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The All American Quarter Horse Congress Mini-Program


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OQHA has released some preliminary information about the 2017 Congress. I have taken the information given and made a mini show program. Stay tuned for updates to the program as more information from OQHA is released!

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The All American Quarter Horse Congress Mini-Program

  1. 1. CONGRESS The All American Quarter Horse
  2. 2. Table of Contents Welcome ................................................1 Fast Facts .............................................4 History ......................................................5 Special Events ....................................7 At a Glance ........................................16 Thank you 2016 for a great year to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of The All American Quarter Horse Congress
  3. 3. Welcome to The All American Quarter Horse CONGRESS October 5-29, 2017 Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, Ohio 717 East 17th Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43211 OQHA Office in Richwood Phone: 740-943-2346 Fax: 740-943-3752 E-mail: Parking Single Day: $25 PER VEHICLE Entire Show: $70 PER VEHICLE *** Daily parking on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednes- days is only $15*** Please note that there is no additional charge for park- ing. Admission includes access to all events except for Cinch Freestyle Reining, Equine Chronicle Congress Masters Event and the Congress Cutting Event. Contact Standard Parking with questions: 614-294-9336
  4. 4. The All American Quarter Horse Congress is the largest single breed horse show in the world There are over 21,000 horse show entries The show attracts more than 650,000 people to the Columbus area Nearly $3 million is given away in cash and prizes, including trucks, trailers, trophy saddles, sterling silver buckles and the cov- eted Don Bell bronze tro- phies The largest Collegiate and Youth Judging contest is held at the Congress, with more than 60 teams of college students, 4-H, FFA and Quarter Horse youth members 200 registered Quarter Horses are sold at the Congress Super Sale Email Subscriptions of over 11,000 people Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers of over 47,000 and growing daily Financial Impact of the Equine Industry 9.2 million horses in the United States, 307,000 of which are located in Ohio More than 70 percent, of 215,000, horses in Ohio are involved in showing and recreation 4.6 million people are in- volved in the horse industry in some way. This means one out of every 63 Americans is involved with horses Direct economic effect on U.S. is $39 billion annually Indirect economic impact: $102 billion when the multiplier effect of spending by industry suppliers and employees is taken into account The industry provides 460,000 full time jobs, 12,700 of which are in Ohio. Spending by suppliers and employees generates additional jobs in Ohio, for a total employment impact of 42,700 The equine industry’s economic impact on Ohio ranks eighth in the nation in state econom- ic impact The All American Quarter Horse Congress FastFacts
  5. 5. At the May 1966 Ohio Quarter Horse Association board meeting, the late Blair Folck, owner of National Equine Sales and an OQHA past president, reported on his attendance at the Charolais Cattle Congress in St. Louis, Missouri. Folck raved about the success of the show, and stated that the enormity of the state-sponsored cattle event dwarfed any promo- tional events that the national association had ever done. He further predicted that the same type of program could be adapted to Quarter Horses and hosted by OQHA. His idea was received with mixed emotions by the board. Many people were excited about the idea, but others were concerned about the financial liability. OQHA had only $3,500 in the treasury and in 1965 the directors had passed the hat to raise funds to buy the associ- ation a typewriter. An exploratory committee was established to review the feasibility of the project and the board spent nearly six months considering the pros and cons of hosting the Congress. After deliberating and reviewing its options, the board agreed at an emergency board meeting in January 1967 to host the Congress under one condition: $10,000 was to be raised before May 1, 1967 or the show would be cancelled. Dr. W.P. “Pete” Drake, OQHA president for the first three Congress shows, and Folck began presenting the idea of the Congress to individuals and groups and worked on obtaining commercial exhibit agreements to attend the show. Numerous chairmen and committees began working in earnest. Blair Folck Dr. W.P. “Pete” Drake With much more than the $10,000 goal in signed contracts, the association decided to proceed with the first annual All American Quarter Horse Congress November 3-5, 1967 at the Ohio State Fairgrounds in Columbus, Ohio. Registration was $20 for three days, $15 for Saturday and Sunday and $5 for Sunday only. “There would be no free rides,” wrote Dr. Drake. “We had heard a report that the National Reining Horse Associa- tion had incurred a $4,000 debt in their effort to put on their first Futurity in 1966 and we surely did not want to duplicate their errors. We decreed that every trustee - working or not - must pay his own admission to attend. Everyone must also pay their own expenses, i.e., hotel, transportation, etc.” More than 5,000 horsemen and women came to the first Congress and the event was a hit, netting the association $15,000 over its three-day run. The All American Quarter Horse Congress History How the Congress Began
