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Social media gives credit unions an unprecedented way to build an online community of members and to create new connections with members, partners and the community at large. Social media channels are being utilized effectively today in a variety of ways, and establishing the right channels for the right messages is the first step to beginning this journey.

This webinar is designed to give attendees a consolidated view of the options available in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other channels to help focus the investment and set expectations on results. Topics will include best use of each channel, advertising opportunities available, budgetary and operational considerations and how to establish both strategy and measure of success.

Learn which channels can support your goals, and what steps you need to take now to establish your credit union brand as part of the thriving social media networks available to you.

Join Alan Jewett, Client Success Consultant at CafeGive Social for this 1-hour webinar as he

>>Social Media networks overview - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other emerging channels

>>Identifying the right social media channels for your goals

>>Setting goals and metrics for success in social media marketing

>>The fundamentals of creating your corporate accounts

>>Budgeting for social media marketing, advertising and staffing for success

>>Real live examples of success stories and things to avoid

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  • It’s where we inspire causes, share stories, connect with brands and consumers, get our news, give advice and recommendations to friends. Word of mouth is one of the most trusted forms of recommendation, and inspires the most consumers to act.
  • Navy Federal Credit Union, for example, is ranked #1 on Power 100 Credit Unions on social media, and sold over $200 million in banking and financial services in 2013. In the space of a year, the CU grew from 22,000 likes on Facebook to 770,000 in large part because they “get” this new conversation loop
  • Examples from clients and credit unions on the Power 100 Credit Unions on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest
  • Build Audience?
  • Choosing the right channel has a lot to do with who you’re trying to reach. Included some of the top social media channels on here.Notice did not include LinkedIn – as primarily a job seeker, b2b selling platform, it is not particularly useful for credit unions when it comes to driving membership. Tumblr & blogger are both blogging & resharing platforms.
  • Examples from clients and credit unions on the Power 100 Credit Unions on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, PinterestIt’s really easy to get started and channels make it simple with clear buttons, and opportunities to connect channels (link your Facebook to Twitter, Pinterest, etc).
  • Similar visuals and consistent messaging across channelsSame message: Patelco gives back, Patelco is part of your community, see Patelco’s impactTying back into “anchoring” theme, as well as Social Impact Map Image from home page, image from internal page redirected from Social Impact Map call for more engagementAcross channels. Consistent messaging
  • Think visually – what images, themes, and elements do you want your fans and new members to see and experience when they visit your channels?What’s on brand and off-brand? Have a conversation
  • Having an identified goal makes it easier to decide what to measure. Can do likes per week, shares, new member acquisition, etc. Once you decide your metrics, track them. Share them internally and review them to determine where to improve
  • Don’t abandon your pages. Many small to mid-size organizations in particular abandon their pages within the first year of setting them up, studies show.
  • Rest of platforms, choose depending on importance to CUVerity Credit Union posts videos advertising their new mobile banking services, then promotes them to Facebook. You can link your YouTube channel.Good way to reach your audience, especially with fewer people watching traditional tv and skipping commercials.
  • Many Vine videos, all only 6 seconds or less, have pretty high production value and creativity. Target is
  • Can be a way to build collateral and have images of your CU’s good works in the community, express your CSR efforts, showcase members, etc. With mapping features
  • Consumer ResearchDigital ContentSocial Media DistributionAudience FeedbackImproved Consumer Insight
  • Minimal starting point – 44 likes. Started with them to use multiple apps to grow campaign, presence, really just starting out.
  • After a month of working with CafeGive Social – ran multi-part campaign in which used different apps to encourage donating to a cause, engagement across channels. Did fundraising point of sale paper pin ups combined with online fundraising for a charitable cause
  • Getting to learn channels, getting comfortable with online mediumQuick look at their goalsGoals differ depending on your organization & where your CU is in terms of social media prowess.
  • High engagement across all social media channels. This is a bank with a very strong social media presence, & leveraged it to deepend community connectionQuick look at their goals
  • Social Media 101 For Credit Unions

