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bcliving sales presentation 7Dec11

  1. 1. connecting bc
  2. 2. reach bc WHAT is bcliving? bcliving.ca is BCs only targeted regional website for home and lifestyle information. bcliving focuses on the following popular lifestyle topics: Food Health Home Garden Entertainment Style, and Travel bcliving helps BC residents live their lives to the fullest with a wide range of lifestyle information: BC-focused lifestyle articles of high quality, editorial authority and integrity BC business listings, to help locate businesses in BC BC offers, providing great deals BC products, showing whats available and trendy. connecting bc
  3. 3. reach bcWHO does bcliving target?bcliving speaks to anyone interested in improving their lifestyle and living BC. But the primary target market that bclivingis designed for is: female, head of household primarily 30 - 55 years old (with a broader range of 25 - 65) married or co-habiting employed, in a dual income household affluent with a high household income well-educated, socially aware, and interested in a work-life balance, and the primary purchase decision-maker HOW does bcliving reach people (the stats)? Over 100,000 visits average / month* Over 200,000 pageviews average / month* Over 20,000 e-newsletter subscribers* Over 50% average e-newsletter open rate* *projected numbers based on combined average monthly stats for bcliving, BCHome, Gardenwise, TVWeek and Granville traffic (all merging into bcliving) bcliving gives you the power to reach BC and drive new business On bcliving you can showcase your business with a detailed profile, delve deeper with advertorial or increase brand awareness and reputation with advertising or sponsorship. Let bcliving drive your business. connecting bc
  4. 4. bc advertising opportunitiesFor when you want to reach BCbcliving offers great online marketing opportunities for any business. Help customers find you with a businesslisting, expand your reach with advertising and sponsorship, inform your prospective customers with advertorialor create a custom campaign for higher impact! t ge ce en s n es ito ure ga ien tio m g rg e l in en Ge ad ria ra Ta ich Ed eat En ud et ar ne Le O N A F w SE A Business Directory Profile Basic, Premium and Add-ons - Target BC - Reach prospective local customers Showcase your business Display Ads Online and E-News - Increase your advertising reach and frequency - Strengthen brand awareness Capitalize on creative opportunities Sponsorships Sponsored Content Categories - Target a niche audience - Enjoy exclusivity Align your brand with specific bcliving segments and topics Advertorial Features Advertorial and Sponsored Articles - Engage your audience further - Say more in your marketing message and inform readers Capitalize on editorial credibility Special Features Micro-sites and Contests - Fully engage your audience - Generate leads Enjoy bigger exposure for bigger impacts connecting bc
  5. 5. business directory- basic profileReach BC customers with a Basic ProfileList your business on BCs only targeted regional website for home and lifestyle information.A basic profile provides customers with the essential information they need to find you: Contact information and website link Location and map map Hours of operation contact detailsGet a Basic Profile at no cost on bcliving. hoursWant to be featured and seen by more people on bcliving?Upgrade to a premium profile to feature at the top of the business directory or be featured next to editorial on bcliving.A premium profile enhances your exposure and allows you to tell your full story with a description, photos, logos, dealsand more.Learn more about the Premium Profile over the page. connecting bc
  6. 6. business directory - premium profile Feature your business and be seen by more people with a share logo features Premium Profile A premium profile shifts your business into high gear. With enhanced exposure and promotional opportunities you can tell your full story to BC customers and increase promotion of your profile on bcliving: photo gallery Contact information and website link Location and map Hours of operation Features available on Premium Profile only Logo Photo Gallery (up to 5 photos)description Services offered Share features Marketing description Listing will show in the bcliving business directory Your profile will be featured across bcliving Can embed video into profile services SEO Get a Premium Profile, with a package on bcliving from just $69/month. connecting bc