  6. 6. More than 40 years old now, the Congress is still a hit and its success has led to many additional services and events for the Ohio Quarter Horse Association. After Congress paperwork outgrew three rooms in Dr. Drake’s Richwood, Ohio home, office space in the Union County village was rented and eventually an executive secretary was hired to manage the show. Now, the Congress is known as the world’s largest single-breed horse show, boasting more than 17,000 entries annually and housing nearly 6,000 registered American Quarter Horses during its three-week duration. Jerry Wells and Boston Mac at the 1972 Congress The All American Quarter Horse Congress History
  7. 7. The All American Quarter Horse Congress is constantly striving to come up with new ways to promote the American Quarter Horse. In 2004, the concept to offer a slot class specifically to showcase the natural talent of the industry’s best two-year- olds became a reality. The Congress Masters program began with one class, West- ern Pleasure but quickly expanded. In 2006, Hunter Under Saddle was added to the Masters program. In 2013, Limited awards were added to both Western Pleasure and Hunter Under Saddle. At the beginning of each class, slots were opened up for sale, with slot owners purchasing their slot for life. Each year, slot owners must pay nomina- tion and sustaining fees to maintain ownership of their slot. Current slot owners may lease their slot if they do not have a horse to show for the current year. Each year, some slots become available for sale. If you are interested in purchasing a slot, please contact the OQHA office after the 2015 Congress. In 2010, The Equine Chronicle came on board as the presenting sponsor for the Western Pleasure and Hunter Under Saddle Masters classes. The limited awards are sponsored by Cinch. Congress Masters Event The All American Quarter Horse Congress SpecialEvents
  8. 8. Often compared to a figure skater’s perfor- mance, the Weaver Leather Freestyle Reining competi- tion combines the athletics and finesse of Reining moves with the melodies of popular music in one of the Congress’ most popular events. Competitors (and their mounts) often wear costumes and may include props and actors in their performances. Congress Free Style Reining Congratulations to NRHA Open Freestyle Reining Champion, Ms White Cinch, ridden by Shannon Quinlan, owned by Angela Ream. 2016 Performance Congratulations to NRHA Non-Pro Freestyle Reining Champion Stop Sparkie N Spin, ridden by Frederick Win, owned by Frederick Win. The All American Quarter Horse Congress SpecialEvents
  9. 9. Congress Cutting Event Mercuria NCHA World Series of Cutting The Congress Cutting Event is comprised of two events running back to back: the Mercuria NCHA World Series of Cutting and Cinch Bridleless Cutting. In the Mercuria NCHA World Series of Cutting, $25,000 will be added to the Open Cutting and $25,000 will be added to the Non-Pro Cutting. All monies for these events will count toward the 2015 NCHA World Champion titles. There will be one go-round and a clean slate final. 25 percent of entries will advance to the finals. These events will be judged by three judges and payback will be as recommended for the World Series of Cutting events. Congratulations to 2016 Mercu- ria NCHA World Series of Cutting Open Champion Reyzin, ridden by Phil Rapp, owned by Gale Force Quarter Horse. Congratulations to 2016 Mercu- ria NCHA World Series of Cutting Non-Pro Champion Light N Lily, ridden by Kaitlyn Wimberly, owned by William Martin. Cinch Bridleless Cutting The top three high-scoring horses that do not make the finals of the Mercuria NCHA World Series of Cutting in both the open and non-pro divisions will be eligible to com- pete in the Cinch Bridleless Cutting. A purse of $2,500 will be up for grabs in the open and non-pro. If a horse declines invitation, the next highest score will be invited to participate. There will be a $140 cattle charge, as well as a $30 office fee. The purse will pay 50%, 30% and 20%. Congratulations to 2016 Cinch Bridleless Cutting Open Champion: Once You Go Black, ridden by Cullen Chartier, owned by Alexis Stephas. Congratulations to 2015 Cinch Bridle- less Cutting Non-Pro Champion Scoot Over Here, ridden by Mike Bowman, owned by Page Bowman. The All American Quarter Horse Congress SpecialEvents
