Production of the animation


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Production of the animation

  1. 1. Production of the Animation
  2. 2. Production of the AnimationModelsI first started off by creatingthe Drawers (Nightstand) forthe animation isnt wasn’tdifficult to make as it was justcreated with simple rectanglesand spheres.My second object is the bed again this wasn’thard at all simply because I just used simpleshapes etc. again. The pillow was a little hard atgetting smooth edges but I believe it looks finehow it is as it we barely be seen
  3. 3. Production of the AnimationModelsAgain the creation of this objectwas simple and easy, I created theglass and to create the water I justused a cylinder and changed thecolour.Although it isnt transparent herein Layout the glass is Transparent.This was very and extremely simple tomake, it is the capsule used for thepill that is taken. All I had to do wasuse the capsule tool and cut it inhalf, I made one half a little thinner toshow the size of each side.
  4. 4. Production of the AnimationModelsThis box is just a simple littleaccessory to the animation, thisshows where the pill comes from inthe first place.This is the hand that will be used inmy animation, I only have a handbecause I don’t need to see anyother parts of the human body as Idecided to keep it in 1st person as itis much easier.
  5. 5. Production of the AnimationModelsThis is when I modelled the handto work around the glass andlook like it is gripping the glassonce it gets a hold of it. Thiswasn’t exactly easy but it willwork with the situationNow all my models have been completed this ishow the room layout will be. I will also place theglass and tablet on the nightstand where the boxcurrently is.Once they are placed I can begin my animation.
  6. 6. Production of the AnimationAnimationThis is the beginning of the animation in which he will wake up, it is incamera view and this is what will be seen in first person. The camera willmove as I progress.
  7. 7. Production of the AnimationAnimationThis part is when the character (camera) will start to move up and reach forthe glass and the Pill, but first he will retrieve the pill and take that.
  8. 8. Production of the AnimationAnimationIn this part you can see he is about to take the pill after he takes the pill he will reachback up and get a drink of water to swallow the pill.
  9. 9. Production of the AnimationAnimationThis part you can clearly see he has picked up the glass of water and will now drinkit, following this the person will get out of his bed and walk to the door.
  10. 10. Production of the AnimationAnimationAs again you can clearly see the person getting out of his bed and is goingto begin walking to the door, in which then he will turn round to a surprise.
  11. 11. Production of the AnimationAnimationThis part is the final part in which the person turns round to see the E6 logobouncing up and down. This is meant to mean E6 gets you up in the morning,and advertises the radio station.