  7. 7. premium profile package - features Premium Profile packages offer extra promotion and exposure What can you get with a Premium Profile package? Check out the features that are available with a Premium Profile package. You can choose home page and editorial exposure, or stand out from other businesses and have your profile featured in the directory. Package pricing is over the page. bcliving business directory promotion Have your profile featured on the home page of the bcliving home page and editorial page promotion bcliving business directory, or the business category Have your profile featured on the home page of pages. See below. bcliving, or on the editorial category pages. And receive links to your profile from editorial articles. See below. bcliving business directory promotion PROFILE PROMOTED IN DIRECTORY bcliving article bcliving link home page promotion LINKTO YOUR PROFILEPROFILE PROMOTED ON BCLIVING connecting bc
  8. 8. premium profile packagesGet more exposure with a Premium Profile packageChoose your level of promotion on bcliving with one of the packages below. Home Page PREMIUM Main Category PREMIUM Sub-Category PREMIUM A Premium Profile as well as: A Premium Profile as well as: A Premium Profile as well as: Your profile will feature at the top of the Your profile will feature at the top of the Your profile will feature at the top of the bcliving business directory home page bcliving business director, in one main bcliving business directory, in one sub- Profile featured on the home page of category (rotating) category (rotating) bcliving (rotating) Profile featured on the home page of Profile featured on the home page of Profile featured on one bclving editorial bcliving (rotating) bcliving (rotating) category page (rotating) Profile featured on one bclving editorial Profile featured on one bclving editorial 5 links to your profile from editorial articles category page (rotating) category page (1one) 5 links to your profile from editorial articles 5 links to your profile from editorial articles Only 4 available 4 available in each 4 available in each directory category directory category $313 / month $250 / month $159 / month Home Page Package Main Category Package Sub-Category Package A Premium Profile as well as: A Premium Profile as well as: A Premium Profile as well as: Your profile will feature at the top of the Your profile will feature at the top of the Your profile will feature at the top of the bcliving business directory home page bcliving business directory, in one main bcliving business directory, in one sub- category (rotating) category Only 4 available 4 available in each 4 available in each directory category directory category $188 / month $150 / month $69 / monthSee bcliving Business Directory Category List appendix for full list of categories. connecting bc
  9. 9. advertising and sponsorshipopportunitiesGet noticed and increase your reach to BCIf you really want to grab attention, advertising and sponsorship opportunities with bcliving will get you noticed. With aclean site design and limited advertising spots available your brand will stick out.Advertising opportunitiesONLINEbcliving can provide you with a broad reach with across site advertisingadvertising, or you can choose to target a niche segment.With just four ad spots available there is little competitionfor the viewer’s attention and your ad will stand out.E-NEWS onlineOur bite-sized e-newsletters engage readers with theinformation they want. Every main topic has a targetede-newsletter that is sent weekly. And with just one ad spotavailable per newsletter, you have exclusive exposure to enewsthis engaged audience.Sponsorship opportunitiesCATEGORY SPONSORSHIPIf youre looking to really hone in on a niche target, categorysponsorship is for you. Category sponsorship gives you sponsorshippage domination on a category page, including advertisingand sponsor logo - to really align your brand with aparticular topic and increase awareness in that niche. connecting bc
  10. 10. advertising and sponsorship- online advertisingFor broad reach or niche targetingbcliving offers two great advertising opportunities. Whether your campaign goal is to reach a broad audience or target aspecific lifestyle segment, bcliving has you covered. And with just 4 ads on each page and a limited number of advertisersallowed, you receive exceptional exposure.RUN-OF-SITE (ROS) ADVERTISINGROS advertising offers the broadest reach and highest frequency as ads run across the entire bcliving site.CATEGORY ADVERTISINGOr choose category advertising and your ads will only show in the category of your choice - targeting the right audience.Select from any of the main categories: Food, Health, Home, Garden, Entertainment, Style, Travel. The rates YOUR AD ROS Header Leaderboard $900 / month Big Box 1 $1,000 / month Big Box 2 $800 / month Footer Leaderboard $700 / month CATEGORY ADVERTISING (rates for 1 category) Header Leaderboard $450 / month Big Box 1 $500 / month Big Box 2 $400 / month YOUR Footer Leaderboard Purchase 3 categories and receive a 20% discount $350 / month AD Purchase 4 categories and receive a 30% discount Purchase 5 or more categories and receive a 40% discount * ROS - limited to 4 advertisers (each advertiser is visible minimum 10% of the time across the entire site) * Category Advertising - limited to 3 advertisers per category (each visible in the category a minimum 20% of the time) connecting bc
