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Safe Guard

Published in: Design, Business
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  1. 1. An ISO 9000 company Safegua rd Systems #53,Robertson Road, Off Mosque #53,Robertson Road, Off Mosque Road, Behind MORE Supermarket, Road, Behind MORE Supermarket, Frazer Town, Bangalore-560005 Frazer Town, Bangalore-560005 Phone ::080-41252641 Phone 080-41252641 Fax ::080-41227543 Fax 080-41227543 Mobile: 8050035001/8050035002 Mobile: 8050035001/8050035002 Email Email Website :: Website
  2. 2. Products Portfolio – Safe Lockers
  3. 3. Products – Fire Resistant Cabinets Doc Rem umen ts ain Eve Inta c mas n durin t g sive acc Fire iden ts
  4. 4. Slide Title Specialised for Banks and Corporates Niche Sector Homes
  5. 5. Products – Strong Room Doors Used in Banks for cash Rooms, to safeguard Intelligence data and Records in Multi national companies
  6. 6. Mobile Racks – Compactors
  7. 7. Mobile Racks – Compactors
  8. 8. Compactors - made to order to suit your specific storage requirements
  9. 9. Compactors – Help Regain your lost storage space r Floo lar egu ace R sp s almo city capa space e Sam ice the tw y acit p e ca space Sam the f hal t
  10. 10. Compactors - Specifications
  11. 11. Compactors - Specifications
  12. 12. Compactors - Specifications
  13. 13. Compactors - Specifications
  14. 14. Slide Title Safeguard Systems, Bangalore-India Replace video Replace text
  15. 15. Slide Title Replace video Replace text Safeguard Systems Bangalore