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Henry%20v 1

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Henry%20v 1

  1. 1. HENRY VA Sword in the Stone productions
  2. 2. COSTUMES Costumes creates a hierarchy Poor people Rich people Soldiers People of different nationality
  3. 3. PROPS This helps by giving people a purpose or a job A frying pan creates a cook A sword shows a soldier A rattle shows someone who is young even if they are old A crown shows someone who is royal
  4. 4. TECHNIQUES In a small theatre like the Globe it is hard to create a big army. We are creating a primitive hamster wheel, this demonstrates howsomeone can look as if they are running but in fact now moveanywhere. A light can show it is daytime, snow it is winter and rain it is Britain.
  5. 5. SETTINGS In a bare theatre like the globe, you need sets to make a differentplace. Trees represent a forest Sand represents a desert Mud represents a swamp Grass represents a field