  11. 11. advertising and sponsorship- e-newsletter advertisingFor better cut-through and exclusivityWhen you want your message to go direct to target consumers, the bcliving e-newsletter will take you there. Oursubscribers sign up to receive the information they want, so you know youre reaching the right people.Every day bcliving sends out a different bite sized newsletter, tailored to our main lifestyle segments, to the readers whowant the information:And with just one advertiser in each newsletter you have exclusivity foryour message. Advertise to just one segment, or combine multiple lifestylesegments for increased reach and frequency - as well as a discount!The rates YOURHealth - MondaysStyle - Tuesdays $500 / month $500 / month ADHome - Wednesdays $500 / monthGarden - Thursdays $500 / monthEntertainment - Fridays $500 / monthFood - Saturdays $500 / monthTravel - Sundays $500 / monthGolf - once monthly $500 / monthTV Listings & Updates - daily $500 / monthPurchase 2 - 3 categories and receive a 20% discountPurchase 4 - 5 categories and receive a 35% discountPurchase 6 - 7 categories and receive a 50% discount connecting bc
  12. 12. advertising and sponsorship- category sponsorshipFor when you need a big impactExclusive advertising and branding with Category Sponsorship offers you a great niche targeting opportunity withbcliving.ROADBLOCKED ADSWith Category Sponsorship you can road block a category of content to obtain 100% share of voice. That means your adsshow exclusively on your sponsored category page - capturing user attention and offering you amazing ownership andopportunities for creative campaigns!SPONSOR LOGOWhen you sponsor a main category you also receive a title logo, further aligning your brand with the authority andrelevance of specific bcliving content. A sponsor message places your brands logo, with a link to your site, in a prominentabove-the-fold position at the top of the page.Choose a broad topic, with one of the main categories, or refineyour niche with a sub-category sponsorship.The ratesMain Category Sponsorship $1,000 / month(Food, Health, Home, Garden, Entertainment, Style, Travel)Sub-category Sponsorship - Tier 1 $500 / monthSub-category Sponsorship - Tier 2 $400 / month YOURSub-category Sponsorship - Tier 3 $300 / month LOGOPurchase 2 or more categories and receive a 20% discountPurchase 4 or more categories and receive a 30% discountPurchase 10 or more categories and receive a 50% discountSee attachment for full list of available categories. connecting bc
  13. 13. advertorial opportunities Engage your audience Advertorial gives you the chance to offer valid and important information to your prospective customers. Powerful advertorial can distinguish your company from your competition. When "content is king," advertorial is the jewel in your marketing crown. Advertorial opportunities ADVERTORIAL FEATURE Have bcliving feature your business or products in an advertorial article. Your article will show within the relevant editorial category - perfect for targeting a reader interested in a specific topic. SPONSORED EDITORIAL Capitalize on the credibility readers give to editorial articles and sponsor an article on a topic of interest to your market and business. The article will be true bcliving editorial, written and compiled by the bcliving team around a topic of your choice. As sponsor you will have an ad/link within the article once written. connecting bc
  14. 14. advertorial opportunities- advertorialSay more in your marketing messageFor when you need to communicate more information than possible in an ad, Advertorial allows you to fully informreaders about the benefits of your product or service.Advertorial provides benefits from the integrated position within editorial and can be used to explain your product orbusiness in more depth, increasing reader knowledge and attracting readers looking for topical information. Advertorialengages an audience more than advertising alone.When you buy Advertorial with bcliving, our expert team will craft a 300 word article around your business, product orservice. You choose the focus, we do the work.The Advertorial article will then show within the relevant topic categories on bcliving, right alongside editorial, with asimple "PAID SUPPLEMENT" disclaimer on it.The ratesAdvertorial article $1,200 / articleAdvertorial article (for Premium Profile holders) $1,000 / articleIncludes: article up to 300 words article written by bcliving writer interview to determine article focus and gather quotes company to provide images, or purchase a photo shoot add-onAdd-onsProfessional photo shoot by bcliving (3 images) $600 / shootVideo $1,000 / video bcliving will create a 30 second commercial for youto use on your business profile and anywhere elseyou choose! connecting bc
