2014 Construction IT Survey Infographic


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2014 Construction IT Survey Infographic

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2014 Construction IT Survey Infographic

  1. 1. For templates that will help you create your IT strategic plan, visit: Sage-Job-Ready.com Plan your IT strategy. Emerging technologies such as cloud computing, mobile devices, and big data are driving the new era of construction. Firms that leverage these innovations in a strategic manner—where they deliver the biggest benefit in time and cost savings—will be poised to sprint ahead of the competition. Sage 2014 construction IT survey Sage surveyed over 800 construction professionals from small and midsized firms to understand their expectations, concerns, and plans regarding emerging information technology (IT) solutions. Here’s what we found: 35% of firms do not have an employee on staff dedicated to IT. 49% of construction firms have no mobile security policy in place. Less than 1% of revenue is spent on IT by two of four firms. With limited resources, construction firms need to be strategic in their IT investments. Key reasons firms are investing in new technologies (including mobile): IT solutions that construction professionals view as important: Types of information contractors plan to access and share using mobile technology: Construction firms are investing in IT where it will deliver the largest and quickest return. Mobility is hot. And cloud is what’s next. Increased use of mobile devices can lead to hidden security risks if precautions aren’t taken. 32% to streamline processes 31% to improve communication and collaboration Planned increase in device usage in 2013 among construction professionals: Who provides mobile devices for construction professionals? Mobile technology Cloud computing Big data 82% 35% 33% Tablets Smartphones 45% 38% 50% Drawings, schedules, photos, and documents 49% Customer and job information 40% Job cost and project reports 36% Daily field reports 30% Time capture and approval What’s driving mobile? A new generation of workers accustomed to using smartphones and cloud solutions expects the same convenience on the jobsite. Company provides all devices Company and employee devices Employees use their own devices 47% 40% 9% 185% Increase in the number of malicious software threats aimed at mobile device usage in less than a year Source: Government Accountability Office Survey