  10. 10. The PBR at the Congress The PBR returns to the All American Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus, Ohio. The PBR Touring Pro event will rock the Coliseum at the Ohio State Fairgrounds on Friday, October 14, 2016 at 7:00 PM. Every seat in the Coliseum puts you right on top of the action where the world’s best bull riders will square off against the world’s toughest bulls. This will be one of the last events before the PBR World Finals held in Las Vegas. The Columbus event will showcase some of the nation’s top bull riders; watch them go for the challenge of an 8 second ride on the back of a fierce, unrelenting, rank bucking bull. The points earned at this event will help determine who qualifies for the PBR World Finals. Why not plan on spending the weekend? Join us in Columbus on Friday, October 14, for the PBR Touring Pro, watch the action, meet some bull riders and stay for the after party. The All American Quarter Horse Congress SpecialEvents
  11. 11. Congress Puppy Alley NEW for 2016! Puppy Alley will move to Cardinal Hall. Cardinal Hall is the newest building on the Ohio Expo grounds and is located just west of the old Puppy Alley tent. Space is first come first serve. All personal items must be removed from the building overnight. 2016 Congress Puppy Alley Requirements Participants are required to complete a Puppy Alley Registration Form. Registration forms are available at the stall of- fice. An Ohio Quarter Horse Association representative will collect the registration form when you arrive at Puppy Alley. Participants are required to display puppies in the designated Puppy Alley area only. Partici- pants will occupy individual spaces within Puppy Alley. Spaces will be available on a daily first come, first served basis. No puppies less than 8 weeks of age will be permitted on Puppy Alley. All puppies must have a current Health Certificate prior to arriving at Puppy Alley. Health certificates must be available for in- spection every day you plan to participate in Puppy Alley. All puppies are subject to examination by Congress designated veterinarians. The Congress designated veterinarian will have the final say as to a puppy’s suitability to participate in Puppy Alley. Participants will be charged $20.00 per puppy, per day. There will be a representative at Puppy Ally to assist with check in. The All American Quarter Horse Congress SpecialEvents
  12. 12. Congress Super Sale 10:00 am • Saturday, October 22, 2016 • Lausche Building The Congress Super Sale is an auction of the highest caliber; a place to purchase some of the best quality American Quar- ter Horses in the industry. The Congress Super Sale began as part of the very first All American Quarter Horse Congress in 1967 and has been a staple of the show ever since. Every year nearly 200 horses are sold, providing buyers with the opportu- nity to bid on young show prospects, seasoned show horses, broodmares and stallions. Many horses sold at the Congress Super Sale have gone on to become Congress and World cham- pions. The gross sales figure of $889,100 shows an increase of $68,300, or 8%, over 2014 for the horses that came to the Super Sale. The completed sales tallied 87% of the horses sold, up 2% from last year. The average price for the horses sold this year is $6,261.27. While lower than in 2014, the figure is still stronger than the 2013 average price per horse of $5,619. This year, five of the consigned horses were sold prior to the auction for a total of $100,000 and an average price of $20,000. These horses were with- drawn from the auction and not included in the figures of the paragraph above. “The Congress Super Sale strives to offer buyers a marketplace for quality horses where they can be comfortable the horses they bid on are really for sale,” explains Mike Jen- nings. “This also shows that the promotion that comes with consigning horses to the Congress Super Sale has the power to sell quality horses.” The All American Quarter Horse Congress SpecialEvents
  13. 13. The All American Quarter Horse Congress SpecialEvents Congress Queen’s Contest Each Quarter Horse Association may select one queen candidate to represent them at the All American Quarter Horse Congress. The candidate must be 18 to 25 years of age as of January 1, 2015 and not be married, di- vorced or a parent. Judging will be based on the following criteria: 40% ORAL INTERVIEW Judged by out- standing people in the field on candidate’s poise, appearance and personal- ity. Candidates will also be judged for interview based on an impromptu question and 1 minute speech at the Welcome Reception on Tuesday evening. The 1 minute speech is to be rehearsed and well-pre- pared by each candidate to introduce themselves to the group and tell about the association that they are representing. Points will be deducted for any contes- tant going over 1 minute. 40% WRITTEN TEST Knowledge of horses and the breed. All questions will be taken from the current year’s AQHA Official Handbook of Rules and Regulations. 20% HORSEMANSHIP Judged by a panel of judges. The class will consist of performing a pattern and rail work; bal- ance of the class at judges’ discretion to prove superior horsemanship. All candidates will be given a score in each portion of the contest that will determine the overall results. Top ten medallions will be given out, however overall results will be based on total points earned not top ten placings. Additional awards will be presented for Miss Congeniality and Miss Photogenic.