  15. 15. advertorial opportunities- sponsored editorialCapitalize on editorial authority and promote your Premium ProfileSponsored Editorial offers you the opportunity to promote a specific topic to bcliving readers - readers who are genuinelyinterested in lifestyle focused editorial content. By sponsoring an editorial article you can help guide the editorial focus ofbcliving and choose a topic that is suitable for your market and business.As a true editorial article your sponsored article capitalizes on the credibility of real editorial, fully engaging the reader. Assponsor you receive ad placement around the article, and a featured link to your Premium Profile within the article itself.Sponsored Editorial is a great option for really refining and targeting a small niche. By defining the article topic andadvertising to readers interested in that topic, you can be sure that the people who read and see your sponsored editorialare qualified prospective customers.The ratesSponsored editorial article $600 / article LINKIncludes: article up to 300 words HERE you determine the topic, article written by bcliving writer you can provide images for the article or bcliving will source these featured link within article to your Premium Profile option to link out to your website for an additional $500 connecting bc
  16. 16. special feature opportunities Bigger impacts and lead generation For when a profile, advertisement or advertorial just isnt enough, bcliving Special Features can give your campaign a BIG impact and generate leads. A featured micro-site on bcliving gives you unlimited promotional and communication potential, while contests can promote your products and services while generating leads. Special Feature Opportunities MICRO-SITE FEATURE A micro-site on bcliving is your biggest engagement opportunity and can feature your business or products in the most complete way. A micro-site can house multiple pages and materials and provide readers with the full picture. CONTESTS & SURVEYS When youre looking to generate leads, contests are the way to go. Everybody loves prizes, and are more than happy to share a little bit of information for the chance to win. connecting bc
  17. 17. special feature opportunities- micro-sites Inform your readers like no otherYOUR AD A micro-site allows you to focus your message and provide more information on your campaign. Micro-sites are a great way to target a specific audience with specific information. If you are interested in advertorial, business listings, contests or other special features a micro-site may be the best way to house all your information on the one place - giving interested readers a one-stop-shop to find all the information available about your offering. YOUR Micro-sites can include: AD landing page where all your information is housed promotion on bcliving additional pages such as: advertorial, business listings, offers, contests YOUR Your micro-site can be tailored to your campaign and communication goals.CONTENT The rates Micro-site CUSTOM Contact us to make a booking or find out more about micro- sites and custom options. connecting bc
  18. 18. special feature opportunities- contests and surveysGenerate leads and perform easy market researchContests on bcliving give you the opportunity to build buzz, promote products or services and generate leads frombcliving readers. Adding a survey provides you with market research to gain audience insights.ContestsContests provide an excellent platform to increase your brand exposure among bcliving visitors - everybody loves to winprizes! And with such a high engagement activity, you can be sure that the audience will receive your message. Inaddition, you generate qualified leads from the contest entries received.Contest includes: contest page promoting your prize and business, with entry form promotion of contest on bcliving contest can run for up to 3 months list of entrants*SurveysWhen youre looking to learn about your audience, you can add aquick survey to your contest to generate market research.Survey includes (in addition to above): up to 10 multiple choice questions can be asked to contest entrants survey responses provided anonymously*The ratesContest $500 / eachSurvey $1,000 / eachPrize to be supplied* information provided in accordance with privacy laws connecting bc
  19. 19. Contact bcliving to book your next campaign orfind out more:Email:sales@bcliving.caCall:604.299.7311Or visit:bcliving.ca/advertise connecting bc