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Research for e6


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Research for e6

  1. 1. Research for E6Idea of being in a nightclub or onholiday listening to the latestmusic. E6 radio logo could be theDJ of the club; Lights could flickerto give the animation a club feel.The radio station could help students with problems like,drugs, work, and careers. It could also point them in a direction tofind help or help others.E6 logo could be sat on a bench/chair but the top curvedover to represent sadness then gets helped somehow.Or the E6 logo could help someone while they are sad, andthen make it look like E6 radio can help.The Radio station could give updates for sports professionaland college. This would keep the people informed of games incollege and up to date with the latest matches in the professionalleagues.The Animation could consist of an E6 logo taking apenalty or something else against another E6 logo.
  2. 2. The radio could organise little competitionsfor students where they could win vouchers etc.The E6 logo could be shown as a prizebehind a curtain.