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CafeGive Social Cause Marketing Apps Overview


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An overview and introduction to CafeGive Social's suite of cause marketing apps and solutions. CafeGive's mobile and social media apps help connect businesses and nonprofits with consumers --all around the causes they love.

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CafeGive Social Cause Marketing Apps Overview

  1. 1. Our Apps
  2. 2. How CafeGive Social Works Create & Customize Publish Engage & Share f Use online campaign builder to choose type of campaign, brand campaign, and create social sharing messages Distribute to Facebook, your website, blog, email and Twitter Self Serve Generate likes, shares, follows, email opt-ins and donations Semi-Custom / Custom
  3. 3. Build Awareness Showcase your involvement with cause marketing apps.
  4. 4. Crowdsourcing/Voting App • Gain insight into what matters to consumers and grow fan base • Crowdsourcing capabilities empower followers to vote & engage. • Built-in social sharing features expand reach and grows fan base.
  5. 5. Social Impact Map • Real time, hub for your collective good works. • Showcases locations, actions and partners. • Allows for photo uploads, Facebook and Twitter feeds. • Easy to maintain & update on on-going basis.
  6. 6. Featured Video • Easily brand your message & campaign. • Uses YouTube, Vimeosourced video. • Include your top feeds and content to cross-promote. • Built-in social sharing makes it simple to promote
  7. 7. Curated Facebook Content • Generates compelling content for your fans. • Shares relevant, trending content to increase online presence and SEO. • Directs traffic to your page to boost “Likes” and grow follower base.
  8. 8. Community Buzz • Collects and broadcasts organization and fan stories around your causes. • Built-in social sharing features. • Easily integrated with all social media channels. • Encourages two-way engagement with staff, followers, and customers.
  9. 9. Drive Engagement Connect with your community and get them involved.
  10. 10. Like Us, Give Back • Provides for unique branding opportunity. • Builds your fan base by incentivizing likes. • Allows for partner/cause branding. • Campaign Builder simplifies analytics tracking.
  11. 11. Contests (Video or Photo) • Branded promotional messaging. • Allows for multiple categories to boost entries. • ‘Like’ gate built into Voting function
  12. 12. Pass It On • Combines cause storytelling with an incentive to promote engagement. • Drives ‘likes’ with built-in sharing widget. • Can be placed in multiple pages, including YouTube, Web and Facebook.
  13. 13. Give Back Inspire and mobilize. Raise funds and track success easily.
  14. 14. Donate + Mobile Pledge • Create successful fundraising campaigns that inspire donors, mobilize advocates, and raise money. • Fully brand pages to tell your story. • New pledge feature enables supporters to “give on the go” • Opt-in to friendly reminders to fulfill pledge
  15. 15. Make The Match • Doubles your charitable giving power. • CafeGive hosts donations & cuts a check at the end of the campaign. • Fully brand your campaign and cross-promote with cause partner. • Customizable campaign ‘thermometer.’
  16. 16. Mobile Paddle Raise • Create engaging auction- based fundraising experience. • CafeGive hosts donations & cuts a check at the end of the campaign. • Visual display shows real-time updates, with optional integrated Twitter feed • Customizable text and look
  17. 17. Cost-Effective & Simple To Implement All apps can be configured and deployed within days (or less!) Fraction of the cost of creating and hosting fully branded campaign internally or through an ad agency. Retain full control of the campaign. The Campaign Builder makes it easy to track and update your campaign. Available on a subscription basis – from 30-day to multi-year.
  18. 18. Our Campaign Builder • Easy and flexible design tools to create and manage branded, interactive cause marketing campaigns. • Multi-channel campaigns that deploy on your website and/or on social networks to maximize visibility. • Facebook application to link to your Facebook page. • Integrated, intelligent sharing features to generate buzz. • Configurable "Like gates" to increase fans by enticing people to "Like" your Facebook page.
  19. 19. Success You Can Measure • Reporting back end gives details on visits, conversions, donations and donors, and sharing. • Traffic information can be downloaded at anytime – a CSV file can be downloaded and used with your system of choice (Excel, etc). • Easily sort and view data by metric, such as date, # of visits, and social media shares. • We provide marketing support, and provide feedback on successful actions to help drive SEO and engagement.
  20. 20. Thank You