    1. 1. Alan Jewett- CafeGive Social February 18, 2014 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    2. 2. • Address top two questions we hear from clients around social media • Why Social Media is great tool for Credit Union marketers • Understand the strengths of Social Media tools • Framework for social media planning • Tips on getting started 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    3. 3. How do we get started on social media? How do we allocate resources & measure results? 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    4. 4. It’s about engagement 1. 2. 3. 4. SF BatKid Live view hashtags Face Time ad CO fire news coverage 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    5. 5. 2004 One-way communication 2014 Interactive, reciprocal communication 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    6. 6. • Highly tangible connection with your brand • Highly responsive • Lead generation potential • A great customer insight tool – Listen to customers, learn what’s important 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    7. 7. 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    8. 8. Define your goals Learn about members? Brand awareness? Drive traffic? Promote services? More new members? 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars Connect with members?
    9. 9. Step 2 Identify your audience 45-54 years 46%↑ since 2012. 18-30 years 7.5%↓ since 2011 Largest % users 25-34 years Reaches more 18-34 than any cable network 2nd largest US social media network behind Facebook Twitter video platform – similar demographics 70%+ women Average blog reader: 30-38 year old male 90% users under 35 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    10. 10. Choose your channels 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    11. 11. Brand across channels 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    12. 12. • Think across virtual and real world branding • Brand consistently, but appropriately for the tool • Keep it simple to be most effective 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    13. 13. Step 4 Measure it! Metrics: likes, shares, donations, votes, entries, visits, traffic, sign-ups 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    14. 14. Step 5 Keep it up! It takes time, commitment, & a plan to gain traction 70.1% of brand pages are inactive 2012 study 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    15. 15. Social Media- A Great tool for Credit Union Marketers • Affordable • Ability to demonstrate community focus • Supports multi-way dialogue • Is a key reference point for 18-34 decision makers – Third party opinion – Transparency – CSR 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    16. 16. Social Media Activity Search Rankings 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    17. 17. 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    18. 18. Types of social media • Social networks • Video communities • Image Sharing communities • Blogging platforms • Social bookmarking sites • Review & recommendation sites 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars What sites should Credit Unions be using?
    19. 19. The new “minimum” standard trifecta 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    20. 20. Social Media 24% Users are in U.S. 1.4Users billion 11% 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars Of the world’s population
    21. 21. • Community building and engagement • Celebrating company milestones • Promotions • Contests • Fundraising 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    22. 22. • News and press • One-on-one conversations • Multi-way conversations • Customer support 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    23. 23. Twitter examples of CRM & targeting from @Seamless & @Four Seasons LA 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    24. 24. • SEO • Q&A • Content delivery & promotion 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    25. 25. • Guides and how-to videos • General advertising • Viral marketing Verity Credit Union Videos posted on Facebook and Youtube generate 10X more views 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    26. 26. Take it to the next level with Vine Don’t Tax My CU Vine Page nttaxmycreditu 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    27. 27. • Community building • Image-based • Very high engagement • Building buzz • Storytelling with pictures 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    28. 28. • Blogs are great way to tell your story • Start social or internal blog on your site • Guest posts are great way to gain traffic 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    29. 29. How do we get started on social media? How do we allocate resources & measure results? 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    30. 30. 10% of the average digital marketing budget 19% of lead-generation budget in smaller firms 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    31. 31. 19% Social Media 15% SEO 12% email 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    32. 32. Advertising 0% Content 40% SEO 0% Social Media 60% 2014 CafeGive Webinars 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    33. 33. Advertising 20% Content 20% SEO 20% Social Media 40% 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    34. 34. 57% 13% each 2% “Other” 15% 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    35. 35. Develop a clear objective and strategy Compete where your budget will allow Use social media for more than one purpose Think Campaign Consider focus on your Credit Union’s Social Responsibility Consider applications vs building it yourself 2014 CafeGive Webinars 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    36. 36. Hashdoc Social Media Content Loop 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    37. 37. 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    38. 38. Just starting out on social 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    39. 39. 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    40. 40. • Build brand & cause awareness • Build audience • Build proficiency 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    41. 41. 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    42. 42. • Deepen member connection • Celebrate cause partners & CSR • Drive traffic across all social sites 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    43. 43. • Start with the end in mind – Have an objective • Listen to your audience – Don’t preach • Test and learn – Find out what works for your brand 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    44. 44. Social Media Campaigns An application approach: Awareness : Donate : Engagement : 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    45. 45. 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars
    46. 46. For more information contact: 2014 CafeGive Social Webinars