themissing tooth.Socket preservation is best treated by periodontists who understand wound healing and how extractionsites should be prepared for dental implants in New York City.