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Uncommon Questions to Live with Intention


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Do you say what you mean and do what you say?

Since kindergarten we’ve all learned that the actions we speak are louder than our words – even if we scream the words. What we say matters and what we do based on what we say matters even more. It is essential for those who lead people to align the two. Thoughtful intentions followed by purposeful actions lead the way for your people and elevate the experience you provide to your customers. Our Uncommon Questions will encourage you to inject a bit more thought and purpose into what you say and what you do.

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Uncommon Questions to Live with Intention

  1. 1. How To Use Your UNCOMMON QUESTIONS Download this PDF and print at home or at your local print shop.1 Print the questions on heavy white cardstock if possible.2 Cut the cards to size using scissors or a paper cutter.3 Grab your cards, a few friends and have some uncommon conversations!4
  2. 2. Do your words do more harm than good? BULLDOGDRUMMOND.COM BULLDOGDRUMMOND.COM BULLDOGDRUMMOND.COM BULLDOGDRUMMOND.COM Do you tell people what you really think? Do you control your time or do you allow others to control it for you? Do you ask questions or merely judge what you believe you see?
  3. 3. Do you say things you don’t mean just to be polite? BULLDOGDRUMMOND.COM BULLDOGDRUMMOND.COM BULLDOGDRUMMOND.COM BULLDOGDRUMMOND.COM What should you be doing right now? What is bothering you? What are you doing to change it? What promise should you not have made?