  14. 14. The All American Quarter Horse Congress SpecialEvents Congress Lecture Series Friday, October 14th @ 3pm Return Home Safely: How to Keep your Horse Healthy During Transport and at Shows Presented by: Drs. Yardley & Burns, The Ohio State University, College of Veteri- nary Medicine Saturday, October 15th @ 3pm Top 10 Management Practices to Increase the Profitability of your Equine Business Presented by: Robert Fari- nacci, Attorney at Law Sunday, October 16th @ 1pm Understanding Hind Limb Lameness Presented by: Dr. Jim Hassinger, Hassinger Equine Sports Medicine Sunday, October 16th @ 3pm NSBA Workshop: How to I mprove your Showmanship/ Horsemanship/Equitation Score Presented by: Stephanie Lynn Saturday, October 22nd @ 11am Effective Collection and Shipment of Cooled Semen Presented by: Dr. Jerry Black, Colorado State University, College of Veteri- nary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences Saturday, October 22nd @ 12pm Strategies for Successfully Breeding Low Fertility Mares Presented by: Dr. Marco Coutinho da Silva, The Ohio State University, College of Veterinary Medicine Saturday, October 22nd @ 4pm Developing your Horse’s Back: the Biomechanics of Engagement Presented by: Joanna Rob- son, DVM, and Karen Losh- baugh, Equitopia Center Sunday, October 23rd @ 11am Management Tips for Lowering the Risk of Equine Colic Presented by: Jessica Norman, National Director of Equine Health Education, Smartpak Sunday, October 23rd @ 1pm The Equine Digestive System: the Key to your Horse’s Appearance, Attitude, and Performance Presented by: Dr. Ryan Zim- merman, Westview Veteri- nary Hospital, Inc. Friday, October 28th @ 3pm Barn Fire! Emergency Preparedness is Key to Saving Lives Presented by: Ken Klouda, Assistant Chief, Ohio Fire Prevention Bureau, State Fire Marshal All lectures will be held in the Congress Lecture Hall/ The Corral
  15. 15. The All American Quarter Horse Congress SpecialEvents Congress Demonstration Series Tuesday, October 11th @ 5pm National Reining Horse Association 50th Anniversary Jubilee Presented by: NRHA Location: Celeste Arena Thursday, October 13th @ 1pm Cutting Presented by: Chubby Turner & Friends Location: Coliseum Arena Friday, October 14th @ 5pm Western Pleasure Presented by: Angie Cannizzaro Location: Cooper Arena Saturday, October 15th @ 11am Halter Presented by: Tom Robertson Location: Cooper Arena Saturday, October 15th @ 5pm Trail Presented by: Ryan Cottingim Location: Cooper Arena Tuesday, October 18th @ 1:30pm Judging Hunter Hack Presented by: Jerry Erickson Location: Cooper Arena Friday, October 21st @ 6pm English Equitation Presented by: Shannon McCulloch Location: Cooper Arena Saturday, October 22nd @ 2pm Hunter Under Saddle Presented by: Alyse Roberts Location: Cooper Arena Saturday, October 22nd @ 5pm Classical Foundation Training Presented by: Equitopia with Nancy Sue Ryan Location: Cooper Arena Sunday, October 23rd @ 3pm Showmanship Presented by: Gene Spagnola Location: Cooper Arena Friday, October 28th @ 6pm Barrel Racing Presented by: Taylor Young & Danyelle Campbell Location: Cooper Arena
  16. 16. The All American Quarter Horse Congress AtAGlance • Para Reining • NRHA Novice Horse Open Level 1 • NRHA Novice Horse Non Pro Level 1 • NRHA Green Reiner Level 2 • Congress Open Cutting Futurity • Congress Non Pro Cutting Futurity • Heroes on Horses Walk-Trot Supported • Heroes on Horses Walk-Trot Indepen- dent • EWD Walk-Trot Hunter Under Saddle Independent & NSBA • EWD Walk-Trot Hunt Seat Equitation Independent & NSBA • Small Fry Hunter Under Saddle & NSBA • Novice Amateur Select Horsemanship & NSBA • Novice Amateur Select Western Plea- sure & NSBA • NYATT Hunt Seat Equitation & NSBA • Novice Amateur Select Hunt Seat Equi- tation & NSBA • Novice Amateur Select Showmanship & NSBA • Novice Amateur Select Hunter Under Saddle & NSBA • 4 & 5 Year Old Open Trail Stakes & NSBA • Year Old Open Trail Stakes & NSBA New Classes Added at the Congress There were several new classes that were added to the Congress in 2016:
  17. 17. The All American Quarter Horse Congress AtAGlance Important Congress Dates Friday, October 14th PBR Touring Pro Saturday, October 15th Freestyle Reining Presented by: Weaver Leather Saturday, October 22nd Congress Super Sale Saturday, October 22nd Congress Youth Bash Saturday, October 29th Congress 2-Year-Old Masters Western Plea- sure Presented by: Equine Chronicle Saturday, October 29th Congress 2-Year-Old Masters Hunter Under Saddle Presented by: Equine Chronicle Thursday, October 13th Mercuria NCHA World Series of Cutting & Cinch Bridleless Cutting Book your stay now to see the most talented horses and riders in the business!
  18. 18. • The All American Quarter Horse Congress • •