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Dear sir

The Millath Charitable Organizations were established Three decades back to focus on the unfortunate children of the community who are either Orphans, Destitute or from indigent families

Whoever feeds his hungry brother, till his hunger is removed and offered his thirsty brother water till his thirst is quenched, Allah will keep him away from the fire (At-Tabrani)

who else is more deserving than the orphans and destitute. it is our moral responsibility to take care of them and the MILLAT Organizations are working for the cause and care of the uncared orphans, destitute and aged persons.

We are constructing a Institution for blind, dumb and Deaf, Children by name Muskaan at Thanisandra layout Bangalore north for details visit

We are running APNA GHAR Orphanage with 50 inmate, BUZARGON KA GHAR Home for the aged with 20 inmates at Kolar APNA ASHIANA Orphanage with 37 inmates in Bangalore

These institutions are taking care of food shelter, Education and medical requirement of the inmates.

These projects are patronized by the Philanthropies like you. Hence in the holy month of Ramazan we appeal your humble self to contribute your Zakath and Athiya

Your present Sponsorship in our institutions is as follows

Apna Ashiana- Rs 12,000 / Inmate / Annum

Buzarghon ka Ghar- Rs 9600/ inmate / Annum

Apna Ghar-7200/- / inmate / Annum

The Cheque/DD/Cash should be in the favour of MILLAT MANAGEMENT SOCIETY OF INDIA

Yours Truly
Dr Syed Abdus Salaam Musheer
Contact: 9341220107

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Muskaan appeal

  1. 1. Millat Management society of IndiaMuskaan - a home for the Blind, the deaf, Dumb andDisabled Children. Thanisandra Bangalore-560045Being Blind, deaf , dumb or Physically challenged is such a hugehandicap for a child. But, if the child comes from Poor Family themiseries are compounded. The Millat Management society of Indiawants to make them smile like all other children. They also need Love,security, fun and encouragement. They need to be rehabilitated sociallyand economically
  2. 2. Millat Management society of IndiaMuskaan aims to extend a helping hand to blind, deaf, dumb and otherhandicapped Poor Children Muskaan is a composite residential schoolfor the physically challenged disabled and impaired children who wouldbe nurtured and taken care with love and compassionMillat Management society of India has purchased 3,600 Sqft of land inFathima layout Thanisandra main road off Tannery road in Bangalore isenvisaged to construct a four floored 12,000 sqft building in this land.Our dream is becoming reality, The construction work has not onlycommenced but is Progressing rapidly The total Project cost is Rs120,00,000 @Rs 10000 Per 10 sqftOur concern for the Blind Children: we aim to provide A Homely Shelter Mobility with the help of white cane Orientation Daily living skills Counselling Vocational skillsOur Concern for the deaf/dumb children: we aim to Provide A Homely Shelter Personal grooming Speech therapy Skills of Communication Counselling
  3. 3. Millat Management society of India Vocational skillsJoin us in this Noble venture: This is a Home for the disabled childrenfirst of its kind from a Muslim organization , Financial help- Whethersmall of big , whether in cash or Kind is our Urgent requirement.Contact us for a visit to the Project site. Be a part of Pious and charitableactivityIn order to complete this project, we need Granite slabs, Vitrified tiles,Cement, sand, and steel, We would be most grateful if You coulddonate/ lend any of these items to help us implement our projectNote : Immediately after Ramzan, we want to start the project we havealmost finished two floors out of four floors which require flooring ,Granite slabs and vitrified tilesDonations in Cash/cheque/ DD/ Material in Favor of MILLATMANAGEMENT SOCIETY OF INDIAThank you for your time and for considering this request. We lookforward to working with you and creating a stronger communityIqbal Ahmed SiddiquiChairman- 09845022860Dr Syed Abdus Salaam MusheerSecretary- 9341220107